Driving a stake into the heart of the Progressive movement

By Jim Campbell

Should  the population in the U.S. brace for European-style riots? If so what might be its plan?  This reporter suggests that those Americans that the current administration has tried to marginalize and demonize stay away completely.  Make sure to buy the amounts of water, and food that can get your family through this chaos for three to four-weeks. Is there rally any point in going out among the crazies to protest and for the most part know not why?

This is what has been going on for the past for nights in the U.K and it is horrific to say the least.

 In the United States, the police will then be dealing with rioters coming largely from the Union sector as well as those who for what ever reason have not contributed to the U.S. economy. Many thin every thing is free, and for a very large sector failed policy has mad that a reality. Many therefore bought into the concept of living on Uncle Sam’s plantation and becoming generational wards of the Nanny State was “cool.”  This served the progressive movement just find, keep the voter base uneducated and beholden.

Will these scenes appear in the not to distant future?  Are we prepared?

It’s well past time for a wake up call to those poor folks that believe President Obama will be paying for their houses and gas for their automobiles.  With a little luck and some education by Republicans they might begin to understand when there is no longer money to support all the “freebies” something has to go.

Let them riot all they desire and spend time in jail.  No folks you have been continually lied to by your party.   The rich aren’t evil that create jobs.  Wealth isn’t evil it too creates investments and new jobs.  Member of the progressive party  selling you a very cruel lies. The government does not create jobs except by extorting the money from the tax payer for the government unionized job that many not even be needed.

As we have seen the people in Eurasia  are living under their oppressive rulers in Tunis, Egypt, Bahrain,  Algeria Jordan  Libya, Lebanon and Yemen.  It leaves one to ponder, if the pursuit of freedom written by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of rights, doesn’t transcend The U.S. Constitution but apply to many people around the globe.  Of course the Muslim countries above are for the most part ruled by the iron fist of sharia and those that wold impose it upon their people through their totalitarian Seventh Century belief system.

Today, the European Union is suffering on a scale much larger than just the crisis in Greece. Timothy Garton Ash, a contributing editor to Opinion, says it’s because the old political and emotional motivators of the EU have faded.

American cities will soon see protests and riots too

The violence in the streets of Europe will be in American cities before the end of summer.  None of this is an accident.  The same groups calling for riots there are based here.  Wake up.  The hard left is trying to fundamentally transform America and many of us don’t like their new model.

While Greece is urgently in need, anger is beginning to stir among those in other countries who are also bearing the brunt of irresponsible lending and leadership. There’s also panic about immigration from North Africa and frustration over underdeveloped military forces in Libya.

There’s no unity in European Union An economic union without a unified Federal Government is worse than a fool’s errand.Europeans do not view themselves as Europeans, and this sentiment is only getting stronger.  Greeks are Greek; Germans are German; etc.

And very few of these people see any reason to change.  And just because you say “it’s better for them” doesn’t make it so.  The proof of your error is right in front of you: European culture is far more balkanized than even the Europeans thought.  To bridle them to the same wagon makes less and less sense.

The answer for Greece is a “temporary leave of absence” from the Euro, as Feldstein wrote about.  Ditto Portugal, Ireland, and possibly Italy or even Spain.

No bailout will work at this point.  The point spreads would be absurd.  Anyone paying attention could see that Greece was doomed before the first bailout.  Austerity is often the only way out, but even austerity has its limits.  When you are as far gone as Greece was/is, then default is certain.

Greece must float a new Drachma.

The USA is much closer to a Greek situation than people like to admit.  Austerity will work here, still, but just.  Much more debt, and we will be in a situation where no conceivable amount of economic growth – particularly given the Baby Boom demographics .

 The reader will now see politicians sold out an 80% majority opposed to the banker bailout and passed draconian austerity measures, using the excuse they were blackmailed, the rioters in Athens responded by turning Greece into a war zone and setting banks, cars, and the Finance Ministry on fire. Spain,  and Portugal’s populations found themselves in much the similar situation.

All of these countries have followed the socialist type of “economic system’ yet they were fare ahead of the U.S. by many decades.  As history has repeatedly shown, countries do not tax themselves into prosperity, eventually they will crash and burn.

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8 thoughts on “Driving a stake into the heart of the Progressive movement

  1. You are right, JIm, getting everything given to you spoils people and they don’t have sense enough to understand that when the money is gone, the country can no longer provide those things. It is stupid not to understand, but they do not seem ableto undstand that. They can protest and apparently the police in England have no idea how to handle unruly crowds. If that happened here, we would use tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. They would be put in jail for awhile. These Union thugs need to spend time in jail so they can learn to behave themselves.

