Bill O’Reilly has decided to leave Fox News

By Jim Campbell

New Corp

Parody Unlimited LLC

Sources at News Corp the parent company of Fox News have told this reporter that Bill will be leaving the program on August 15th. That’s right Mr. “Who’s looking out for you” has received the date of his last program.

It was not revealed whether his contract was not renewed or that he was terminated do to his continued plummeting ratings.  With the recent departure of Glenn Beck who became a frequent guest on The O’Reilly Factor, sources have hinted Bill has no longer is a “factor.”

In fact the number one rating he has bragged about for so many years is no longer the case and bill refused to allow the truth to be revealed. 

His ratings have fallen so precipitously that his continued rants and shouting down guest became disturbing.  Ever the Obama sycophant defending President Obama as a Natural Born Citizen, he was not man enough to admit, in view of the overwhelming evidence and the release of the faked long form birth certificate that Obama should not be president. 

The recent hacking scandal at News Corp may have played a factor in unloading O’Reilly’s multi-million dollar salary.

This reporter posed the question to Bill on his Facebook page and at the direct number to his studio in NYC.

Asked for comments, neither Mr. O’Reilly or his office staff would offer any thing but no comment.  Well then Mr. Name and Town, Name and Town, “Remember to keep it short and pithy,”  It looks like we will not be hearing any more of your bloviating. What can I say you have always been a jackanapes, perhaps it’s time to go back to teaching school. 

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44 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly has decided to leave Fox News

  1. It’s his pragmatism. His poll-loving, anti-ideology ideology I won’t miss.

    • Sorry Robert I write parody from time to time, this was written to bust his stones and see how many of my readers recognize when I’m screwing around which if you check the blog out a bit, I tend you use my twisted with to stay balanced. J.C. Welcome back.

  2. sucks ass anymore all in Obama’s pocket

  3. I think the heat was turned up to boiling – after all, most people with any brain could figure out that O’Reilly was defending Obama – and not the Tea Party or conservatives, but it was hard to understand why he thought the audience was buying that he was on the right side when he defended Obama -and the question of why the “change” to defend Obama so strongly even though he thought it wasn’t transparent – remains to be answered!

    • Ha of all people I didn’t think I would have flown this over you like a 747 to Hawaii. It was a parody to bust his stones and my readers I do that from time to time to keep my balance and edge. xoxo Jim

  4. He never was a Michael Savage!

  5. I really don’t understand how he suddenly became such an Obama defender. I know that lost him a lot of support.

  6. I got it Jim. I was just faking it so you’d think you pulled a good,fast one. :)

  7. O’Reilly is an arrogant swine. The greatest reporter we have out here in media is Michael Savage. He tells it like it is.

    Savage even went so far as to call O’Reilly a Leprechaun with Pan Cake Make up and a phony. I totally agree with Savage.

    So is Beck, Hannity whom we now call Sean Vannity and the rest of the Faux news crew of traitors. I no longer listen to any of them.

    I still tune in to Fox Business and still like Stuart Varney and Cavuto, but
    that is about it .

    Morning Joe Scarborough has turned into a left wing lunatic like his cohost
    Mica Brezenski whos career evolved from her Communist Marxist Dad the National Security Advisor for the disaster Jimmy Carter P-nut brain.

    Notice I did not call him Prez, just like I do not call Obama Prez because
    he is not Prez, he is an illegal communist muslim usurping fraud and Jihadist.

    Time for O to go. UNSEAT THE FRAUD NOW. :-)

  8. As for Mica on Morning Joe, were it not for her Commie Dad, she would be selling hankies at Macy’s. :-)

  9. He was okay but I wasn’t totally sold by his show. I would like to see either Shara Palin or Mark Lavine take over his show. He has enough money to survive not working, he isn’t like us. I think he was a closet Rhino.

    • Hey Pete, my apology, that was a parody. I often put those in to lighten the load of the dark stuff that is going on in our country. Thanks for stepping in, and you are correct, both Mark and Sarah could replace him in a heart beat. Sarah would make even more money than O’Reilly and get better ratings. Thanks for your comment. How in the world did you find me? I’m Jim and I run the circus.

  10. mygan Kelly well do fine smart girl. put Sarah at 10 pm Levine at 9pm est place Hannity at 11pm

  11. sorry to see you leave I always enjoyed your show. seems like all the good guys leave eventually. Good luck In all that you do. Remember this is a great country and I cry when I think how it has become. God Bless

  12. Bill O’Reilly…I missed his radio show and now I will miss him on Fox. Do I agree with him on everything… of course not. But bottom line, he brings to our attention many things that the main street media doesn’t. Love how he fights for the rights of Christians pertaining to saying Merry Christmas, Christmas Trees in a town park, and etcetera. He is great for making us aware the stupidity that goes on in this country and how it is destroying it. I like the way O’Reilly gets worked up with some of the morons he has had on his show. After all, some of them deserve it. Does O’Reilly have faults? Of course. We all do. Bottom line…many will miss he show.

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