Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits that are against the Second Amendment

 by Jim Campbell

Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits hypocrisy they can carry while we cant.  Yet that are ardent supporters supporters of tearing down the Second Amendment.

Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Barbara Boxer, seen here vilifying semi-automatic rifles with Dianne Feinstein, has a permit to carry. Both have concealed carry permits because of their self-delusional importance.  Yep you can’t carry a weapon but they can. See others below.More phoney people that must be kicked from office.

Or how about New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer?

Schumer himself is reported to possess a New York concealed handgun permit, and both U.S. Senators regularly employed armed guards for their personal protection.

Chuck SchumerChuck Schumer, one of the most anti-gun Senators in Washington D.C., obtained a permit to carry for self-defense.

Do you think California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer is pro-gun? No, I don’t think so, either.

But Barbara Boxer  and Diane Feinstein used their influence to secure an elusive concealed carry permit from California.

I can almost hear her trying to deceive gun owners… “Trust me, I have a permit.”

Just because a politician recognizes that being armed makes THEM safer, doesn’t mean they support YOUR right to keep and bear arms. They think they’re different than you and me, that because of their title they’re entitled to MORE rights than we are.

The Second Amendment is about much more than just carrying concealed… or hunting… or sport shooting.

Your right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against tyranny.

Use it or lose it!

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11 responses to “Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits that are against the Second Amendment

  1. This is just one more dog and pony show to go agaisnt guns. Ever since the terrible shooting of the congresswomen In Arizonia they have been on this kick. I have signed many petitions to ensure we can have guns. When this country is unarmed it will be taken over and millions will die. We must remain armed. It is our eleinable right (can’t spell that word).

  2. tweeted, shared, and stored.

  3. If the elite can carry guns, so should the everyday Americans be allowed to carry them for protection also. This world is now a dangerous place with home break-in, shooting in public places and every night on the local news your hear of someone killing someone somplace.

  4. figures this would be the case,,maybe with the way these people are taking down the U S A,maybe they figure they’d better care a weapon..

  5. It’s the elitist mentality. We see it in everything they do. Their way of thinking towards us is that old cliche,”do as I say, not as I do.” From boxer and feistein carrying weapons and talkin the anti-gun walk to sarah brady going out of state buying a rifle for her son, (that’s called a ‘straw purchase’ and she broke state law,too) to ted kennedy and his anti-gun agenda with body gaurds walking next to him into congress with submachine guns to al gore talking about I need to turn off my lights and not drive my car because it pollutes while he flies around in a gulfstream II and has gargantuan electric bills to pelosi talking about us cutting spending while she flies around in a private jet at taxpayers’ expense. They think they are more important, somehow better than us just because they are in con gress. Yep, same old elitist mantra,do as I say, not as I do.

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