White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Communist Dictator Raila Odinga’s Vision Of A New Constitution


Comments by Jim Campbell

Perhaps you missed this story as it wasn’t covered by the moribund ‘mail stream media.’ Obama says, “I am my brother’s keeper.” His brother begs to differ. Literally be begs.  Using search terms on multiple search engines I’ve not been able to find any credible sources that indicate that Obama has given his brother, living on $1 /month.  Perhaps it’s just the “Obama way” Apparently, Obama is fine with spending our tax dollars but not spending his own money.

Obama’s half-brother George Hussein Obama

According to George,This communist Marxist stuff just ain’t working for me I’ve decided to go capitalist.  I wouldn’t have to work at all if my brother wasn’t so cheap. 

Obama, Obama Kenya visit 2006 to help Raila Odinga, ODM party, win putting a communist dictator in power has not  worked well for Kenyans. Obama as a U.S. Senator in all likelihood violated the Logan Act.

The Logan Act:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga, a known communist.

This was nothing more that a ploy to obtain Muslim votes in America.

Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit:


“Senator Barack Obama indicated that he was visiting Africa to help nurture relations between the continent and the United States. His mission, therefore, was warmly welcomed by the Government and the people of Kenya. The fact that he has roots in Kenya endeared him to the people of this country.

However, during his public address at the University of Nairobi, Senator Obama made extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.”

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22 thoughts on “White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Communist Dictator Raila Odinga’s Vision Of A New Constitution

  1. We have learned onething Obama cares about himself first and that he is very arrogant, self absorbed and creedy like no other. But this country needs to see is we must stop giving money to any other country. Stop it all they don’t like us anyway so no money. I bet the debt could be paid off in one year if we kept all foreign aid.

  2. I rememeber reading about this not long after Obama stepped onto the Nat’l. stage…Maybe in one of the two books that were written about him (what little was available at the time but enough to send chills up and down the spines of every US citizen…too many were intoxicated on the “Hope and Change” rhetoric to pay attention to the real info about him and information that Juan McTaco most certaily had available to him & probably more!!! But McCain decided to help Obama get elected rather than have 4 years of Obamanomics “lite.” This information has never been reported on much at all but a few places on the internet. Thanks for putting this up and hopefully more will send it out so the message gets out. Most people reading this website already know Obama’s real agenda for America and have known… Darrell Issa has a plate full of crimes that need investigating. Hope he is prioritizing the ones that will put this TRAITOR and others in his administration involved in the war on America behind bars WHERE THEY BELONG!

  3. I posted this as “ANOTHER IMPEACHABLE PRESIDENTIAL ACTION” due to the title of this piece….but it was while he was a Senator that it happened :P

    • Not to worry, it’s still a felony. He still spent taxpayer dollars to establish a communist who has destroyed Kenya. Obama is an evil bastard we will turn something up for sure.

  4. This dangerous illegal Fraud in our WH must be removed. If the illegal Libyan War, AFT Gunrunner scandal & stealing this money from America
    and giving it to Odinga is not high crimes and treason, punishable by arrest and conviction, then what is???

    It is time for Obama to be unseated. No more debate. Each day this fraud
    stays in office he destroys another piece of America and steals taxpayer dollars.

    • I believe his time is running out. keep calling random members of congress with the toll free number on my side bar. Leave a simple message with their aids, Honor your oath or plan on looking for a real job.

  5. What don’t they spend our money on?!

  6. He doesn’t have to be spending money on Kenya.

    • I don’t think he should be signing another bill, he should not spend a dime, and he should be impeached. But that’s just me what the hell do I know I just pay his bills and Michelle’s.

  7. There was an announcement a while back this president had allowed for 90K more muslims to enter the US. Watched the beheading of a muslim turned Christian in Afghanistan on FB – is this what he wants to import here? He has aligned and surrounded himself with all the wrong people. I’ve called the Hill so many times that it’s a wonder they still take my calls. Worse, one of my senators from Texas, is saying, well, we could compromise a little! I’m sick and tired of all of them and don’t make any beans about it when I call. Everytime I get my hopes up, wrong!!! This stupid Congress could at least make a show of wanting to do something and all we get is silence…I even suggested to our Tea Party that we ought to gather outside the office bldgs and the WH and just stand and remain silent. Simply form a citizen wall around them…no yelling, no signs – just silence! Nah, bad idea, Annie…won’t work! Well, neither does anything else. This President has demonstrated over and over again that he IS the enemy….That is not what we want of our President – not Obama or any other…any workabale ideas out there?

    • Obviously not, the Muslim in the White House apparently wants to import more terrorists legally. I saw the same article and wrote about it. All immigration should be shut down from countries the support or participate in acts of terror upon Western Civilization. Jim

  8. I left a reply but it said I have not signed in. I signed in the first one and haven’t has to again. I can’t go thru all the stuff I said cause I’m tired and mad.

  9. When you have unlimited funds and all the power you can handle, if you’re Obama, you will have your pet charities. He has plenty. All in Muslim nations except for Mexico who are needed for votes and military.
    If, as I believe, his entire goal has been to bankrupt and leave us without jobs, completely reliant upon government for everything………he’s done a wonderful job. Remember that’s how the Nazi’s came to be.
    I hear he pays for the costs incurred in the Libyan civil war too. What a nice guy! Our money – and nothing left for Americans. Are we being punished for not being a Third World country? Or for not being Muslims?

  10. What are the details about his expenditure of federal funds on the Odinga campaign?

  11. It was Obama who implemented sending about $20 million, I believe to Odinga – to help him win the presidency and then as president, I read he sent aout $20 million so they would add mandated abortions into their constitution – as he and the U.N. have a goal – reducing the population, especially in poor nations like Africa, around the world through gay rights and mandated abortions – by 1/2 by the year 2015 – that’s why police states are being created by him and his regime in the U.S. – so heterosexuals andd Christians are punished because they believe in traditional marriage – the bible that opposes gay rights and abortions – and Americans aren’t doing anything about a subject of Britain and an Indonesian citizen trampling on American’s Judeo-Christian roots and constitution or reckless spending outside of his duties as a senator and as a president –

    • Excellent, if they were capable of lucid thought they would promote homosexuality. Seems to me it would lead to an extinct population over time. P.S. the genetic nonsense has been disproved there is no “gene” for homosexuality. Case closed.

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