The US will not be part of the UN Gun Ban Treaty despite disingenuous claims to the contrary from the NRA

Comment by Jim Campbell

The United States will not enter into a UN Gun Ban Treaty despite all the disinformation, misinformation and false flag operations to separate you from your hard-earned money. 

Limited Government in Relation to The Constitution’s Treaty Clause

(a) Treaties

The Constitution is the “supreme Law of the Land.” It is controlling as to all officials of the three Branches of the Federal government–Executive, Legislative and Judicial–with regard to all of their pronouncements, actions, decisions, agreements and legislative Acts. Each of them is sworn, by oath of office, to support the Constitution only. To be valid, any treaty must be strictly in conformity to–free from any conflict with–the Constitution. A treaty is like a Federal law in this respect.

Not going to happen Wayne. The US Constitution prohibits it at the present time and will for a much longer time following the 2012 elections.

The Constitution is supreme over laws and treaties; it expressly states (Article VI, Section 2) that: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land . . .” This means that any such Law (Act of Congress) which violates the Constitution is automatically made null and void to start with–nullified by the Constitution itself–and therefore cannot be a part of the “supreme Law of the Land.” This is also true as to treaties.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

(b) Executive Agreements Executive Agreements with foreign governments made by the President alone are, at the minimum, as limited as treaties insofar as concerns the President’s power to enter into them being limited by the Constitution; that is, any such agreement must be in strict conformity to the Constitution in order to be valid.

NRA Commercial

Imagine roving gangs terrorizing your neighborhood, rioting, setting fire to homes and businesses, and beating and robbing your neighbors.

The government is helpless to protect you. Your family looks to you to do something but you can’t protect them with a gun because guns are banned. All you have is a baseball bat.

You’ve seen the heartbreaking images on TV, on the internet and in the newspapers. This is exactly what is happening in Great Britain right now.

And that’s why I’m asking you to go to  watch the video of the riots in Britain where innocent citizens are unable to defend themselves, and then make an urgent contribution of $15, $20, $30, $40 or more to NRA today.

What you and I are facing is a United Nations that has set its sights on global disarmament. Their goal is to disarm citizens worldwide, including you and me. (That would be absolute BS)

Please send all of your money fast!  BLA BLA

If you don’t want to end up defenseless like the people of New Orleans in 2005 or the people of Great Britain today, then we need to fight this treaty now.

With your help, NRA will fight the U.N. treaty being drafted in New York, monitor the daily debates, press Congress to use its funding power to shut down this debate and make sure every American gun owner knows the horrible truth about the U.N. gun ban agenda.

With your help, NRA will keep pressuring the Obama administration to openly, actively and vocally say there’s no way the U.S. will support this treaty, because right now they’re silent and that spells trouble for our gun rights and our freedoms.

With your help, NRA will communicate our message of freedom to gun owners on a daily basis because communication is our lifeblood. It’s our strength. It’s how we’ll defeat any U.N. attempt to take our guns and our liberty.

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15 thoughts on “The US will not be part of the UN Gun Ban Treaty despite disingenuous claims to the contrary from the NRA

  1. Global disarmament is b.s.? Have you checked the gun laws in countries around the world lately? The U.S. is about the last bastion of gun rights left in the world, and the only one with a right to keep and bear arms as a Constitutional Right. One by one the former stalwarts in the West have fallen by the wayside. Even formerly strong gun-supporting nations like Finland and Switzerland are wobbling.

    • Good point Longeyes, the last two countries you mentioned are no strangers to socialism. This is just the progressive movement in this country on steroids. To breach or attempt to breach the 2nd Amendment would result in a tipping point. The US military I’m convinced would be on our side. Thanks for taking the time to comment. J.C.

  2. I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts. The NRA is notorious for colluding with the “enemy”. They cave and call it compromise. I don’t trust Wayne LaPierre. Check with GOA and JPFO, CCRBKA and others to see what they say. Remember. We live on a planet of tyrants. Our particular tyrant rules by executive order or anything else on a whim. And he’s heavily, personally involved in the UN, which is forbidden for a sitting president, but he’s done it anyway, and Hillary would do anything to take away our guns.

    • Not to worry May, they can try whatever they like do you actually believe 300 million registered gun owners would give up their guns without all out war? It would be a tipping point, it would be those that are armed against the progressives in our government. I have no doubt the military would be on our side. Thanks for your comments J.C.

