Democrat Senators Say They Will Refuse to Stop Spending

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by Sher Zieve, ©2011

Does Congress want a dictator? If so, what are they getting in return for allowing it?

Despite any and all protestations from the American people–and just as they forced ObamaCare down our throats–Democrat Senators (each and every one of them) have declared they will NOT stop spending We-the-People’s money…period!  In fact, in a Wednesday letter sent to Speaker of the House John Boehner, all 53 Marxist-Democrat Senators said they will refuse to pass the House debt ceiling increase ($900Billions) and spending reductions of about the same amount proposal, even before the revised effort (more spending cuts are now appropriately included in the first year) has been read.

They have been sending We the People this message and have finally made it part of the United States Capitol Dome.

Instead, they are demanding Sen. Harry Reid’s (and apparently also RINO Sen. Mitch McConnell’s) proposal be swallowed; a bill that demands the debt ceiling be raised by $2.7Trillions!  Please note that the spending “cuts” referred to as in the proposal and neither visible nor itemized.

By the way, when was the last tine a Marxist-Democrat cut out any spending at all?  And, yet, the CBO is said to favor the Marxist plan?  Only the Marxists claim the now wholly-owned Obama CBO is “non-partisan.”

With no additional doubts–whatsoever–Democrat Senators have now come out into the open and are shouting that they rule over us all, they have ended our Republic and that we’d better shut up and get used to taking anything they and their Emperor-and-usurper-in-Chief Obama decide to employ against us.  In other words, these beings have openly announced that they now own We-the-People “body and soul,” we can’t do anything about it and “if you want us to be benevolent slave masters, you’d better smile and say ‘Yes Massa’ when we speak and give you one of our new commandments!”

Marxist-Leninist Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. John McCain (with childish Lord of the Rings references) continue to blame the various TEA Parties–who now actually represent the majority of the American people–for not compromising with the aging totalitarian Senate.  These reprobates also quietly blame the TEA Parties for the increased political knowledge and savvy of the American people.  It’s now much harder for the degenerates to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes.  After McCain’s comments on the Senate floor Wednesday, I think this majority wishes that he would return to “middle earth.”  This “Armageddon” is totally manufactured by our overseers.  As a country, we take in approximately $200Billions/month and can well afford to pay all of our debts and responsibilities.  The lies Obama & Co have been spewing about “no Social Security checks” and “no Medicare” (Obama and the Congressional Democrats have already stolen $500Billions from Medicare to pay for their “We now control your bodies” ObamaCare program) are only due to the fact that the Tyrant Obama can opt NOT to pay them if he so desires.  And, a recent poll suggests that at least 40% of polled Americans believe he would do it.   Even the majority of those who voted for Obama probably didn’t see this coming.

Folks, we’re quickly approaching–actually being unmercifully pushed into by those we elected to office who now contend they are our “betters”–the time when we will have to actively and physically fight back at our oppressors or live in a police state that we allowed to take us over.  Chillingly, we’re almost there and Congress and the dictator-in-chief are working on driving the final nails into our coffin.  Be both forewarned and as prepared as possible for yourselves and your families.  Unless we stop it, the deep darkness will continue to descend upon us…

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2 thoughts on “Democrat Senators Say They Will Refuse to Stop Spending

  1. The idea is to turn the United States into a European style Social Democracy. Apparently all the libs in congress are going along with the idea.

  2. Too bad the libs have lost every drop of brain power they might have had. It’s all about ‘we win’ and they don’t even know what they are winning…bet they can chant “nananananana”.

    Somebody has to be the adult and I think it has to be Conservatives…I’m not seeing anything like it from the other side of the political base.

    Countries all over the world have envied the USA. People have waited decades to immigrate here…..and now we’re supposed to give up what we’ve made and become a broke, dictatorship much like a third world country? Nope…not gonna happen that easily!

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