Afghan helicopter crash kills 38 Taliban shot it down? More confusing and conflicting stories

Reuters/Omar Sobhani

By Michelle Nichols

Comment by Jim Campbell

The nonsense being presented by multiple sources are now beginning to smell like a week long rotting corpse. 

The reader must be weary about stories appearing in Reuters and the Associated Press, both are owned by the Family Rothschild who stand to profit extraordinarily from war, usually funding both  sides of a conflict and being rewarded by huge interest on the debt created by said loans. ” Trust No One”~Fox Mulder-The X-Files.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The war like history of the Rothschild Coat of Arms goes back to the early Crusades

KABUL (Reuters) – NATO tried to determine on Sunday if Taliban insurgents had shot down a troop-carrying helicopter in Afghanistan, killing 38 in the largest loss of life suffered by foreign forces in a single incident in 10 years of war.

In a bloody two days for foreign forces, another four NATO troops were killed in two separate attacks on Sunday by insurgents in the country’s violent east and south, the coalition said.

The majority of foreign troops serving in those regions are American, although some French troops are also based in volatile Kapisa province in the east.

The French president’s office in Paris said two French soldiers were killed and five wounded when they were attacked by insurgents in Kapisa’s remote Tagab valley. There was no immediate confirmation of the nationalities of the other two.

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai speaks during a gathering with military personnel at the presidential palace in Kabul July 26, 2011. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai speaks during a gathering with military personnel at the presidential palace in Kabul July 26, 2011.

“The head of state expresses again France’s determination to continue to work with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to restore peace and stability in this country and contribute to its development,” the president’s office said in a statement.

Thirty U.S. soldiers — some from the Navy’s special forces SEAL Team 6, the unit that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden — seven Afghans and an interpreter died in Friday night’s crash, just two weeks after foreign troops began a security handover to Afghan forces.

The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for bringing down the helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. Although it often exaggerates incidents involving foreign troops, a U.S. official in Washington said the helicopter was believed to have been shot down.

NATO-led ISAF confirmed the death toll overnight, which was first announced by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and said the cause of the crash was still being investigated.

ISAF officials in Kabul remained tight-lipped on Sunday about possible causes of the crash and said the process of recovering the bodies from the site in a valley about 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of the capital was still ongoing.

The deadly crash comes at a time of growing unease in the United States and Europe about the increasingly unpopular and costly war. The last foreign combat troops are due to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014 but some U.S. lawmakers are asking whether that timetable is fast enough.


The CH-47 Chinook crashed in central Maidan Wardak province in a hard-to-reach valley surrounded by rugged mountains.

Despite its proximity to Kabul, the area is one of the most dangerous in central Afghanistan, with fighters from the Taliban, the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani network and other militant groups all active.

“No words describe the sorrow we feel in the wake of this tragic loss,” said General John Allen in a statement released overnight. Allen took over from General David Petraeus three weeks ago as commander of all foreign troops in Afghanistan.

The crash was the deadliest single incident for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since the Taliban was toppled by U.S.-backed Afghan forces in late 2001, ISAF said.

A U.S. official said some of the dead Americans were members of SEAL Team 6, but none of them had been part of the bin Laden raid in Pakistan in May.


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a statement on Saturday the United States would “stay the course” to complete the mission in Afghanistan, a sentiment echoed by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The weekend’s devastating death toll will likely raise more questions about the security transition and how much longer troops should stay.

“While acknowledging the immense personal tragedy of the loss of life in this helicopter disaster it is even more important to acknowledge that a greater tragedy would be to buckle under an understandable wave of emotion, and use it as a reason to withdraw now,” General Richard Dannatt, British army commander from 2006 to 2009, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

With doubts lingering about the cause of the crash, Karzai met his security advisers on Sunday to discuss what he called the “helicopter incident.” He warned them to be on guard for more attempts by insurgents to derail the transition process.

“As there is the transition process going on, enemies of Afghanistan want to disrupt the national process by any means,” Karzai said in a statement released by the presidential palace.

U.S. and other NATO commanders have claimed success in reversing a growing insurgency in the Taliban’s southern heartland, although insurgents have demonstrated an ability to adapt their tactics and mount attacks in other areas.

But violence is at its worst in Afghanistan since the start of the war, with high levels of foreign troop deaths and record civilian casualties during the first six months of 2011.

Last year was the deadliest of the war for foreign troops in Afghanistan with 711 killed. The crash in Maidan Wardak and Sunday’s deaths took the toll of foreign troops killed so far in 2011 to at least 383. More than two-thirds were American.

(Additional reporting by Mirwais Harooni in Kabul and Astrid Wendlandt in Paris; Writing by Paul Tait; Editing by Sophie Hares)

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11 thoughts on “Afghan helicopter crash kills 38 Taliban shot it down? More confusing and conflicting stories

  1. Why should our wars be any more transparent or rationally conducted than our economy? For decades now the myth has superseded the reality, and now we know only one thing for certain: that we no longer know who to believe or what to trust. Civil governance becomes impossible when there is no place to stand and nothing and no one to rely on any more. What Americans once believed was preposterous and unthinkable, the stuff of monstrous conspiracies, they are now being forced to consider all too plausible. It is just the shrinking of government that is coming, but the shrinking of our social ties, trust network, and loyalties.

    • Thanks Longeyes, great take. I trust nothing the government says. Why should we. It’s not this administration, it’s all of them that are put in place by the power elite. The last honest president to a degree was JFK, he wanted to end the FED ergo he’s DEAD. J.C.

