Obama launches “Attack Watch” to make sure negative things aren’t being said about our “dear leader”

Comment by Jim Campbell

“Paranoia strikes into your heart it will creep”~Stephen Stills, Buffalo Spring Field 1967

It would seem the only plausible thing for this reporter to do is to turn himself in and throw himself on the mercy of the court.

Clearly with an Unconstitutional President, there is apparently in his twisted little mind no room for free speech or expression there of.  Hitler ran the same type of program.  Let us never forget the Hitler Youth Program. 

When a child reached the status of Junior Gestapo Agents an ominous new development within the HJ was the appearance of HJ-Streifendienst (Patrol Force) units functioning as internal political police, maintaining order at meetings, ferreting out disloyal members, and denouncing anyone who criticized Hitler or Nazism including, in a few cases, their own parents. 

The original Tea Party anthem written by Stephen Stills in 1967 of the Buffalo Spring Field. 

Certainly Obama never had this in mind when he planned to conscript our youth into a civilian defense force?

One small problem, this site  writes the truth and it’s well sourced.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


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11 thoughts on “Obama launches “Attack Watch” to make sure negative things aren’t being said about our “dear leader”

  1. I just made my first report to attack watch. I told the islamic dictator to “f—” off!” We still have free speech in this country no matter what you and the muslim brotherhood has decided!

  2. I’m too afraid to say anything — NOT!
    Come and get me, Obama. I have said a lot of truthful things about you, and I’m going to keep on doing it.

  3. Oh, Please! I’ve seen every piece of crap lie you’ve ever wrote. You wouldn’t know what the truth is if it bit you in the toilet.

    • Dud you came back for more. I just signed in as you and told him you thought he was an asshole. Don’t worry about me, I’ve turned myself in so many times today, it’s rather demoralizing to receive emails from random emails telling him he sucks, wears down the druids that man the site. Tell me how your boy if left unchecked is any different than Hitler?

  4. OMG!! Well of course he would do this!! But here’s a quarter Obama, call someone who cares. LOL! And Questionman, you just said what I was going to say. But my version was Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him in the butt! Great minds think alike I guess. LOL!

    J.C. I loved your comment. LOL! That was good.

    • I just turned myself in again after his pathetic request for showing him some love. I simply mentioned the bogus speech, said his wife didn’t love him why should we, and that I thought he sucked. Has a great demoralizing effect on the little druids that are manning the site. J.C.

  5. Maybe we should all report WND for telling the world that Obama’s SSN is a fake and see that the excuse is. Just might be fun!

  6. This is just another prime example of why everyone should vote him out by voting for a conservative, flag-waving, REAL AMERICAN, who truly loves our Country. This is pathetic as well as ALARMING! The American public should run, not walk, away from this guy.

    • Re: Attack Watch I have been turning myself in all day. It’s demoralizing to those that read the tips. My most recent, on his asking him for people to love him by passing his jobs bill, I wrote You Suck Obama. What are they going to do send me to Vietnam?

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