Are Bill Ayers and Barack Obama The Same Person? I Don’t Seem To Be Able To Tell Them Apart-Could It Just Be Me?

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels authors of the Communist Manifesto the book which has provided the basic underpinnings of the current administration failed policy.

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7 thoughts on “Are Bill Ayers and Barack Obama The Same Person? I Don’t Seem To Be Able To Tell Them Apart-Could It Just Be Me?

  1. It is just more proof that Obama is just the puppet they are using to get their agenda going in the USA and all over. Obama has no spine and no morals, he has been since birth being molded to be the puppet of social agenda. This is what is harming America and this is the problem Ayers and all his followers of communism being placed in key positions to execute their plans and destroy this country.

  2. If government knows about Obama and all his sins and they do nothing, then he goes down they ALL need to go with him. We are going to have to be very careful they don’t cheat in the election. Know they did in the last one.

  3. And the worst of that is that Ayers, after spending years in hiding in Hawaii, suddenly turns up in the news as a college professor. I remember when he was here within a few miles of my home, bombing statues at the University of Michigan Campus. I also remember he was picked up for starting street fights on a regular basis. Amazing that he has no regrets of his past when both a close friend and his girlfriend blew themselves up while making bombs to blow up the Pentagon.
    Yes, he and Obama are one and the same. Instead of seeing the good of our country, they try to pick it apart as if it were worse than every other nation. (It must be the reason so many have tried to immigrate here over these many years. ?)
    I think the descriptive word is socio-pathic. Totally lacking in conscience or responsibility……….

  4. Obama may have been chosen by the Russian communist to be born – after all, Kruschev said the communist would take down America, but not with bombs back in the 60s – they would want a man who isn’t too dark but supports Muslims and Marxism and believes America is an oppressor and whites are oppressive like Malcolm X- which isn’t Barack sr in my opinion – so were 2 communist people with a daughter who was indoctrinated into communism and reportedly into the CIA chosen to give birth to the future first Black president, although he isn’t African America, but Blacks will think he’s going to help them – he’s 1/2 Black and 1/2 White – Muslim roots but says he’s Christian – but if a conspiracy was in the works in the 1960s after the wall came down, could the mistake of the alleged conspiracy to wipe out Western civilization the fact that Obama sr, who is named on paper as the alleged dad, is a subject of Britain, a Muslim, and a Kenyan natural born citizen – thinking that the passive Americans would never think about his being a subject of Britain or fight back based on his eligibiity because they thought they had all their bases covered? So, was he chosen before birth in the 60s – when anti-Americanism was high with the hippies who are in the White House -dodged the draft – burned the flag – spit on Viet Nam soldiers – were anti-American against the U.S. government – who ended up in public office – setting the scene for the spoiled – narcisstic – groomed young not too dark man to enter Harvard and who received a donation about that time of $20 million from the Muslim Brotherhood – Why wouldn’t Harvard – Kagan – Obama – Hillary – Pelosi – and all the rest embrace the Muslim Brotherhood while suspending the Constitution of the United States of America and putting more Americans in jail than communist China or Russia or any other country in the world – and why do these same people embrace communist nations and the Muslim Brotherhood and globalism when they were elected to UPHOLD, DEFEND, and PRESERVE the U.S. Constitutional freedom and liberty guaranteed by the constitution and protect America and provide jobs for Americans? They SWORE to UPHOLD the Constitution – not SUSPEND the constitution – No where does U.S. law state that they have a fiduciary duty to SUSPEND the Constitution of the United States and leave the American people unprotected by constitutional law and vulnerable to legal abuse – Read, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” available on

    • It’s really quite simple Rose, the goal is to bring down our country, so goes the US so goes the world, the goal of radically cutting the population of the world would be achieved.

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