Government Assistance?

By Jim Campbell

It’s time to cast socialism into the realm of the “forbidden experiment” as it has failed virtually everywhere it has been tried.  Need evidence, watch the riots in Greece, the future implosion of the EU as well as the eventual collapse of the US as an economic powerhouse unless we kick some serious butt on Novewmber 6,2012.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

“Works well until the wolf gets hungers”~Poet

Perhaps the most famous feral child was the so-called Wild Child of Aveyron, Victor, who first emerged from the woods around Saint-Sernin in 1797, and later was captured in 1800 and became a European sensation. In the hands of the medical doctor Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard, Victor became an experimental object in the nature of socialization and the number one subject of Enlightenment debates over nature versus nurture. As Sherry Turkle observed in The Second Self, “The life of the Wild Child became the occasion for what has been called ‘the forbidden experiment,’ the experiment that would reveal what human beings really are beneath the overlay of society and culture. Are people ‘blank slates,’ malleable, infinitely perfectible, or is there a human nature that constrains human possibility? And if there is a human nature, what is it? Are we gentle creatures ill-equipped for the strains of life in society? Or are we brutish and aggressive animals barely tamed by the demands of social life?” (17 – 18, 20th anniversary edition).

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16 responses to “Government Assistance?

  1. We should petition this to be the official seal of public assistance and put it on food stamps

  2. Yeap, Are we to follow the Roman example? Has not worked for them nor for the Egyptian Empire. As I recall it has not worked for the Greeks, the Germans or any other world power. So what makes us think Socialism, homosexuality, welfare states, abortion legalization, environmentalism will bring us any closer to the great, prosperous America we have lost? This is one Independence day, where our forefathers roll in their graves as we observe the affairs of our country.

    • Beate, If you Google where has Socialism worked you find in Denmark and possibly Sweden. I need to take time to determine why it works in those places. I think it’s probably due to populations that are around our smallest states, but worthy of a check, thanks for your comments, J.C.

  3. What are we indeed
    It always ends the same way
    Left to our own we wander off exploring, but we seem to keep bumping into this guy that says
    “need a king?”

  4. J.C.
    Not the T bill that should be reserved for a monster that was resurrected to depict the parricidal Aristocracy that prays on the common man

  5. They have not been honest , We jumped past Junk Bond stat to
    Pigless stat.

  6. read the warning frist ! and have an adult close by

  7. The ink could transfer and some could mistake your but crack for the offical stamp

  8. Graphic but good. It has been proven that socialism does not work, but with the so-called leaders we have now – they are destined to repeat history, however we can over come their stupidity.

  9. Poet did a great job with that picture. I’m sure it could be used in many ways.
    I think people are pretty tough and value our lives. Because our societies are large, we need laws and rules to live by and some money for upkeep, but the powers that be in DC have taken it levels above those things. The more they’ve taken without us putting up a fight, the more they continue to take. Now they want everything- that means us. When they own us, they can swoop us into that dreaded New World Order without a glitch. People dependent upon government have no say-so.

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