CENTCOM report says decisions that led to Chinook shoot down were ‘sound': Only if we believe government propaganda as the truth

 By Jim Campbell

Have you become disgusted with the Media Cover Ups and Government Lies?  Or does the reader accept this propaganda as the truth?  This report get beyond the fluff and to the sources that discuss how this did not happen as reported.

Why dredge up sad memories? Readers, family members, loved ones  and Americans need to know the truth about what actually happened. Has our government engineered another cover up?  After reading, you decide.

Government and media accounts are predictably short on facts and long on clouding up the issue.  This time the government and Military may have blown smoke where the sun doesn’t shine. For starters let’s go with their source, the United States Central Command (CENTCOM).

In an article published by Reuters, ” What happened on night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash casts major doubt on the government’s story.

Among hundreds of enhancements the CH47-F has full night vision capabilities.

Among many other questions, the observation in the final paragraph is especially telling.

Questions have been asked in the United States why the second unit — which consisted of 25 members of the Navy’s Seal Team 6 — was traveling in a U.S. Army CH-47 instead of a more sophisticated MH-47 more commonly used by special forces.  (HOW COULD THIS HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN)

Part of that explanation might lie in the fact it was not the primary unit used in the raid and was only on standby. ( IF THEY WERE NOT PRIMARY UNIT WHY WERE THEY SENT?)

Special Operators have their own pilots and only travel in state of the art equipment.  Why was a National Guardsman from Denver Colorado  Co-Pilot on this alleged special mission? The Air Force Developed (SOR), Special Operations Forces, tasked with, providing the air component of U.S. Special Operations Command, deploying specialized air power and delivering special operations combat power.

Responsibilities: Providing direct action, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense and counter-terrorism support to unified commands.. (WHY WEREN’T THEY USED)Operational decisions that led to a 6 August US Army Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter shoot down that killed 30 US troops in Afghanistan were deemed, “tactically sound” by US military investigators in a report released on 13 October by US Central Command (CENTCOM).

Please be sure to check out Afghan Helo Crash Details Emerge

From Jane’s Intelligence Report, the Chinook was transporting a quick reaction force (QRF) of 17 US Navy (USN) SEALs, five USN Special Operations Forces (SOF) support personnel, three US Air Force special tactics airmen, five US Army helicopter crew, seven Afghan commandos and a civilian interpreter. They were scrambled to aid a Ranger platoon pursuing a Taliban leader. When the Chinook reached the landing zone (LZ) in Wardak province, about 60 miles southwest of Kabul, it was downed by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) strike to the rear rotor. (RANGER PLATOONS IN THE AREA COULD HAVE TAKEN THIS MISSION)

“The first RPG missed the helicopter, but the second RPG struck one of the blades on the aft rotor assembly and exploded,” said the report. ( WHERE WAS THIS INFORMATION OBTAINED AND CAN IT BE TRUSTED?)

After the rotor was hit the helicopter crashed in a creek bed and was engulfed in flames, followed by several explosions of fuel and ammunition. None of the 38 on board survived.

The crash and subsequent findings of the report have highlighted the trades commanders have made to prosecute the high volume of SOF raids in Afghanistan. One is reliance on the Chinook. (WHY WAS IT NOT THE STATE OF THE ART CHINOOK, THE  CH-47F CHINOOK THAT WOULD NOT BE BROUGHT DOWN EASILY BY AN RPG?)

Please note: Personnel Casualties while operating the Chinook an historical analysis.

USAF Roundel August 6: A NATO CH-47 Chinook helicopter being flown by the 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment was shot down by the Taliban using an RPG with 30 American and eight Afghan casualties, as well as a dog. It was the deadliest single incident for American forces since the start of the war in Afghanistan in 2001

This amounts to one of the biggest cover ups in US History, eclipsing that of the alleged take down of Osama bin Laden. 

Trust the government?  I don’t think so.  “Trust No One” ~ Fox Mulder, THE X FILES..”The truth is out there.”

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One thought on “CENTCOM report says decisions that led to Chinook shoot down were ‘sound': Only if we believe government propaganda as the truth

  1. Not an expert on helicoptors or this type. But could probably say that if the government made a statement it is indeed a lie. Given the facts you state seems unlikely that this was as they say. Plus awhile ago a solider wrote a letter or something questioning why all going to the same place and the same time. Not usually done this way. Missions are separate and timed differently.

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