One Word: LIAR

Al Gore the Carbon Trading Whore

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4 thoughts on “One Word: LIAR

  1. Seems since Obama took office lying is the main stream thing to do. You never get called on it, and no one questions it. He is making lying ok like Clinton made sex ok. No morals these liberals.

  2. I think Al Bore got the carbon trading gig for not making waves over the election which he won !!!

  3. You have no idea how close we are to having that last rivet in our shackles with this global Warming CRAP
    If you really want to go Solar and make it happen ? You start demanding legislation today NOW that sets in stone that No regulation by State or Fed . may ever Tax it stick a fee surcharge on it allow any privet community to denie it zone it or restrict it or its parts or maintenance in any way when its used on privet property. You get that set in stone and it will take off and evolve like the cell phone.

  4. Even the family pet will have a tax. Such is cap N trade.The money changers will take everything. When nothing remains, they will take your life.The goal is for the transdimensional fallen within them to take the very soul, for that is the true agenda. As with the aerosol geoengineering bringing solar dimming, which facilitate HAARP & the weaponization of the earth, the cap N trade is a tax to attack all life in the world since co2 generates OXYGEN by photosynthesis, a process which science fails to explain as truth is hidden. Solar dimming is due to the global aerosols, and even in Arizona has reduced effectiveness up to 30%. None of this is known by any manufacturer let alone included in any specifications, since the aerosols are not yet exposed to the world as deadly to all life. This is a methodic demise as explained by my friend Dr. Michael Castle who discovered the welsbach seeding. As an expert in the energy industry my blog touches on the subject of energy.
    See; The Blogathon Philabuster Solar can be expensive and beyond your budget, even without the taxes, but costs are reduced by selling excess to the grid if you don’t care about bringing attention to yourself that you can do this. I do not recommend this unless you are living in a city or large town. One can however hand build solar panels far cheaper than to purchase them already built and installed. Section by section you can increase the size until you are off the grid. It is prudent to supplement this with redundant systems due to dimming & low light seasons like winter. One also needs to once again, build themselves two small wind generators, instead of buying one large one, which especially in built up areas in not practical anyway. This provides much lower cost, transportability, and redundancy of further supply should damage or lack of parts become an issue. The emergence of the back yard inventor is bringing zero point generation for new electricity to survive the loss of the grid, but not yet (out of the little black box ). While no man can know the timing, the grid collapse is as sure as the sun rising. Events….Solar mass injections, rolling blackouts by generators used to prevent complete grid destruction. The use of HAARP tears the ozone layer & increases dead zones, while the aerosols mask the damage & could provide a tesla dome,. Do your homework on this subject as much as possible, along with growing your own food in a biodome for survival. Survival will depend on isolated groups & independent communities sharing resources in cooperatives of skills, for being independent of all services from society.

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