Israel Test Fires Missile That Can Hit Iran

Fox News

JERUSALEM –  Israeli defense officials say the military has successfully test fired an advanced missile from a base outside of Tel Aviv.

One official says the launch tested a “rocket propulsion system” and that the exercise had been planned long ago. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of security restrictions, and declined to give further information.

Foreign news reports, however, said the test involved firing a long-range Jericho missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed new concerns about Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli leaders recently held discussions on possible pre-emptive military action against Iran, though no decisions are believed to have been made.

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5 responses to “Israel Test Fires Missile That Can Hit Iran

  1. A pre-emptive military action against Iran and Saudi Arabia begin at once. Suffer no muslim to live…!

  2. That’s right out of “Blues for Ala ”
    With the Arab spring planting Ice sounds like they will Harvest Wind.

  3. Shirley Brinker

    I support Israel in taking Iran’s missles out. Iran is a radical country intent on killing all the Jewish people and all the Free countries of the world incuding the United States of America.

  4. This is a great move by Israel. We should be doing that too. But our little testicle-less president wouldn’t have it. He would rather bow to the little MIDGET Iranian leader. In my day we called guys like him PUNKS. He is a perfect example of one. Sound childish by it’s true. Barry Soetoro Hussein, why call him Barrack? he is a Muslim, Un-american Commie, BASTARD. ALL TRUE statements and provable. Just look at the FOOL.
    Concerned AMERICAN, L. Velasco

  5. I-RAN doesn’t have nuclear weapons yet! How would you like that – your neighboor thought that you’re thinking of buying a slingshot so he comes with his machine gun and kill your ass off. What manner of thinking is that! Have you gone ABSOLUTELY MAD!!!!!!!!!

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