Obama finally comes clean admits he is not a Natural Born Citizen

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7 thoughts on “Obama finally comes clean admits he is not a Natural Born Citizen

  1. He is definitely not a citizen and I am sure knows that full well and is not eligible. The long-form birth certificate was definitely forged. But I don’t know if Jerome Corsi’s analyst will succeed in getting it in court. The House and Senate do not want to touch this because they will be called birthers and racists. So, I wish they would tackle it, but I fear they never will.

  2. !!! :) I knew he was not from this planet. This makes me feel better.

  3. Aware and believe he is not a citizen and hope the court proceedings into this result in something. It still amazes me that no one will confront this man or stop him. Whimps in the senate and house. Just no excuse for letting him do all this damage and not pay for it.

  4. I wonder if they will be called racist for going after his black half or his white half. He is a Mulatto. He can accept it or not.

    • Hell I think he’s an android, they ran out of black ink during the manufacturing process. Shit happens when you outsource a presidential droid to China. I’d have like to see him the color he really is Communist RED.

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