  2. Meant to write: “It is NOT just the shrinking of government that is coming, but the shrinking of our social ties, trust network, and loyalties.”

  3. This may seem off topic; however, I submit it is all interrelated. We are victims of forces in the world that want to destroy America. Here at home, OBAMA CROSSED THE LINE—into dictatorship.
    Blacks Law Dictionary define “Dictatorship” as, “One in whom supreme authority in any line is invested, one who rules autocratically, and one who prescribes for other authoritatively.”

    Last July Obama unilaterally, and without the Senate’s Advice and Consent, “ratified” a UN Treaty giving up U.S. sovereignty over our territorial sea bed, and transferring it and lots of tax money to the United Nations through an Executive Order. If you want to see the Order itself, you can Google it at “Executive Order #13557.” Pay particular attention to section 9(c),

    (c) In carrying out the provisions of this order and implementing the
    Final Recommendations, all actions of the Council and the executive departments, agencies, and offices that constitute it shall be consistent with applicable international law, including customary international law, such as
    that reflected in the Law of the Sea Convention.

    To translate that from the “legaleze,” Obama just ordered the entire executive branch of the federal government to treat the Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) as if the Senate had ratified it—it has not. That action is unlawful and clearly violates the Constitution, which provides, “[the president’ shall have power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate to make Treaties . . .” (Emphasis added). U.S. CONST., Article II, sec. 2, para. 2.

    A year has now passed with no legal or political challenges to Obama’s unlawful action. So expect Obama, before the end of his first term, to “ratify” the UN Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT) by Executive Order. I will withhold my opinion on whether the UNSAT is a good idea—I don’t want to detract from my main argument—my point is Obama, unilaterally, and without authority will “ratify” the treaty if the Senate doesn’t give him what he wants. Gun Control has been high (maybe number 1) on the left’s agenda and I don’t believe Obama will pass up this opportunity. Why else would Hillary Clinton work so hard on a treaty she knows cannot be approved by the U.S. Senate?

  4. “Susan..please take your tin foil hat off!! Not everything is a f-ing conspiracy! Your thought process is what labels all conservatives as lunatics. When something like this happens the details will be sketchy. Unless you were in the military you wouldnt have a clue how much mis information can exist in a tragedy like this. Don’t soil their memories with your conspiracy.” I copied some of your first info unto Wash. State Militia’s facebook site and that is what they though of your article. “the article on the deaths of the 22 Navy Seals death in a helicopter crash has a number of inconsistencies just as the original reports of the killing of Osama bin Laden articles did.
    In question, different number of operators listed, conflicting stories they were and they were not members of the team that took down Osama bin Laden. Would this group have been flying together on a routine operation? (DEVGRU) -Development Group was developed to take out high value targets.
    Will the names of the soldiers who died be listed and can they honestly be checked with records of members of the SEALS? This administration chose not to reveal any evidence that Osama bin Laden was in fact assassinated. Will they choose to do the same again now?
    Was the chopper actually shot down? Why not put a bomb in it if the intent was to silence Members SEAL TEAM SIX? For their non participation of a non event?
    After all, SEAL TEAM SIX was CDR Richard Marcinko’s group, and the Navy decommissioned it many years ago. Were they silenced by the current administration?” Will we ever know the truth?

  5. Jim can you resend me the whole article on the 22 Navy Seals Death. It was the first one you did. I think I deleted it accidentally and then Trash just emptied a few hours ago.

  6. I woke to read this sorrowing news yesterday and my heart aches for the family and loved ones. No sooner had I read the story when I started reading all the conspiracies. How very sad this nation has been reduced to this level of disrespect. While the families are absorbing the shock and experiencing the grief, can we pause to honor the fallen and respect the ones left behind . It seems like people are so anxious to find the “truth” behind everything they have lost all civility. Shame !!

    • Hi Deb, hope you are not referring to me as having lost all civility. I’ve put it out there, This is just one cover up to cover up the non existent happening as fed to us about the Death of OBL.. Timing perfectly timed to take heat off revelations that his new long form BC was a completely botched fraud. The Chinook crash if it happened, had “all the Navy SEALS on the same chopper? Not likely. They would have been dispersed into smaller groups and been on different missions. That is SEAL protocol. Now we start to see a couple of stories, one of a National Guards Man being on the Chinook, why? Timed to change media focus on S& P.Down Grade on Obama’s watch.

      Another, in which a grieving widow headlined with “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this.” Traditionally names of units and members are kept secret so families wont be harassed. Could these two stories be planted in the media and make for a hero’s death when they were killed in another operation. Let’s not forget the lies surrounding the death of Pat Tillman, Army Ranger, he was murdered because he was going to be a whistle blower on the Opium fields that we were not taking down as ordered, of course that his a major funding source for the Taliban. If you are shaming me, you are shaming the wrong guy, remember from the lead of the original article on the topic, I wrote propaganda, covered up the use of VX nerve gas that killed scores of sheep. I was younger, and bought what they were selling, doubtless true believers are again doing the same. Thanks for your comment, Jim.

  7. Civility be damned! I want the truth! When the commander-in-chief cannot be trusted, this filters down through all the brass. How do you expect an enlisted man to stay sane in this web of deceit?

    • Mad man, more to the question, why in the world would anybody lay it out for this corrupt administration. I agree it’s time to quit the lies. They have been going one for decades. J.C.

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