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13 thoughts on “vietnam-memorial

  1. I cannot look at this picture without tearing up. So very moving.

  2. what about the million Vietnamese or Iraqis killed by american soldiers how will they be remembered with what memorial ……..

  3. Wain, that was very tasteless what you just did there. These boys were forced to go and fight. Some paid the ultimate price. As for the others who came back home didnt get a heros welcome. They were called baby killers and mama rapist. Some went insane trying to get back to normal life. Same with our boys who came back home. You have a right to speak your voice. That’s one of the great things about living here in America. But have some respect. What did these guys do to you? What did these boys do other than follow orders?

  4. Wain needs his pansy ass kicked what an asshole!

  5. Wow everyone here, except Wain, is clearly ignorant. Let me guess you are all narrow minded, most likely gun owners, you love your constitutional rights, only when they benefit you, you watch Fox News, hate “big government,” and ironically preach about God and acceptance, yet love the idea of torturing terrorists! Talk about American exceptionalism and IGNORANCE!

    Yes, we do have respect for American soldiers, but a human life is not worth more just because they are American. Being an American does not make us any better than the Vietnamese or Iraquis. To think otherwise only proves that American politicization has done its job of brainwashing you.

    You guys are clearly not aware of the notion that historical memory is mandated by the victors of wars and then used for unification and nationalism.

    @dancingzars, you sure love liberals when we invented social security benefits, the G.I. bill, housing opportunities for women and minorities and social programs, but do not like us when we want to follow the rule of law they clearly states that we must afford habeas corpus rights to terrorists.

    Please go back to your day job and let the new generation of leaders on public policy, politics and law take it from here. We have a mess to clean up.

    From a law school class room,


    • My Very Dear Celeste:

      I have no idea how you came up with your allegations when viewing one of the most frequently viewed sites on my blog. If you will bare with me I’d like to seriously answer you in a point by point manner.

      1. I’m not ignorant and clearly far from it.
      2. Yes I love the Constitution and I love guns and those that are willing to take our country back if need be.
      3. Big government has proven itself to have run amok and has spent every dime you and those that follow you hope to earn. You see what you earn has an ever decreasing value.
      4. I preach to nobody about God and acceptance.
      5. I do not like torture, water boarding is not torture, every Navy SEAL goes through it, Every Navy Pilot as part of their escape and evasion course.
      6. On brainwashing and who believes what? Suggest you talk to or read about Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, non soldiers, perhaps we might agree that they were tortured.
      7. Historical memories of wars? Do you have any remote idea what you are talking about? To the victors go the spoils, rape pillage and plunder. When has the U.S. not rebuilt a a country, say Japan and Germany after a war they declared upon the U.S.? Never.
      8. Yes indeed you did pass the legislation involved with the failed programs you just mentioned. Can you name any government program developed by the illogical liberal brain that has worked?
      9. If you are actually in a law school, terrorists, as in insurgents fighting with no uniform are not covered under the U.S. Constitution.
      10. Yes we do have a mess to clean up brought on by both sides of the aisle. Remember the Einstein axiom, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You sit in a class room finding fault with our country what have you done to make it a better place? Nothing, you let those that have done little further destroy your mind with revisionist history that have for the most part never left the ivory tower or seen the real world. Now this is where you would expect that I’d unload on you. I won’t, I’ll just say keep an eye on your assumptions and I enjoyed chatting with you.

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  7. dancingczars, thank you for your very insightful points. I am not a political person by any means. I grew up with iran and knowing my hs classmates were going to war in the gulf. then my cousins and loved ones would be in iraq and afghanistan. I am proud they served this country. I hate they go at all. Vietnam was and still is a sore subject for alot of people. My mom and dad watched their classmatess go and some of them didnt return. and those who did were never the same just as any serviceman or woman who serves. Yes they were forced to go. This particular print represents so many emotions to so many people. an uncle-in-law served 4 tours in vietnam as frontline medic. Can you imagine that job? my exhusband bought this in his honor. He made it home never to be the same again. I believe that anyone who has never seen the effects of war first hand doesnt have the right take on it all. celest and wain may be educated but not aware. i applaud you for not attacking lol. although i was an easy open. Thank you for posting this picture. It was brought back to memory after finding a version of it with darth Vadar and his troops. silly i know. and Steven taylor had it right, you cant look at this withough tearing up. if youre an american, support your people and the country. theres no need to be politically correct when it comes to war. educate yourself by all means (celeste).

  8. i love this picture both my children are in the navy and i would love to buy a copy of this photo is there somewhere i could get one

  9. This picture makes me teary eyed, but it also makes me think.
    Some people think the ones that come back alive are heroes.
    When actually the heroes are the ones that take the fall to save someone else.
    For instance, my friend ,for whom was in a jeep, pulled the guy next to him out the door to safety, saving that guy from a RPG.
    If you fought in a war, I thank and respect you for protecting the rights of everyone.
    If there is one thing I can say is that I am glad to live in this great country of ours.

    Reply from Connor age 12.

  10. My father lost his mind to the things that he did in the delta. He never forgot the men he served with and those he ordered into battle that ultimately lost their lives. He was haunted by it all until he died at age 61. The war took his mind and, eventually, took his body as well. I’ll never forget the nightmares and the days he would walk in the rain. He always said the sound was too loud inside as the rain hit the roof and that being outside meant he could have peace. Walk a mile in those shoes before you start pointing fingers and passing judgment on those you’ll never meet.

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