Political insurgency the worm is turning the boom is about to be lowered

We have an illegal President, who is a felon, yet nothing is done

The author, Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a recently retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve. He is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq outlines the counter insurgency plan to take our country back.  It requires action, calling and faxing congress, and demanding that the honor their oaths.

The Toll Free Number for Congress is 1-877-851-6437.  The malignant metastatic tumors destroying our country must be eradicated immediately.


Neither the political establishment nor the mainstream media are worth saving.

Obama was never eligible for the Presidency because he is not a natural-born citizen (nor are Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal).

Nancy Pelosi, many senior Democrats and Hawaiian government officials have always known that Obama could not verify his eligibility.

Lawrence Sellin

Canada Free Press

It is no longer a question if Obama will fall, but when. The question remaining, however, is which members of the political establishment will fall with him.

Republicans and Democrats are now beginning to scramble to identify scapegoats or formulating excuses, not only for Obama’s abysmal policy failures, but for allowing a usurper and criminal to occupy the White House.

The mainstream media are now starting ever so slowly to criticize Obama, not because they have suddenly discovered that there is an empty suit sitting in the Oval Office, but because they are desperately trying to regain some semblance of journalistic credibility after nearly four years of fawning and sycophantic coverage as Obama’s public relations firm.

The Certificate of Live Birth presented by Obama via national television on April 27, 2011 is a documented forgery. Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii has never provided official verification that he was born there. The only logical conclusion one can draw from this lack of evidence is that Obama was not born in the United States.

The Social Security Administration has verified that Obama is using a Social Security Number not issued to him and that number appears on his federal income tax return and on his forged Selective Service registration.

We have an illegal President, who is a felon, yet nothing is done.

The conspiracy of silence has been orchestrated by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party, but extends to the Republicans, federal law enforcement agencies, the courts and the mainstream media.

Ongoing effort to hide government-wide complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people

The Congress continues to display willful ignorance and maintains an official policy of providing misinformation in response to any citizens’ questions about Obama’s eligibility and crimes.

There is an ongoing coordinated effort to hide government-wide complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

All those co-conspirators have dishonoured themselves and have violated their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution. None are worthy of the privilege of representing the American people as government officials.

I believe that all traditional sources for the redress of our grievances, that is, our elected representatives, our courts and our law enforcement agencies have all been compromised.

We are experiencing, in real-time, the destruction of the Constitution and a dictatorship by a permanent political establishment, owned by powerful and wealthy special interests and facilitated by a compliant press.

Political insurgency adapted from the principles of combat insurgencies

In such a situation, a political insurgency adapted from the principles of combat insurgencies, may be the only remaining option.

It requires continuous and ever-increasing pressure on elected officials to the point where their fear of the American people is greater than their devotion to special interests.

Pressure is generated by larger numbers of angry citizens increasing the decibel level in support of three objectives: gaining the support of the population, disrupting the control of the political establishment and the mainstream media over the population and direct action against the political establishment.

Obama remains the weakest link and the main target. Bring him down and the entire corrupt permanent political establishment will begin to unravel.

Overload and overwhelm the system

Large numbers of patriotic citizens must relentlessly and repeatedly deliver the message directly and with force to all members of Congress.

Attend town halls, rallies and campaign events, where you are able to confront them face-to-face or in Q&A sessions. Ask them why they are not investigating Obama’s illegal Presidency and his numerous felony frauds. (Link)

Use Twitter and Face Book.  Post questions such as, why are you and Congress silent on Obama’s forged birth certificate? Why aren’t you investigating the proven fact that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number?

Visit your local Congressional office, bombard them with emails, phone calls or faxes questioning their complicity in the cover-up.

Warn them that collective action against them will increase if they fail to act.

Oath Accountability Civil Action for Constitutional Integrity

Sign the “Oath Accountability Civil Action for Constitutional Integrity”, a formal legal action to require all members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, first and foremost, to abide by their oaths “to support and defend” our Constitution, under penalty of law.

Overload and overwhelm the system.

The American people must send an unambiguous message to the political establishment that the status quo, their usurpation of power and undermining the Constitution will no longer be tolerated.

Put the fear of God into them.

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6 thoughts on “Political insurgency the worm is turning the boom is about to be lowered

  1. The fact that nothing has been done to him is further proof how many people are with him in taking down the US and turning us into a socialist state. The congress and senate should be jailed along with him. They are weak and don’t deserve to serve the people and probably never did.

  2. Sharon, I wholeheartedly CONCUR!!!

  3. Unfortunately, the big money that Soros uses to get his agenda across is too tempting to many politicians, media and other agents.

    When I send emails to my Representatives on almost any issue, I get a response. When I sent an angry one asking when they were going to stop this destruction of our country…..I did not get a single reply. I have called numerous times and left voice messages about the Constitutional breaches and other criminal occurrences. I guess time will tell if my voice was heard. In the meantime, I’ll keep talking and posting and writing, because I love my country!

  4. Why would any sane person support someone who is spending millions to hide/erase his past?

  5. In 2008, I wrote a letter to each U.S. Justice with a copy to Attorney Philip J. Berg supporting his lawsuit and demanding that the Justices hear the lawsuit and vet Obama based on the fact that he could be a usurper; a foreign enemy spy or an illegal alien; and that would set a bad precedent for future elections as well as risk the welfare and safety of the American people. Obviously, they could care less as they dismissed the case. In July 2011, I Proposed a Grievance and Dr. Manning implemented the Grievance and he outlined the federal law that Obama has violated and mailed those Grievances to each U.S. Justice and the senate. As a long time political and legal activist, I can tell you that no president or politician has had such a long list of allegations of wrong doing filed against him as Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

  6. The only thing that is going to take this regime down is the citizens of this nation to pick up arm’s and make it happen ! It has already been proven that begging congress and the supreme court is fruitless! We the people stand alone against a corrupt Government.

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