These two picures say it all

Just look at the paraphernalia this pompous ass carries into a school to speak to small children.  (The Washington Times)

Still needs to have the podium, the teleprompters, the lights, the black boxes, and the secret service guy in back to be on the look-out for any terrorist type 8 year old’s with tea partying parents.

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14 thoughts on “These two picures say it all

  1. Went to links just another reason to get Obama out. He can’t even say a sentence w/o teleprompters OMG this is unreal. At a school no less. If it were at my kids school he would be missing school that day.

  2. None of the pictures are showing up, and will not open

  3. These must be ghost pics, no can see.

  4. Here is a big difference in my view Picture number 1 President with no class Picture number 2 President with alot of class Done.

  5. Oh, yes, Obama is so brilliant a statesman that he needs all those teleprompters to address a room of grade school kids. I should have felt the terror I feel now, back in 2009! OMG (Obama Must Go)!

  6. And to think I once complained about Bush’s grammar. I’d welcome it now. No teleprompter because when you’re telling truth, you don’t need to be reminded….it just comes out naturally.

  7. Obama and especially his Queen wife MOOCHele are two of the most classless people on Earth, someone had to tell that Menace to dress up and look good because Mr classless doesn’t know how to look like he has class! When you go to a school you want the kids to feel comfortable but not him, he has to look like a real jerk!

  8. The pics are from 2010 and he used no teleprompters when speaking with the kids, the teleprompters were in another classroom where he spoke to the press about his race to the top program.

  9. You said, “show me proof and I’ll gladly take it down.”

    Terri gave you proof: “”

    So, take it down. Or at the very least, post an update on this story clarifying that the Obama is from talking with the press and that Obama, like Bush, did not use teleprompters when talking to the children.

  10. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    I just come across this site, and liked the picture… and judging from the picture it might have a lot to say…..

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