The truth and final solution to the meeting of the worlds elite in the underground bunker beneath the Denver Airport

By Jim Campbell

The past two days I’ve been looking into articles suggesting that a cabal from the NWO including President of the United States will be meeting in a bunker under the Denver Airport in a simulated war game designated cocked pistol on September 27, 2011.

Investigations have uncovered that these bunkers exist over most of the United States and doubtlessly in other countries though no data to that effect has been uncovered.

Now in a startling release from WikeLeaks, it has been determined that Special Operators have been tasked with handling this situation.

Apparently, The Joint Chiefs of Staff was not satisfied with the stories emanating from the White House saying that many members of DEVGRU or as they called it SEAL TEAM SIX were all shot down in the same Chinook. According to my conversations with Eric Haney the original commander of Delta Force and author of the best selling book “Inside Delta Force.

Delta Force does not exist!

He advised that it was inconceivable that this many special operators would be in a Chinook.  They fly in teams of 7-10 from Black Hawks.  Now it appears though not confirmed that Delta Force will lead other special operators to bring closure to this event. In doing so they will be following their sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic while protecting America.

There can be but one solution and that will be for the special operators to attack the bunker sealing within the elitists of the NWO, the worlds power brokers, members of the CRF, the Illuminati, Bilderberg, the Federal Reserve and yes the President of the United States.

Once sealed with in special biological warfare experts will be delivering a number of neurological agents, into the recently isolated water supply of the bunker; while others will be tasked with putting plutonium into the ventilation system.

A slow painful death will be well deserved for the most evil men and women on the planet.

Now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message this was an entire spoof brought to you from your friend at Parody Unlimited LLC.

This story is in no way  is intended to denigrate the tragic loss of life of our special forces, their families, and all members of the military serving our country.

In fact it’s a tribute, had this been a real story, they would have been the ones asked to get the job done.

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21 thoughts on “The truth and final solution to the meeting of the worlds elite in the underground bunker beneath the Denver Airport

  1. It is also reported by MATHABA and others that NATO plans to nuke both BANI WALID and SIRTE with nuclear war-headed drones…because all other means by NATO has failed! They plan then to blame the destruction on Gadhafi, saying he never destroyed his nuclear arsinal…which is another total lie, as al-Gadhafi never had nuclear weapons to begin with. The 2003 accord was articulated only to get a trade agreement with the Western nations. It was a rousse, a ploy—as Gadhafi was always against WMD. Always!

    With Hope and Prayer, The NWO has picked-on the wrong sovereign nation! The JAMAHIRIYA will not go down without an all-out resistance/fight to save their glorious and unique social-system.

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