We have our eye on the wrong ball at the present time

By Jim Campbell

While Congressman Darrell Issa’s committee looks as though it is honing in for the ultimate knock out punch on Eric Holder for obstructing justice and probable perjury, there is a much bigger fish to fry. Who would that be?  Secretary of State, Hillery Rodham Clinton.

Under the responsibility of the Secretary of state falls :

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is charged with reducing illicit drug flows to the U.S. It works with foreign governments to reduce illicit drug crop cultivation and trafficking through crop control, enforcement, and alternative development programs. Through its training programs, it strengthens the ability of foreign law enforcement and judicial institutions to investigate, prosecute, incarcerate, and seize the assets of major drug traffickers and other international criminals.

The bureau’s training and information-sharing programs also help combat money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes, public corruption, and the international trafficking of illegal aliens, women and children, stolen vehicles, and firearms.


It would logically follow that if Mrs. Clinton was doing her job and overseeing this Bureau, the actual responsibility will fall on her as well. It goes without saying that the ultimate responsibility lies with The Commander-in-Chief, but he’s bullet proof, he can’t be touched because it would be racist.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C and I approve this message.


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6 thoughts on “We have our eye on the wrong ball at the present time

  1. I am really sick of everone hiding and running from the truth because the president is black. If Bush had lied like Obama does or went against the constitution like he does he would be in jail. This congress and senate are spinless and a disgrace to America. It is sick the way this man gets away with everything. Hillary is done and over she won’t be doing this job or any other in Washington in 2012.

  2. You are joking aren’t you? They go after some dealers and turn a blind eye to others. As I recall Bill was involved with turning a blind eye to landings at the Mena airport in Arkansas.

  3. O’Fraud is not black. Stop repeating the lie. He is 43% Saudi Arabian and only 7% black. The Commie bastards who put this infiltrating fraud in our White House illegally know he is not black but knew the Commocrats would buy the black myth to get his illegal $#@ in office.

    Barack Hussein Obama is Saudi Arabian, not African even though this fraud was actually born in Africa. The issue will never be dead and O’Fraud will go down as the biggest fraud and scam in the history of the world.

    All media is lying and covering for O’Fraud. He needs to be arrested and led off in leg irons to Gitmo. and take Holder with him.

  4. Crime in Arizona is recurring because the Obama administration is using criminals to buy U.S. guns with U.S. tax dollars and to cross into foreign soil and sell the guns to cartel criminals tied to terrorists knowing the only reason criminals buy guns is to terrorize, rape, rob, steal, and slaughter people – And, it is the U.S. government responsible for the cartels slaughtering thousands of people under the Obama administration for 2 years – under his program, Fast and Furious using tax dollars designated for the Recovery Act – when the tax millions could have been used to build the fence.

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