Who Will Democrats Run Against Obama in 2012?

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Comment by Jim Campbell

It’s no longer a matter of if, but when the “power elite” among the Democrats make their way to the White House for the Democrat equivalent of a Nixonian moment.  Mr. President, for the good of the country and our party you must step down.  Obama knows it’s coming. He will not initially accept their demands until they inform him that a primary challenge will be run against him, all or most of the funds in the DNC coffers will go to the primary candidate, and the 23 Democrat Senators needing to keep their claw like grasp on powers and perks with be telling him they will campaign against him.  They want major distance from this loser and his failed policies.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Well, it seems several Left-wingers  have made posts on this site about Republicans being afraid to run against Obama in 2012… they need to look closer to home as many Democrats are angry with Obama and there is now a rift even among Liberals after his actions where Libya is concerned. Much as Ted Kennedy split against Jimmy Carter after the midterm elections and then ran against him in the 1980 elections, there are several prominent Democrats planning to run against Obama.

Debbie “Stabindaback has nominated Al Franken, Dean want’s Pee Wee Herman, Jim Roosevelt nominated Teddy Kennedy and was reminded that he was dead.  His reply, “Well I forgot, but he’s no deader than our party in 2012.”

The most prominent of these seems to be Dennis Kucinich who, as some of you may recall, called for the impeachment of Obama over the Libya fiasco. Russ Feingold may have lost in November, but he too is being considered as he’s certainly free now to make such a run. While he says he will not run against Obama in 2012, he is strongly supportive that someone must run against him leading many to think he could talk himself into the job if he doesn’t see others doing it over the next several months.

But the most amazing possibility is California Governor Jerry Brown as people who know him are saying he’s considering a run after coming to the view as Governor that there’s not much he can actually do as Governor to resolve California’s problems… but as President he would have the power to do this as he would focus inward on domestic issues and withdraw us from foreign conflicts.

Howard Dean has stated he will not run against Obama but his stand against Obamacare and his anger concerning Obama’s record on foreign military affairs have some of his insiders thinking he may give it a run with people like Keith Olbermann openly calling on him to do so.

In fact, some Democrats like Dick Morris say the situation in Libya has so angered many on the left that if a Democrat doesn’t run against him to fire up the Democrat Party… it all but guarantees a Republican victory because many Democrats will not be voting in 2012 just as we saw many of them not vote in 2010. Democrats are demoralized, they have lost faith in the President and many now view that voting for him is like casting a vote for George Bush jr because his policies have been almost identical to the ex President.

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23 thoughts on “Who Will Democrats Run Against Obama in 2012?

  1. Dick Morris is not longer a Democrat. He is now a Republican. I just hope anyone that runs dilutes Obama’s coffers, but I don’t want any Democrat to win because some of them actually think Obama is not left enough, which is unbelieveable to me. I want a Conservative in Office , NO Democrat at all because they are almost all socialists or very near socialist.

  2. Obama will be forced to drop out and announce that he “needs to spend time with his family.” Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, and Andrew Cuomo run in the primaries. Kucinich just for fun, and Cuomo to get him national recognition. Hillary wins the nomination and picks either Cuomo or Joe Manchin as her running mate. They lose to Perry-Ryan (or Perry-West, or Perry-Bachmann).

    • I can live with that, don’t count Sarah out, please take a look at what she unloaded on Obama, the gal is greatly under rated and would clean Toby’s clock in a debate. She get’s it, has core principles, Obama doesn’t they are fed to him by who put him in place. I rest my case thanks for the spin on the Christal Ball. I’m seeing to much negative on Perry but have not looked into it until he declares. I’m of the mind that a Bachmann/West or a Palin/West ticket could not lose. J.C.

  3. Al Franken and Ted Kennedy would make an astounding couple……lol

    It would be Hillary. She can’t take her eyes off that oval office and I know she has a huge following. After all, she did a lot of favors for a lot of people while her husband was in office. Always the politicians – and later with bigger cash to distribute I’m pretty sure they did even more favors hoping for that moment on the ballot.

    I do count Sarah Palin out. She may be a fine person, but she certainly made herself look bad more than once and the people don’t forget.

    We really need Bachmann/West. My son lived in Texas for years and he says the state did well ‘in spite of Perry, not because of him…..’ I think he’s really another good ole boy underneath the politics he’s putting out right now. I also don’t like the idea of a Fundamentalist Christian President much more than I like the idea of a Muslim one.

    I think we need to decide on a candidate pretty darned soon or we’ll go in as a blank. That’s not going to work in our favor.

    Hillary might be tough to beat. I think Bolton has a lot going for him. I don’t want Romney….another RINO.

  4. Dido Shirley!!!! Why not, and I think Teddy would make a better president than what we have now LOL:)))

  5. Even Barney Frank can beat Obama, What the country needs is a libertarian. Someone like Wayne Allyn Root. For now I’ll stick with Herman Cain..

  6. With all the fraud voting that is going on, who the hell could possibly know who will win? Sometimes I think the government already knows who will be the next president and also in what year. I think it is already decided on, and we are the arssholes.

    • You are correct with the comment on decisions being made. Trust that they are being made at a higher level than the government. The string pullers need strings to pull. Thanks for your comments. J.C.

