Hillary Clinton the rise of “smart power”

By Jim Campbell

In Time’s November 7th issue they will feature the picture below with the alleged wondrous accomplishments of the “smartest woman in the world”

It’s safe to say Time will not be mentioning how smart she was to have her assistant, Maggie Smith, remove all of the records of Vince Foster who was supposed to have been assassinated before an investigation of his office was begun. (Obstruction of Justice anyone?)

And yes she was brilliant with her investment in cattle futures with the knowledge she gained from reading the Wall Street Journal that offered no such instruction. Perhaps she might run seminars on the topic; after all with ‘no inside information.’ she turned $1,000 into $100,000 dollars.  Perhaps with these skills she might assume the new position of  (POD) Czar, Paying Off the Dept.

Smart or simply EVIL?

In yet another incredibly smart move she most likely lied before a Federal grand jury when she had asserted that she had no idea what happened to her billing records while at the Rose Law firm and had no idea how they were found in her book room on the third floor of the White House.

The Rose Law Firm is where Hillary worked before Bill became President and was pivotal in handling White Water and the death of Vince Foster.

In closing and believe me I could go on all day would, the woman dubbed with the new name, “smart power” have engineered the complete firing of the non-partisan travel office staff, (TravelGate) alleging book keeping problems when the office was right in the same hallway as Vince Foster’s?  Inquiring minds would want to know.

Oh yes, today by the same objective source, Time Magazine, a poll was released saying people just can’t help wondering what would happen if she were to run for president in 2012 where according to the poll she would lead all Republican candidates.

I suggest it says something more telling and deeply troubling for Obama, his own party thinks he has failed so badly that they now share the same delusion of Hillary for president in 2012.  (findings below)



Clinton leads Mitt Romney, 55% to 38%; Rick Perry, 58% to 32%; and Herman Cain, 56% to 34%, among likely voters in a general election.

(Time magazine notes, “The same poll found that President Obama would edge Romney by just 46% to 43%, Perry by 50% to 38% and Cain by 49% to 37% among likely voters.” Clinton’s leads are bigger.)

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7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton the rise of “smart power”

  1. A bit of a bite in back of the humor! How time heals all wounds and gives us amnesia.
    And Chelsea got in the news today as not wanting to run for Congress. Bill’s been too quiet. No doubt planning to head the UN unless Obama elbows in after he loses the election.

  2. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are liars also. They lied about Vincre Foster, the Rose Law firm, and everything else. Bill Clinton was smart enough to know to move to the Center. That was what got himre-elected. People did not know of communists they left see things that the communists should not have been allowed to see or any of the other things. They were dumb enough to believe them when they said something. I hope she does not run. But even if she does, I think many people realize she is not that much different than Obama.

  3. I cant say I have anything good to say about Hillary.. I really think she more concerned about how she looks any more than what she is doing.. and believe me she is a mess.. she is trying to look 40 instead of 60 that she is…. I cant b elieve anything she says any more…

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that she will try to run for president if she can get enough traction but maybe the people are a little smarter than they have been in the past,,the mob mentality we have going today might come together by election time and not put up with the non-sense that we are seeing today from both sides and kick out a bunch of worthless congressmen and women so we can get on with the peoples business.

  5. Maybe she’ll run as a third party candidate! would that be a God-send or what? Ya think she might take a vote or two away from Obama? I hate it that the Republicans in congress ae behaving as though they are helpless in the face of it all, but I’ll keep the Repubicans we have now and vote for more. Getting rid of Obama is so important that almost any alternative is better for the country. We do have a few good men. Go Newt! Go Cain!

  6. Conservatives best hope to HELL this woman does not run. She can beat anything the Republicans can put up. In reality, all she is, is Obama in a skirt. There is no difference between them policy wise.

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