  2. Shirley – you are too kind! Do not count on rubber bullets, water cannons or any of those ‘harmless’ ways to control a mob! The Union guys will be holding the fire hoses! We must continue to strive to keep the lid on any violence in the streets! Words, knowledge, passionate speeches, walking the walk…be a good scout and be prepared….keep a cool head and your powder dry. Beware is to be aware! Knee-jerk reactions are great when you spill boiling water on your feet. Other than that – stay red hot but cool! And never, ever borrow trouble…it comes often enough on it’s own. Hugs, Girl! Join the CYAa club! – annie

  3. I can’t make things any crisper on the story above. In fact, I won’t.

    But I would like to make a commentary here on this, as this is sorta….well….worrisome.

    This kind of thing is not really common in the US. American violence is more individualistic and passion, and less on social stress (although it can and has happened under extreme duress from time to time). For the most part. That might change very soon if the Entitlement Class gets any larger and is then rebuffed with the necessary austerity measures.

    The scene in London makes me wonder not if civilizations really die of war and pestilence and the other assembled guests of the Apocalypse, so much as the just the slow burn or demographics and political miscalculation. Despite the best intentions, we have the fulfillment of the prophecy by certain people we know of where the best intentions pave gold roads to hell, but encrusted with diamonds to boot. So here’s the premier Eurosocialist slop pit, not so named for the roaches–both two legged and six–running the streets next to Big Ben, but rather for the frowsy economy based on the premise that government is to be the all and end all of these wide-eyed youth who’ve not known deprivation in the real dictionary sense of the word, but in the political fabrication of reality sense of the word.

    And so, they’re royally pissed-and-vinegared up, and shiggled enough to stick it to the “rich”–presumably said rich being anyone dressed better than these boo-hoo Bohemians complaining about horrible life is on the dole. Or just standing in the way of the coffee shop.

    Just amazing.

    But on a more fundamental level it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    A Slate Mag writer named Micky Kaus, himself of bien-pensant liberal of note, warned that the welfare state’s supposed eternal compassion is a lousy basis to make policy due to it literally having no more end of argumentation than the structure of the Known Universe itself. Sometimes, it even comes back to bite the hand that feeds.

    As Mark Steyn said, these are–like the Greek rioters–not really “anti-government” riots for the putative reasons given over a police action turned tragic, but for the spoiled rotten psychological profile of the copycatters who smelled blood in the water and so now wish to fulfill the aphorism that the Devil has work for idle hands. Devilry not directed against government per se, but in actuality the desire to be coddled–now rebuffed–by the hard shoals of realty. Idle, that is, not due the laws of economics and reality, but rather the laws of economics as set forth in the redistributive state, where high unemployment is the natural by-product of such effort.

    In Greece, it was actual government workers protesting austerity cuts and the right to retire in your 50s being in a high stress job like haircutter. In what’s left of Britain, it’s the inmates running the comfortable asylum and angry that more goodies have not flowed their way, in what is a paragon of socialist mire in the first place. And yet, despite the good intentions of coddling people, and all the mockery that great nations don’t fall to ghoulish barbarians are can make you strip in the streets in class warfare mockery, then the question remains: to just whom do they fall then?

    What we see here are not merely the fulfillments of the old adage of the Devil having work for idle hands. That’s part of the problem. But more, what we see in what used to be Britain is the culmination of an entire generation growing up (or not, actually) under the impression that coddling is their birthright, and somebody else is to handle the bills and make life heaven on earth. That age is ended, and the brats are whining. Unfortunately, these big children are also big enough to smash and burn as well as whine.

  4. Oops. Above I meant to say regarding the Greek riots:

    “As Mark Steyn said, these are–like the Greek rioters–not really “anti-government” riots for the putative reasons given (over a police action turned tragic), but for the spoiled rotten psychological profile of kids raised on the Entitlement State, the rioters and copycatters who smelled blood in the water–and so now wish to fulfill the aphorism that the Devil has work for idle hands–are manifestly “PRO” government. That is, at least in the sense of getting royally miffed over a perceived lack of something they felt was their birthright for taking in oxygen, and feeling that government was their partner-in-crime in this regard.”

  5. You must understand that police work in any country is inherently risky and then understand that the entire American police profession is based upon coercive submission. If submission is resisted by violence, then the use of force is immediately taken up to the next overwhelming level. The Brits only have an understanding of submission through typical British reserved restraint, etiquette and prim manners. When the Bandini eventually hits the electromechanical, osculating rotating ventilating device, the Brits have no authority, training or knowledge of what to do next except act French and surrender. Ergo the resultant video’s etc!

  6. A few dozen well placed shotguns with bean bags, rubber slugs and impact rounds would do quite nicely in Greece and London. After that, it is Assad take names and kick some beautocks time in the streets of Merry olde England.

    40mm’s would do quite nicely.

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