Way Past Watergate

by Jim Campbell

For those who don’t know, the Gunwalker scandal goes like this: For whatever reason, the ATF decided that it was a good idea to let guys that they knew were buying guns in mass quantities to give to the Cartels in Mexico… go ahead and do it.

Obama has no honor he will be drug away in chains

Those weapons were then used to murder at least a couple of hundred people, including American federal agents, like Border Guard Brian Terry.  They were giving guns to guys that were, in the words of the ATF, “stone cold killers.”

The DoJ initially denied knowing anything about it.  As the investigation has proceeded, not only did the DoJ know, but the FBI was probably involved in destroying evidence in the Terry case, and the connections go all the way to the White House.

Now, it turns out that the ATF didn’t just let them buy guns — they went ahead and bought a few of them directly and swept the paperwork under the carpet.

This goes way past Watergate.  This is like deciding to replace the “plumbers” with FBI agents, and they happened to kill a few security guards at the hotel on the way.

Watergate didn’t have a body count.  Gunwalker has hundreds.

This is domestic terrorism.  Pure and simple.

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9 responses to “Way Past Watergate

  1. Something must be done, the whole bunch need to be executed for treason including congress and the White House…

  2. This is all so incredible and without any precedent to establish a just penalty for those that are involved.New crimes need new penalties. I say we line up ALL those that have committed murder openly with the assistance of greedy politicians and gunrunners and blow their freakin heads off. This is a time of crisis for Americans… crap is happening that is without a doubt some of the most deceptive, heinous and dangerous events that have ever been allowed to go on as a routine and acceptable. If something is not done on a large scale soon to stop the madness, a revolution of historical proportions will occur. Be prepared to take a stand and fight for what you believe is the right thing for this country and it’s future. Our leaders have all betrayed us and a muslim socialist/marxist is commander in chief. He may be the puppet for the larger source of this circus of horrors, but time to cut the strings and burn dead wood! Chase the damn invaders back to their stinking 3rd world philosophies and shoot on sight if they return! WE do have the power and it is time to stop playing dead and turning the other cheek.Let those that want to play nice and be politically correct go back home with the terrorists and live out their dreams of protecting anyone from being offended or offensive in a land of violence where there are no freedoms!

  3. JC
    I had a news piece that came out 2-4 days after the story broke ” I believe it was Judicial Watch”, that the whistle blower said that the main reason for the Fast & Furious, was to blame all the deaths and illegal gun sales on the American dealerships in order to give them a stronger case in even further reaching gun regulations? I believe it’s a matter of time and that the Republicans are just waiting till Holden, Reid and Nepolitano are out of the way. Then perhaps we will see justice done?

    • Don’t know if I’ve answered you on this already. What Obama doesn’t want to believe is that we still have a 2nd Amendment recently upheld by Heller. We have 16 million registered weapons in the US and who knows who many unregistered. I like our odds, 535 of them, a well armed militia and the US military leading the way. I got dibs on Soros and the elite. J.C.

  4. At the risk of boring other commentators, the only One who keeps me from falling apart over all the evil in this country, is the Lord. This is not getting by Him. The wannabe dictator is probably cheering and laughing behind the scenes, but he won’t be forever.

    Until then I have a real desire of real hope that this evil man is removed from office . . unfortunately the people in Congress don’t have the nerve or bravery to impeach the Kenyan or his thugs, so we’ll have vote him out of office.

    He was forced on us by the puppet-masters. Let’s show them we can push back!

    • I’m not sure I’ve already answered you but the vast majority of folks that come here agree with your position. God trumps Allah, case closed. He might have become a little irritated with us and is making us go through this period in lieu of pulling the plug on the entire planet. When you think about it, we are in dire straights for a lube job and oil change. Our country is still the best but what about the 3rd world, oh I forgot that’s Allah’a problem and he hasn’t done well since the 7th Century, I’m J.C. and I run this circus.

  5. guyicap@gmail.com

    When Reagan was president, we had Jonny Cash and Bob Hope. With Obama president, we have no CASH and no HOPE

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