Expect to see this when the wheels fall completely off Obama’s wagon

But of course it’s Poet

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6 thoughts on “Expect to see this when the wheels fall completely off Obama’s wagon

  1. What?! I thought that was Rush Limbaugh’s younger brother!

  2. I pray you are correct. Becoming very upset and depressed about the lead Obama has and don’ t have a good feeling about this election or the future of the US. Sorry

  3. Cheer up, Help is on the way!

  4. California is in it up to there Rainbow colored Unicorns and I hope the rest of the Nation is watching as more weight is placed on the taxpayers back. The recent events are just another example of TOTAL INCOMPETENCE BEING LEAD BY TOTAL CORRUPTION .
    After singing into a cap and trade laws that were based on admitted fraudulent findings by an Air recourses official who’s credentials were purchased from a bogus diploma mill on line .
    Which implemented stickiest regulations on Diesel trucks operating in California , And then turns around and opens Trucking From Mexico using Mexican high sulfur fuel and un inspected Trucks and licenses .
    That was just another Idiot move not unlike CA’s new Internet tax which Unexpected consequences have been to eliminate California from the World Internet market . Did Mr Brown think before he cut 65 billion dollars of income that would have been spent in California : Noooooooooooooooooooo.
    Now Mr Brown has singed a bill that forces County and Cities to to have equal number of UNION to None union members on there boards .
    California has committed Suicide and is just a question of how long before it bleeds out .
    For California its over and the rest of the Nation should take notes and be prepared to Quarantine it.

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