Sarah Palin: The analysis of a bombshell once it has exploded

by Jim Campbell

By now it should be no shock that the National Enquirer released the story of Sarah Palin and Glenn Rice having a one night stand. The allegations go as far as to suggest that Sarah had a fetish for black guys, did cocaine and had a six month affair with her husband Todd’s business partner.  Should any of this be believed? 

Well let’s take a look at this. As I’m writing Governor Palin has not responded. 

H/T Palin Questions

So how is such a story confirmed?  My first shot was to go to the internet and find stories that were essentially word for word repetition of the original.

It was odd to read, this morning, about a story that’s said to originate in Joe McGinniss’ book, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.”  You remember the Joe McGinniss, the guy that moved in next door to the Palin’s?

What was interesting was that it’s said that McGinniss got confirmation of the story from Glen Rice, himself. So that’s how it’s done! Damn he could have called me. I have motivation – I would have said she wanted me and I want her to be the next Secretary of the Interior.  You betcha…..”Drill baby Drill.”  But let’s get serious for a moment.

A story about Sarah Palin could become news if the story could be confirmed. A conversation between a tipster and a journalist might go something like this:

Tips: Sarah had a one-night stand.

McGinniss:  You got to be shitting me?

Tip:  No man, it was with a black guy, she dug black guys.

McGinniss:  Who did she have this steamy, one-night stand with?

Tip: Glen Rice, the NBA star.

Then, the journalist could have checked with Glen Rice to see whether he would confirm the story. Actually quite simple. 

Rice, according to the article apparently has done so, but what are his motives?  Why did McGinniss feel compelled or maybe obsessed to do a hit piece on the Governor?  Is any of it true?  Can it be confirmed?  Could it be just the usual mud slinging and giving us a preview of how bad things will become with the current administration losing favor with the electorate?

For her part what is Sarah to do? She can’t spend her time in a slander/liable law suit?  It would come down to a he said she said situation.  If you have never done anything twenty-seven years ago that may not be in the  highlight of your life than put the stones down. 

My bet it’s a story ginned up to help sell a book and cause us to focus in the wrong direction.  That is no longer problematic.  With the current administration few will be voting for them in November 2012. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

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16 responses to “Sarah Palin: The analysis of a bombshell once it has exploded

  1. Even if I believed it, WHICH I DO NOT, I wouldn’t stoop so low as to spread it around. That’s my ethics, and I’m sticking to it…Bill

    • Well Bill I gave that some thought. I don’t believe I’m spreading it around I’m blowing holes in the story. That seems to be lacking in the media, you know a little critical analysis. J.C.

  2. First, I dont believe its true, although I don’t know many men who in a locker room would deny an accusation of having an affair with a woman as attractive as Sarah. The second thought for me is: Who cares? I don’t care who has infidelities with who (or is it whom). Few successful executives I have met in my life have been chaste nor have they practiced total fidelity.

    Sarah, is not a major political point for me, her looks aside. WHile I respect her abilities, and accomplishments, I do not find my self one of her strong supporters when the debate turns to her potential run for president. Neither am I one of her detractors as I do not find her beliefs intolerable nor completly our of synch with the views of about 30 to 60% of the country.

    I am not condoning such behavior, just acknowledging that it exists in a much larger proportion in this world than our vestigial U.S. puritanical wishes would desire. Having inlaws in Spain, I recall recently the prime minister, who is, or was,female, admitted she had a mister (is that the male form of mistress?) and since spanish men in government had done “IT” for years, and were unapologetic, she was going to be the same way. Or at least, this is how I recall my relative in-law describing the tale.

    Almost anyone who brings such allogations to lite has ulterior motives and as such should be completely discounted and the stories dismissed as yellow journalism, something that a few years ago would have been sent to the circular file before being reported or printed.

    I say lets go back to those days!

    • I agree Thomas, as I said at the end if you never did anything 27 years ago that won’t be making the hit reel of your life put down the stone. The story is BS. I do believe she would make a great president, but in 8 years, like to see here get America going as Sec/Interior to get the oil flowing. Think she could add some common sense to Homeland Insecurity? The Dems are going down like the rats they are leaving a sinking ship. Look for the captain to be in the life boat with the first women and children. Thanks for your comments, J.C.

  3. Sounds more like a liberal fantasy than a conservative one. :)

    • It sounds like a hit piece to me. It’s sad she has no recourse. It’s kinda like the question have you quit beating your wife? Hey Sarah have you quit knocking knees with black guys and doing coke? She is a great woman.

  4. I’m not easily impressed; I’m waiting for the Obie-Bill Ayers affair. Nothing less will satisfy my prurience.

  5. Unfortunately, mud slinging is what sells newspapers and magazines. Mud slinging is kind of like a snowball fight. Did you ever get hit by a snowball and not want to throw one back at the other guy making sure yours was bigger and icier? When will all politicians grow up?? When will we stop reading about their childish ways??

    • I have never been in a snowball fight where the other person was left standing. I believe, we have been snookered for oh so long by powers that we have no clue about that are really running the show. I’m hopeful, that with the country in the dire straights it is economically, and from a foreign policy stand point that adults must return to change the direction things are going. That will require people in Oregon to start looking at the big picture, quit making excuses for the inexcusable, put away their German Jack Boots, and begin watching this site with a bit of frequency so that a different view of the world and our country will be show to you. Thanks for your comments, I’m J.C. and I run this circus. P.S. Do you know Julie Cramer?

  6. This must be true! After all, it was printed and we all know that a reporter would never lie, let alone an NBA star. I would tell you all about my affair with Hillery Clinton, but not here. Kids might read this post.

  7. Did you like the story at ?

    This post sure reads like its writer liked it a lot.

    I’ve read that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but … .

  8. Meanwhile, over at the White House, nary a juicy tale surfaces, as to
    what women or men Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussien Obama dated,
    before he courted & married Michelle. Well, one tale did surface, but
    remains ignored by MSM, like the plague. I speak of Larry Sinclair.
    Now there was a real one night stand, according to Larry, to wit…..> <

    • It’s funny I was think about this and wondering why there are no pictures of the pole smoker with women. Thanks I’ll do some digging. Do you find Sinclair Credible? I watched his entire press conference, see seemed as nervous as a whore in church but hung in there and answered the questions. Thanks Ed, J.C.

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