  3. Hillary can go to hell!

  4. Respectfully JC, I disagree with you. Yes our Constitution is our Supreme law however, Obama and his minions I’n Washington and throughout America have little to no regard for our Constitution. Obamacare is unconstitutional as deemed by many Federal Judges but, Obama blatantly declared the other day that he does not care what they think. That he will make sure it stands as our healthcare and he alone would make sure it doesn’t reach the supreme courts.
    He will do the same with gun control and the UN. they want more than anything for the citizens in America to be held hostage as the innocent citizens were held hostage in Great Britain. It is I’n our constitution that we have the right to bear arms but, that means nothing to the liberal Democrats and this administration! These evil people have no regard for our Constitution and they are proving that they are above the law.
    By our Constitution Obama has no right what so ever to be President of the United States of America BUT, there he sits as dictator over this Country destroying it as fast as he can. Gun rights will be no different!!!

    • Hello Amiga, yes your thoughts are correct. That being said, do you think the gun owners in this country would role over or would it result in the tipping point for an all out war with those in government that might need to be taken down. Believe me the military would never support such an unconstitutional act. They would be with us, first through the door never on the floor, thanks for your comments, J.C.

  5. There he still sits indeed…King of our naughty, disobedient , strong-willed, tho’ God blessed and watched over nation… , filled with young and old and in- between patriots of every type, color and size…and we will not be part of this Global this and that BS!!!! (ANYMORE, I HOPE)….,,,,we have to spread the word, ENOUGH of the puppet and his puppet master and all of his cronies and Boot lickers!!! All of the liberals, liberalmedia networks, the nation that ‘s full of people with their hand out, the union bosses,(With their hands out, taking YOUR money) the big industries who have taken gov’t handouts, Gov’t Motor Co.,!!for one!!! the illegals who are given more privileges than our own hard-working kids & the parents & the G’parents of those kids…Gov’t owned colleges…”the System Collapsers!,” Amnesty and Citizenship to millions of illegals,Still possible!!! Th ose that vote for “o” because they are taken in by his sociopathic lies and stance…Most minorities and special interest groups voted for him…the Muslims (80%) was the last figure I heard…and not to mention GeoriePorgie Soros with all of his big Bucks and numerous groups under different headings and names…Nice sounding sweet worthwhile names of the rottenest organizations on earth,,,There are more, just can’t think right now,,..America, we have to wake up and stand up or we aren’t going to have our Country anymore..God Bless our Country, our troops who are fighting everyday to protect the greatest Nation on Earth, now let’s do our part…

  6. There have been other Presidents that have tried to take away the gun rights from the people and remember all those commercials with actors like Charleton Heston and Henry Fonda telling America to not ban guns and even GH Bush is a gun owner. I don’t think the Militia would allow it, Obama is trying to but he will not succeed, he has been trying to change the constitution for years and it has been in force for too long and it’s going to take too long to undo it! Obama is not immortal!

    • Great comment Connie, total agreement here. I take it a step forward. About the only thing the separates us from the dictators of the world which I also classify Obama is our weapons. Should such a thing be started even against the Constitution’s clear statements against it, it would result in a tipping point, and an all out war against the government. It will never happen because even democrat members of congress come from pro gun states. Thanks for stopping bye please come by often. J.C.

  7. Never saynever when it comes to any thing especially when it comes to guns. Look at the new regulation requiring the gun dealers in the 4 bordering states with Mexico. The ATF is not supposed to require or mandate it but the ATF Demand letters to the dealers has already gone out or will shortly! All because of the monumental screwup by the ATF and DOJ with their Fast and Furious sting and now any purchase of 2 or more rifles over the caliber of 22 on the same day. They screw up and then the gun owners pay for it. Like I have said about all of these Gov’t programs, alot of them are “unconstitutional” but they still implement them knowing that to prove them unconstitutional, each one must decided in court! So______,never say never with our Muslim in Chief as our resident 1st and 2nd Amendment hater!
    So….. again, never say never or “can’t” with this guy!

    • Hi Dred Never say Never is a good adage. In this case however, it would provide the tipping point for all out war against the progressive movement in America. Said movement appears about every 30 years. It will once again be put back in its cage in November 2012 and buried until it returns in another 30-40 years. 300 million gun owners will not roll over on this one.

  8. I did not that we could have to give up our guns under the UN Law because our Constitution is our law, not the UN. I know they want to world court to decide things for all countries, but we hae nto subscribed to that and hopefully NEVER WILL.


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