Today on 9-11 2011 there remains much skepticism about the death of Osama bin Laden

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Comment by Jim Campbell

See in depth coverage here: Was Osama bin Laden killed White House and the media has lead us to believe?  

Bin Laden Death Script the Needed Trigger for Next Step-Pakistan

The truth is out there but we will we ever know it? Was the alleged raid on Osama bin Laden a massive coverup to distract from recently released Obama birth certificate? You decide!

No Osama Dead Photos; In Pakistan and Elsewhere, Scepticism remains over bin Laden death

Abbottabad, Pakistan – While America reflects and remembers that fateful day ten years ago – the September 11 terrorist attacks – Imtiaz Tyab at Al Jazeera has a report about local reactions to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death earlier this year in a US raid in Pakistan.

Tyab was one of the first foreign journalists to reach Abbottabad after the US released the information about the raid on Osama bin Laden. Over the next few weeks, he spent time talking to locals about the news and getting their reaction. From bewilderment to “amusement,” there were a lot of opinions that aren’t traditionally heard on US media. 

Tyab wrote:

Musab Rashid, who lives about 100 metres from the now infamous compound where the former al-Qaeda leader is believed to have lived for between five and six years, witnessed the US operation that night, but still does not believe that bin Laden ever lived or indeed died there.

“Are there any facts? Is there any proof provided by America to the whole world to prove this thing true? We have never seen any video, we have never seen any picture of bin Laden, and we have never seen a dead body.”

Musab’s friend and classmate, Mohammed Waqas, also does not believe the US’s version of events. “Why did they bury him at sea, in just a few hours or one day? Why? Why didn’t they show his corpse? Why should we believe what Barack Obama says? Show us some proof.”

No Osama bin Laden Dead Photograph or Video

While a lot of people are searching for a dead photo of Osama online, no official photo has been released … yet. Back in May of this year, CNN reported that there is a photo and that it may someday be released.

Quite a few fakes and hoaxes have been released, but the US government as of now has not released any official photos. However, one US source said that Osama was “unrecognizable” due to the nature of the wound. As the Freedom Tower rises in New York City and America prepares for the next ten years, al-Qaeda is weakening according to some sources. Others, however, feel that the War on Terror will be waged for years to come.

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15 thoughts on “Today on 9-11 2011 there remains much skepticism about the death of Osama bin Laden

  1. They should definitely taken a photograph of his dead body to show as proff and I certainly do not understand the burial at sea. Maybe Obama staged this to help his Presidential ratings, which did not stay up long anyway.

  2. All the Politicians all said that they saw the photo’s when there wasn’t one photo of Bin Laden. Michele Bachmann, said that she saw the photo’s I could tell she was lying. That turned me off towards ever seeing her in the white house, her lying just sealed her own fate. These corrupt politicians think we are so gullible that we will believe anything. I don’t think so!

    • Connie can you provide a source that “all the politicians saw the photos” I recall it being a select number. Do you have a link to a You Tube on Michelle Bachmann saying she saw the photos? I’m interested in why you felt she was lying? Thanks, Jim

  3. It is said that truth is stranger than fiction! Obama does not know the difference. I’ve read a lot about Osama – he was a shade this side of being a recluse. He was also extremely ill. If you do not want someone identified, shoot him in the face with a high caliber shell! Then the burial at sea – just keep piling it on. My heart goes out to the men and families of the murdered Seals….the “m” word is my opinion. The truth may be that we will never know the truth – wherever it lies! Do I trust any official word coming out of Washington on any matter whatsoever – No! Being what he is, Obama ought to know by now that he has lost his ‘street cred’.

    • You are absolutely correct Annie, I would never believe anything this administration put forth. What have they said that was the truth? Oh yea, ” Under my energy plan, your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket.”~Barak Hussein Obama

  4. good for obama,,bad for the american citizens,,obama is a oppertunistic sack of crap.he needs to be ousted asap

  5. Again, where are we? Are we back to the days of the govt. being held accountable and responsible for the destruction and subsequent murder of thousands of people on 9/11 and entire colonies of Americans in cahoots with these lies, or is it true that osama still lives and or died elsewhere of disease or other. I know one thing, this current administration is not now or ever to be trusted about anything. The sooner we get rid of it the better.
    El Perro Grande

  6. The photos DO exist, my husband works with military intelligence and saw them at work. He told me that OBL had a big whole on the side of his head with his brain cells showing off, and also a big hole in his chest. And that’s the only reason why I believe he’s dead, because my husband saw the pictures and described them to me.
    They had a 4 hour meeting to discuss it that day. If it was a farce then it would be amazing that they would lie to our officers and military leaders as well.

    I think the reason why Obama administration won’t release them is their fear of hurting the muslims little feelings. We all know how heartbroken Obama was after the SEALS made the decision to kill OBL…
    But I’m sure the photos will surface someday if we put enough pressure and curiosity into this.

    Anyways, I think OBL’s body should had been paraded in the streets, as a victory yell and also a humiliation ritual, mutilated and left to be eaten by dogs and pigs that would shit on the bones after they were done.

    • Dear Ana,

      I have no doubt that “photos exist” I was also involved with military intelligence in Psy Ops and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the government lets us see what they want and lies to us when it’s in their own best interest. Personal example: I was involved as an instructor at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) where we taught the art of among other things, of propaganda writing.

      You may be to young to have remembered about Area 51, the Dug way Proving Grounds, UT. The US Army in I believe the late 60’s released VX nerve gas into the atmosphere. It killed thousands of sheep. I wrote as a true believer, “Because our government wouldn’t lie,” that this was not the case. Factually at necropsy, the sheep’s tissues were loaded with the stuff.

      Anything can be photo shopped, I’m sure you have seen the faked pictures, I don’t doubt you, I don’t doubt your husband. There are way to many first had observations that ObL was not living in the compound. Thanks as usual for your comment, J.C.

  7. Denying the death of Osama simply because you hate the President? You know guys, that is not rational thinking.

    • On the death of Osama ben Laden. I have never denied his death, I have put fort many rational arguments that he didn’t die as said. This has nothing to do with who is president with the exception that the timing sure fits his M.O. of using psychological warfare techniques to divert us from what a failure your hero is. J.C.

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