  7. Time to dump Obama he has failed completely, he is just another political
    big mouth. Both him and Nancy Pelosi are bringing down the Democrat
    Party…..Obama failed to indite or convict any of the Wall Street thugs who
    brought down the Western World’s economies, Obama took more than a
    million dollars from the biggest thief GOLDMAN-SACHS.

  8. I think that an unknown should run for president. Americans are tired of our country being ran by lawyers. We need a regular person that has common sense,and willing to listen to the tax payers that pay their salary.

  9. Clearly we’d be better off electing someone that has no clue on what they’re doing and give him/her a shot in the dark and I bet you they’ll do a better job than anyone currently in office. It seems as though all in office know what they’re doing in a sense of making their wallet fatter.

  10. What about Mr. Vice President?

  11. If there are no democrats running against Obama, and the republicans dont want to work with each other let alone the democrats. The economy seams to be turning around without the government being able to agree on a dang thing except not raising taxes on the rich. Which that makes sense since they make over a million a year themselves. So yes i can see why they dont want to pay more taxes for themselves and help bail out the country. They would rather have the middle class put in the poor house rather than pull there share of the load.

    • Hi Dennis don’t for a minute believe the numbers that the economy is turning around. They fake the numbers, forget to include the most recent 450K who have given up looking so they make the numbers look better. You want actual numbers? Look at your bills, everything is up, gas, utilities, food, entertainment. People will vote with their wallets. Why would one want to raise taxes on the rich if they understood economics? You could take everything the “rich owned” and it wouldn’t cover a week interest on the debt. To help the job base in the private sector must grow rapidly, this generates more jobs and more people have money to spend and want products an services while increasing the amount of revenue going to washington. A look at the Middle class and poor paying more taxes tells me you have been hooked by the tired mantra the rich don’t pay their fair share. Total nonsense. They pay 70% already while 5o% of the poor pay nothing. Thanks for your comments, you my friend need to hit the economics books and quit watching the news. All the above stated is well sourced. Google it. Have a Happy New Year and thanks for your comments, I’m J.C. and I run this circus.

  12. J.C., Is people like you who stood behind Busch while he dug this country into a big hole and want to knock Obama because he is trying to fill it in but people keep knocking his shovel out his hand. Obama did not create the situation he is trying to fix it instead of picking him apart try to see what you can do to help….It maybe hard because he is black and you may think we are all dumb… but, if that is it you are the ignorant one my friend… J.C. speak to Jesus Christ… What would he do… take from the rich to help the poor.. unless you want to be scared to come outside because you sound scary when the rioting pop off… LOL

    • Big, I appreciate your comment Big but factually you are incorrect about President George W. Bush. After fighting 2 Wars, resulting from 9-11 and many attacks on US assets abroad, dealing with the aftermath and cost of 9-11, and the disaster called Katrina, he left the country with about a $1.4-6 trillion dollar deficit including the TARP Bailout needed for the economic chaos following the housing crash the result of progressive belief system that everyone should own a home regardless of their ability to pay. President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another $1 trillion.
      President Bush began a string of expensive finan­cial bailouts. President Obama is accelerating that course. Obama isn’t trying to fix anything, he’s a socialist, he has no desire for jobs in the private sector, just more government jobs to keep more people like you on the government dole while pandering for your vote. Now there you go playing the tried and false race card, “It maybe hard because he is black and you may think we are all dumb… but, if that is it you are the ignorant one my friend.” You make a number of assumptions and don’t know me. I would vote for Herman Cain, Allen West and any candidate that would help your rise up from Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Am I your friend? I’d like to be if you were open to serious dialogue. It would require that you challenge your belief system with facts, not just the sound bytes you hear on TV. What would Jesus say, I think it was said well, why give a man a fish when you can teach him to fish. My friend your lack of understanding of human nature, economics, and the failure of liberal socialist programs has given you the fish while teaching you nothing. Come back would enjoy more discussion, I’m J.C. and I run this site.

  13. My question is: Why is no democratic running for “Leader of the Free World” except the incumbent? I can’t think of ANY time in our history where the incumbent – Dem or Rep – had no party members running against him. This includes FDR during WWII & LBJ during Viet Nam. I suspect JFK would have had some opposition had he been around to be running in ’64.
    As to the deficit, every president is pretty much assured of leaving a larger debt than his predecessor – and a smaller one than his successor. Since there is no real effort to reduce or eliminate it, and no problem enlarging it, there really can be no other result. Of course, once our creditors start getting ugly in their demands for repayment, not verbal f*rts, the rhetoric will be malodorous and mountainous, but just initially. (Luckily the universe is so huge as the need for space for political persiflage will be substantial!)
    BTW, the Democrats aren’t running ‘cuz they don’t wanna be holding the bag when the walls start crumbling down.

    • Hi Deke, thanks for weighing in on this article. I believe the fix is in, there will be no competition from the Democrat side, I thought there would be, but short of dragging him out of office using a court order from the Police, he will run again. I believe your comments for the most part are on. In recent history I don’t recall Republicans having a primary fight against a sitting president do you? I’m J.C and I run this circus.

  14. We need to get Obama Out! He is not who he says he is nor did he do or is doing anything for the American citizens!! Except targeting to aim toward eliminating rights of us citizens! !…. What he is doing or what he has planned is not Good!

  15. Just when I was unsure if I would support barrack- he talks about the right thing to do -and his BS STORY ABOUT THE ILLEGALS BELONG HERE- you just lost my vote buddy!!!

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