Media Bias Alert: CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’

By: Matt Hadro
News Busters
Comment by Jim Campbell

Can we not expect the electorate to be confused when CNN can’t bring itself to tell what their poll actually showed?  This in no longer a cable new network. CNN must now stand for Contrived News Network.  Their mission statement is simply stated as: We Contrive the News to Deceive. CNBC, MSNBC, NBC (all owned by Obama buddy Jeffery Emmult, CEO, GE) will only tell their viewers what Obama wants you to hear. 
They provide one useful service, tuning in once a week gives one a true understanding of the lunacy, distortion, lies and omissions of the real news of the day.

WE Lie you must believe
We know you are to busy or lazy to find out the truth.  CBS must fall in the category as well.  ABC is being cut some slack because they had the brains to hire Jake Tapper. 

Two major problems exist with the media today, they either don’t report the media that runs contrary to their political beliefs, when that fails they distort as in this article or out right lie, Dan “Blather” comes to mind with his false hit piece on George W. Bush’s flying time in the Air National Guard. 
Want news you can believe, look to credible bloggers that are fastidious about their sourcing.  They report, you decide. 
Heads up media, keep lying because We the People are not buying.  Your ratings and subscriptions are in the tank and you know it.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

CNN touted results from its newly-released poll Thursday showing 64 percent of Americans favor a balance of spending cuts and tax increases in the debt ceiling debate, as well as raising the debt ceiling. What the network failed to mention in its on-air reports was that their poll also demonstrated how Americans strongly favor two conservative positions — passage of a balanced budget amendment (74 percent), along with spending cuts and future spending caps (“Cut, Cap and Balance”).

CNN’s pollsters summarized the House GOP’s “Cut, Cap and Balance” proposal:

In another proposal, Congress would raise the debt ceiling only if a balanced budget amendment were passed by both houses of Congress and substantial spending cuts and caps on future spending were approved. Would you favor or oppose this proposal?

66 percent answered in favor.


In a report shortly before 2pm ET, CNN’s deputy political director Paul Steinhauser emphasized that the poll results favored Democrats over Republicans. He insisted that “the headline here is Americans want compromise,” and pointed out that 64 percent of respondents favored including both spending cuts and tax increases, “kind of like what the president is suggesting, what the Gang of Six is suggesting.”

Then he reported that President Obama and the Democrats will receive less blame than congressional Republicans if no deal is reached by the deadline, August 2.

During its news coverage from the end of the 1 p.m. EDT hour into the 6 p.m. EDT hour, CNN mentioned at least three times that 62 percent of those polled favored raising the debt ceiling with or without debt reduction. At least twice, the network reported that 64 percent of those polled wanted a plan with both spending cuts and tax increases.

And CNN made sure to report that if no deal is made before the deadline, August 2, only 30 percent would blame President Obama while 51 percent would blame Republicans. They also mentioned the poll result showing that only 33 percent of respondents see the Republicans as acting responsibly in the debt ceiling debate, compared with 51 percent for Obama.

Adhering to the standard Democratic talking points, Time managing editor Rick Stengel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the 6 p.m. EDT hour of The Situation Room that if tax rates go up in 2013, it’s “not a tax hike,” demanding that “this is something that Republicans have to get used to.”

Stengel was reacting to a clip of Paul Ryan saying that if the Bush tax cuts are permitted to lapse in 2013, that’s a “massive tax increase.” Stengel ridiculed that as “Washington-speak.”

RICK STENGEL: Well, it’s funny. I mean, Wolf, Washington-speak is a language of its own. I mean, the expiration of tax cuts is not a tax hike. Remember, in Washington people always say “the reduction in the rate of increase is a cut.” It’s not. This is something that Republicans have to get used to, and we as Americans have to get used to. I mean, to reduce the debt ceiling, it has to be a combination of revenue enhancement and reducing the debt. You know, these negotiations are not a suicide pact. I think both parties will realize that eventually they have to come to some sort of agreement, and somebody’s gonna swallow something that they don’t like. That’s just inevitable, that’s politics.

— Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Matt Hadro on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Media Bias Alert: CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’

  1. It’s incredible how news reporters can lie so blatantly and not even be embarrassed. I guess they think ‘the end will justify the means’. Who are THEY to determine that??? In my America, we usually are allowed to make our own decision, not have it made for us by a simple newscaster. Times have changed and that change is not good.
    So much deceit from our White house, politicians in general, and from our Congress. It’s getting harder for me to remember when I trusted our government & was always grateful that we didn’t have what they had in the Middle East, China, Russia, or Africa. Those times have disappeared.

    CNN is shameful! I had recently heard they were revamping the way they reported. It appears they got a little dirtier.
    I never thought I’d see my own country become so unprincipled. Surely it’s a matter of appeasing our so-called President. But why?

    • A very long story, the progressive movement has been on a roll since the days of Woodrow Wilson, Virtually all forms of media lie or fail to cover that which isn’t on their agenda, look what they are doing now to Michelle Bachmann take a non story a blow it up because they know she can bring Obama down, #5

  2. Absolutely, they would never broadcast he results from that poll because it did not support what they want. They wanted all Democrats to vote in that poll and obviously independents and Republicans also voted in that poll. They could not possibley support communism like they want to if the reported those results, so hid them, get rid of the, but unfortunately for them others reported their poll. GOOD WORK BY THOSE PEOPLE.

  3. Dancing: Just like the Murdock thing – these are all POLITICALLY motivated accusations to destroy the CONSERVATIVE voice on Fox News! However, as American Citizens, WE WILL PREVAIL!! All TABLOIDS hack into phone systems – listen to Pierce on CNN and tabloids distribute to LIBERAL news networks – BIG TIME! big time Soros looming around to keep his DICTATOR IN CHIEF in office in order to destroy the FREE system in America! Pretty freakin pathetic if you ask me.

    • Absolutely Donna, no doubt about it, love your icon. Fox has been going south for awhile. When O’Reilly could not acknowledge that the birth certificate was a total fraud I wrote him and told him at Fox and on his face book site that he was a coward. Only reason to watch is Hannity, Greta does a great interview. We take our country back in 2012 period. How did you find me, thanks for taking the time to comment, I”m J.C. You want the truth, forget the news and go to trusted internet sites, that source their material.

  4. Just look at how many MSM pundits are on the Council on Foreign Relations. When you cozy up to the establishment that much, you are no longer a journalist. Put a pic of Goebbels atop your tv screen to remind you what kind of propaganda you are getting.

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