Obama says: America’s “gotten a little soft”


Ben Hart’s

Comment’s by Jim Campbell

Obama could only hope and pray to Allah that the title of this article which of course he is responsible for is true.  Obama is facing a November massacre that will make the St. Valentine’s Massacre orchestrated by Al Capone in 1929 a forgotten foot note in history.

To the contrary, Americans have grown strong, stiff with resolve, many reading and understanding the Constitution for the first time.  The tea parties will not go away, we will not be intimidated. New Black Panther’s Bring um on! 

A little soft? Most of us would crawl over broke glass for 100 years to make sure this socialist freak is sent back to Kenya where he certainly belongs.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Escape from Tyranny

OBAMA: “I mean, there are a lot of things we can do. The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

Whoops off teleprompter he can’t put a cogent sentence together

BEN SAYS: I agree with President Obama on this. Obama sounds like a Tea Partier here.

But it’s Obama’s policies and nanny state socialistic philosophy that has contributed to this. How many times have we extended unemployment benefits since Obama’s been President?

How about requiring the unemployed to do some work for their unemployment checks and food stamps? If they can’t find a job, they can pick up garbage along the highways. They work on the roads and bridges. They can hang drywall. They can paint. Why pay union wages to road crews when we have the unemployed we can put to work on our infrastructure?

Once they’re done with their day work, they should be required to report to class at night to upgrade their skills. Even in this awful Obama economy, the unemployment rate among those who are college graduates is only 4.3 percent. Among those with just a high school diploma, it’s 9.5 percent. For those who have not graduated from high school, the unemployment rate is 15 percent.

No able-bodied person should get a check from the government and be allowed to lie around on the sofa and watch TV all day. The unemployed and those on welfare should be treated a lot like non-violent offenders in a prison work-release program. They should work during the day; report to class at night; undergo regular drug testing; have a weekly meeting with a case worker to describe what they are doing to find a job in the private sector. They should wear an ankle bracelet GPS tracker to make sure they are where they are supposed to be — not hanging out in the bar or a street corner.

They are released from this program when they are standing on their own two feet.

We need to make it a lot more uncomfortable for able-bodied citizens to live off the taxpayer — in a good way, in a way that will ultimately help these people by making them more employable. It’s called tough love. That will cut the unemployment rate down to just about zero. No more free rides for any able-bodied American.

Obama also needs to stop assaulting the private sector . . . so that the jobs are there.

His EPA is set unleash another 4,200 regulations on American industry on top of the 200 new regulations per month American business has been hit with by Obama. And most of the regulations for ObamaCare haven’t even been written yet. No wonder U.S. manufacturing is moving to China.

Coca Cola’s chief executive Muhtar Kent recently told us that China is no more business friendly than the U.S. The U.S. corporate tax rate is now 35% — the highest tax rate in the industrialized world. This is just nuts.

To get that can-do fighting spirit back that Obama is talking about, he needs to stop punishing the productive (entrepreneurs) and start demanding more from those on public assistance.

He needs to stop the class war, business-bashing campaign rhetoric. No one ever got a job from a poor person. We need to get back to celebrating achievement and not tolerating sloth and freeloading




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4 thoughts on “Obama says: America’s “gotten a little soft”

  1. Everything you said is great. Obama needs to go, we need to be America again Home of the free and the brave. Not the scared and weak.

  2. People need a purpose whether they know it or not. My son was out of work for months due to illness and all he wanted to do is go to work and make his own living, which he did. He didn’t draw benefits & didn’t want to. There is a pride among workers that can be seen in the way they care for their families, their property and other people.
    When they become dependent upon government, there is food and rent, but no pride or sense of purpose. No goals to keep their minds alive. It’s a slow death. Or sometimes a fast one.

    It’s not doing anyone a favor to put them on welfare or unemployment for years. Not them, their families, society. Certainly not taxpayers.

    I still believe making people dependent upon government is just part of Obama’s plan to move us into the New World Order. Dependent people don’t have a voice.

  3. it is my feeling that unemployment comp. is NOT a government handout! People have worked and contributed, as well as employers. Just as social security is NOT a government handout! When you pay for it , the correct name is unemployment insurance! When you collect insurance, do you have to work for it? The answer would be “NO”! You can not collect it without first working, we need to get those that have never worked, paid taxes or contributed in any way except for showing the palm of their hand, as if it were something new, to get off their asses and go to work!

  4. Class Warfare………Barack Obama style:

    Published on DickMorris.com on October 1, 2011

    Printer-Friendly Version
    When President Obama says that the rich don’t pay their share of taxes, he is lying, distorting, and demagoging.

    Here are the facts according to the IRS:

    • Those making more than $1 million pay 24% of income in taxes
    • Those making $200,000 to $300,000 pay 17.5%
    • Those making $100,000 to $125,000 pay 9.9%
    • Those making $50,000 to $60,000 pay 6.3%
    • Those making $20,000 to $30,000 pay 2.5%

    And what of millionaires who pay no taxes?

    There are 1,470 of them. They represent six-tenths of one percent of all those with million dollar incomes in the U.S. If we assume that they make an average income of $2 million a year each, taxing them at the same rate as other millionaires (24.4%) would yield $367 million, which would increase Treasury income tax revenues by 30 one-hundredths of one percent or one-third of one-tenth of one percent!

    Overall, the IRS reports that the revenues from the income tax are sharply skewed toward taxes on the rich:

    • The top 1% pays 39%
    • The top 5% pays 60%
    • The top 10% pays 72%
    • The bottom half pays 3%

    So who does Obama think he is kidding?

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