Fear Of Repression Spurs Scholars & Activists To Build Alternate Internets


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Computer networks proved their organizing power during the recent uprisings in the Middle East, in which Facebook pages amplified street protests that toppled dictators. But those same networks showed their weaknesses as well, such as when the Egyptian government walled off most of its citizens from the Internet in an attempt to silence protesters.


[ A recent map of the internet ]

That has led scholars and activists increasingly to consider the Internet’s wiring as a disputed political frontier.

For example, one weekend each month, a small group of computer programmers gathers at a residence here to build a homemade Internet—named Project Byzantium.

—that could go online if parts of the current global Internet becomes blocked by a repressive government.

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8 thoughts on “Fear Of Repression Spurs Scholars & Activists To Build Alternate Internets

  1. very little, if anything is ever mentioned about the Intranet. This is a closed loop which Doctors and others use to move confidential data upon.

  2. But even THAT loop has inherent flaws…mostly ‘human error.’ INn May, I had a CT taken and , unfortunately, cancer was found in my l. kidney. Since I am also a doctor, I expected at least an adequate level of care, if not professional courtesy and maybe even some ‘special treatment’ due to the severity of the diagnosis & my 30 years giving all I had to help others. This “specialist” looked at his watch more than he examined me, and divulged that I had a 7.2cm tumor (w/ an 8% survival rate), which probably spread. He told me the focus would be on “quality of life ” issues (i.e. being as pain-free as possible until death). Any doctor & any patient knows what this means; I was devastated. I had heard of people who had committed suicide after such a Dx, but that ain’t me…and my 2 precious kids.

    The hardest part was dealing with my 2 children, who could see through my false optimism.

    I was called in for another meeting and the doctor said “I’m sorry. I made a mistake.” It sounded like he was ordered to say that. He NEVER even looked at the CT!! Right there in the sophisticated intranet! He simply read some numbers from the one-page summary of findings, written by a technician and signed by a busy radiologist. The 7.2 was just a measure of something unrelated; the actual tumor was 2.4cm and the chances for kidney-saving surgery emerged. [That’s less than an inch instead of a 3 inch lesion!]

    So, in 11 days I go in for an “open partial nephrectomy”, a difficult 4 hour procedure, but the best way to get all the cancer (vs. laproscopy or robotic). Kidney cancer is notoriously untreatable via chemo/radiation/drugs. So I’ll have a long scar, but my chances are in the 90-100% success rate! And a decent chance for no recurrence.

    So this whole life-transforming ordeal has taught me that attentive patient care and ‘givin’ a damn’ are far more important than tech advances. Please pray for me …Oct 10 is the day. I’ll deal with the negligent doctor afterwards, by myself. I don’t want to destroy his career, but I demand that he pays attention and READS the CT scans!!! No one else, regardless of background or situation, should EVER have to go through a week in hell like that. Ever!

    Thanks…Dr. Gary K

  3. Thanks, JC…for the opportunity to alert others and get this on paper. Doc….You do a great job and cover every imaginable crucial topic. Beat OhBowMore in 2012! Really. Doc

  4. We are all pieces of meat, now, to doctors. Please see thepaddyfieldsview.blogspot.com for details of many alternative cures for various types of Cancer, many of which have actually worked as opposed to chemo which does not, in general.
    New baking soda and cannabis treatments are working very well indeed. Please see my posts on this fungus which affects us humans.

  5. What came out of all the protests in countries on the North African coast? Nothing !!! Egypt was promised elections, in September, now nearly over, .which have not happen nor are they likely too. Even should they occur, the two possible candidates are American poodles. Al Faraday was head of the nuclear investigators who got flung out and went back to academia in America. Elections and changes were promised everywhere that had demos. I defy anybody to tell me about one change, never mind elections!!
    People may have stood down and were replaced by clones who back exactly the same views as their predecessor. Would you give your job to somebody you hate and who would change everything that you have done? of course not ! These people are glove puppets for the old regime


  7. gk68, check out
    The Cancer Report (full version) on youtube
    lots of good nutritional info
    Best of luck

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