Smoking-Gun Document Ties Policy To Housing Crisis

Investors Business Daily


Comment by Jim Campbell

As with everything he says, Obama is full of a diaper full of the brown stuff.  So he blames Wall Street, supports their cause, hires Street Bankers for his finance team and people wonder why we are in trouble.

Here’s a clue and it is irrefutable. The Bush administration held hearings in 2005 alerting these folks that the financials didn’t add up.  Mr. Barney Frank, Ms. Maxine Waters,  Henry Waxman and Christopher Dodd thought it prudent to lie to the committee, swearing it was a witch hunt, fun failing to mention they received sweet heart deals from Country Wide Savings and Loan, one if not the first to go under.  All the while protecting the fiasco of their ill-gotten gains and contributions to their campaign war chests.

If there is any thing close to ethics in the House Ethics Committee, Frank and Waters will be doing hard time in a Federal Penitentiary.

President Obama says the Occupy Wall Street protests show a “broad-based frustration” among Americans with the financial sector, which continues to kick against regulatory reforms three years after the financial crisis.

“You’re seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on the abusive practices that got us into this in the first place,” he complained earlier this month.

But what if government encouraged, even invented, those “abusive practices”?

Rewind to 1994. That year, the federal government declared war on an enemy — the racist lender — who officials claimed was to blame for differences in homeownership rate, and launched what would prove the costliest social crusade in U.S. history.

At President Clinton’s direction, no fewer than 10 federal agencies issued a chilling ultimatum to banks and mortgage lenders to ease credit for lower-income minorities or face investigations for lending discrimination and suffer the related adverse publicity. They also were threatened with denial of access to the all-important secondary mortgage market and stiff fines, along with other penalties.

Bubble? Regulators Blew It

The threat was codified in a 20-page “Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending” and entered into the Federal Register on April 15, 1994, by the Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending. Clinton set up the little-known body to coordinate an unprecedented crackdown on alleged bank redlining.

The edict — completely overlooked by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the mainstream media — was signed by then-HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, Attorney General Janet Reno, Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, along with the heads of six other financial regulatory agencies.

“The agencies will not tolerate lending discrimination in any form,” the document warned financial institutions.

Ludwig at the time stated the ruling would be used by the agen cies as a fair-lending enforcement “tool,” and would apply to “all lenders” — including banks and thrifts, credit unions, mortgage brokers and finance companies.

The unusual full-court press was predicated on a Boston Fed study showing mortgage lenders rejecting blacks and Hispanics in greater proportion than whites. The author of the 1992 study, hired by the Clinton White House, claimed it was racial “discrimination.” But it was simply good underwriting.

It took private analysts, as well as at least one FDIC economist, little time to determine the Boston Fed study was terminally flawed. In addition to finding embarrassing mistakes in the data, they concluded that more relevant measures of a borrower’s credit history — such as past delinquencies and whether the borrower met lenders credit standards — explained the gap in lending between whites and blacks, who on average had poorer credit and higher defaults.

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2 thoughts on “Smoking-Gun Document Ties Policy To Housing Crisis

  1. Completely and utterly bizzare

  2. Everyone in banking and real estate knew the problem. For real estate it was a big boom in 6% commissions, so “let it ride”. Banks were backed up by Barney and Dodd’s “anti-discrimination” Freddy
    and Fanny, so just go with it.And we’ve been going with a lot of social justice crap ever since. And why should the public notice? Good ol’ Barney, who keeps getting sent back to congress said everything is just fine, no problem. Anyway, the Fed, justice and even the president were citing “racisim”, and nobody wanted that, now did we?

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