Van Jone’s American Dream Conference

By Jim Campbell

Take Back the American Dream Conference’: The American Dream Is Totally About Sharing and Redistributing the Wealth Because Free Houses and Health Care Are a Right!

Once an avowed Communist outed by Glenn Beck now Mr. Jones is trying a more mainstream approach.

Sadly the groups he panders to have little understanding that his plans lead to loss of freedom and living under his much desired tyranny. This is a true testimony to our woeful education system in the US which fails to teach critical thinking skills, as  the system indoctrinates rather than educates.

Sorry dude, the title of your conference  is a / American Dream Conference’: It is laughable at best. 

“The American Dream Is Totally About Sharing and Redistributing the Wealth Because Free Houses and HealthCare Are a Right?” 

Get over it pal that boat won’t float.  Socialism/Marxism  restore nothing, they take, they confiscate, and rob real Americans of their freedom and that is incompatible with your vision of Americans living in tyranny.  Not happening here dude, pedal your garbage elsewhere. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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3 thoughts on “Van Jone’s American Dream Conference

  1. This man is evil and all need to know this. You are exactly right, giving into socialism will kill all freedoms and any liberties we have left.

  2. Another Hitler concentration camp. American leadership is marching the nation towards Socialism. Sustainable use of natural resources, equitable distribution of wealth, all of these, the written goals of UN Agenda 21. Scientists are saying our earth can no longer support the current population. The SOLUTION – POPULATION REDUCTION! Maybe he should be counted among the solution?

    • Fuck him and his ilk. We have 300 million people, 16 million registered weapons with the vast majority able to use them. The military will be on our side. 565 of them and the elite among the world. If they bring it, they will regret it. Might just be time for a Revolution, get rid of the AGENDA 21 and NWO scum bags once and for all. Many are in office today. JC.

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