Obama and Globalists Converging On Denver Deep Underground Military Base For September 27, 2011

Comment by Jim Campbell

H/T 1dragon

I have been unable to independently verify the information below but considering its relation to other articles and the upcoming Elenin alignment dates, I decided to bring it to the attention of  the readers  of this site with a word of caution that it hasn’t been confirmed to my satisfaction.

I’ve stated previously most of what is put forth by the media, in this case covered up are red flag operations designed to distract from the issue of the day. After viewing the enclosed video, please ask yourselves could this be the issue of the day? 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and more confused about this than you may be. 

Barack Hussein Obama and his family will be leaving Washington DC early next week and will be heading to Denver International Airport.

Obama isn’t taking a International flight from Denver he will be joining other Globalist leaders at the Denver New World Order headquarters.  You won’t see them because they will descend underground. Why underground?

One reason could be the Comet Elenin Earth Sun alignment on September 26-27, 2011. Another is CIA (Knights of the Holy See) false flag nuclear detonations in the United States Midewest.

NASA recently warned its people to prepare for an outside threat event. In his warning to the NASA families he mentioned that NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called EAGLE HORIZON!

The 2011 Eagle Horizon exercise, that took place during the week of June 20, dealt with the process by which government transfers all aspects of authority including the personnel responsible for operations, the facilities that will be used, and even the maintenance of oil, gas and mineral operations throughout the country.

An outline of the EH11 exercise has been released by the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management:

“This year, EH11 will continue with the EH10 scenario, an improvised explosive device (nuclear) exploded in the Midwest. Threats to other regions of the country will prompt transfers of leadership, authorities, and relocations to alternate facilities in order to continue business operations.”

“The focus of EH 11. are two aspects of devolution: planned and unplanned. How we devolve the Washington and State office operations is the focus of EH11. Planned is when, based on the threat, there is time to move leadership and key operations to your alternate site . Unplanned is when the event is sudden and without warning. Relocation to your alternate facility, orders of succession, and delegations of authority are immediately implemented where necessary. Reconstitution is the restoration of normal operations from the primary or alternate location. FEMA has templates for devolution and reconstitution that will guide and assist your in developing and formalizing your future plans.”

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16 thoughts on “Obama and Globalists Converging On Denver Deep Underground Military Base For September 27, 2011

  1. About 2005, a friend told me that her husband worked for NASA and that there was a comet headed towards the earth – but the govt didn’t want to panic the people – recently, I read that the comet will not hit the earth, but will totally change the earth as we know it – thus, the underground facilities for the elite – right or wrong? Who knows….

    • That’s why I reported it, and the one after the afternoon blast about the military blowing up 13 more tunnels across the U.S. wouldn’t want the the cake eaters having a place. Question, who said it will hit the U.S. and why can’t some of the worlds great weapons systems be used to blow it to smaller bits. Hey we all have to die, I always saw myself in major gun battles with rag heads. xoxo J.C. I’m sorry I missed you at lunch today, I’m a bit agoraphobic as well.

  2. This turd called our president wants to steal, kill and destroy America!!

  3. If Obama is doing this, I hope the Military goes against him and comes and shoots the heck out of all of them.

  4. J.C what is going on in Denver with Obama it has got to be no good. Buit these other people is from the Shadow Gov and that they are preparing for some kind of World event and they want to save there butts but could care less about us. If you find out anything please let me know.

  5. While they are all in one spot, it would be nice for some elite military to go in and rid the planet of their existance and do us all a favor. I always wonder why this doesn’t happen when the different groups assemble to have meetings and/or play.

  6. I’ve seen those ghoulish murals on here before, and they are sick. Who would ever have somebody paint murals with that subject matter but people who are without souls.

  7. Now you’ve done it — scared the s—t out of me. This sounds like something this A hole would do and where is our Army, CIA, FBI, Etc. I have known a lot of these guys over the years and they are not about to let someone destroy us. Even ministers are talking about the end of time but God would not let these bastards survive. Hell is waiting for them. I am not kidding, this is scaring The daylights out of me, not for me but for my son and grandchildren. Don’t the Ass’s in Washington realize they won’t be spared either. Please keep in touch.

  8. It’s never to late to get right with the Lord…

  9. Since we’re talking EOTWAWKI the real crisis will be approx. February 14, 2012, when the magnetic pull of the unnamed Brown Drawf Star makes it’s return orbit from around the Sun and will be close enough to Earth to stop the Earth’s rotation for approximately three days before moving further out of range into our Solar System. Why don’t we call this Brown Drawf Star “Wormwood” since that is what the Bible refers to it as. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and every unimaginable disaster will escalate around this time. Pray for yourselves and your family. Pray for this country.

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