Finally the truth about Obama’s economic policies

You Tube by Poet

By Jim Campbell

The failure of the Obama administration’s economic policies is captured in the two minute video below. This only touches on what he has done in the U.S. it’s effect upon other countries and our own National Debt are subjects for further discussion.

For a guy that likes to play sociological chess in the name of social justice Obama has done nothing but bring misery to all. His attempted class warfare has been a complete failure.

In a article written in the Canada Free press by this writer, “So Why Aren’t Progressives Called Regressives?” Their policy hurts the poor and less fortunate disproportionately. 

“You put most of them to work in your administration fool”~Michelle Obama

How many homes have been foreclosed upon ( 2.9 million since January 11, 20110 and families destroyed because of failed “it’s a right that everyone should own a home thinking? Remember there will never be a housing bubble, thank you Barney Frank.

How many businesses were forced out of business ( a partial list covering big business not small business failures)because anticipation of higher taxation, and  possible forced implemantaton of Obama Care?

The jobs situation is every bit as gloomy

Steve Jobs told President Obama, before his death he probably would not be re-elected, Walter Isaacson wrote in Jobs’ soon-to-be-released biography.

That’s because regulations and unions in the United States were crippling its ability to remain competitive with emerging powerhouses like China.

How many uneducated ignorant fools voted for this Bozo

2 thoughts on “Finally the truth about Obama’s economic policies

  1. bring down the house first then build a new one?

  2. Popular vote vs Electoral College.

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