Merriam Webster says…thugocracy and ineptocracy go hand in hand

By Jim Campbell

1. thugocracy

*-thugocracy-****(thug-oc’ra-cy)– a system of government that follows no constitutional principles, propped up by union thugs, who make manufactured and transported goods more expensive, leading to a socialist/Marxist take over using force and the threat of force in which an illegal alien can circumvent the Constitution to become president of the United States elected by Ineptocrats.

Used in a sentence: Obama’s  thugocracy led by the labor unions resulting in the economic down fall of the U.S. and worlds economies with the desired goal of socialism’s wealth redistribution, that which ineptocrats favor completely but haven’t a clue why.

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1. Ineptocracy

“Stupid is as stupid does.”~Forrest Gump

*_Ineptocracy_****(in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the leastcapable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers*

Use in a sentence:

The occupy protesters are part of the ineptocracy movement.

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16 thoughts on “Merriam Webster says…thugocracy and ineptocracy go hand in hand

  1. “We the People of the United States find unwittingly that we are now the unwilling, who have been led by the unctuous uncaring, unqualified smarmy slugabeds for the past three years that we now find that we have been doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful. We’ve been doing it for so long, it is readily apparent that we have done so much, for so many with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.” — Vowel Movement

  2. I agree we do have thugocracy with the Obama administration. Obama supports the Unions and the give him union dues money, and he gives them back, money from the taxpayers. I can not wait until we get Obama out of office. And it is terrible that he has one year left to destroy our country. If you look at the Occupiers, they are the type of people that support him 100% and half of them paraticulary the young people do not even know why they are protesting. But they get violent if told to, and not violent if they are not told to get violet. I is ridiculous and the cities should get them out of the parks and cities. They have already protested, and one day is enough to express your views. We know what athey think. They have been there for many weeks, they need to be thrown out now.

  3. Thank you have been seeing this word all over the place, while I knew the meaning, easier to get with your vivid pics that are so great. The OWS movement is getting out of hand, and control which is the idea. At some point the working and peaceful will let it be known we have had enough.

  4. Ineptocracy and thugocracy are the means of “escape from freedom” that millions of people crave without realizing it. Democracy is the way for the 99% to dominate the 1% to the detriment of the 100%. The alternative is individual freedom for the 100% to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Hard to believe that the USA could become a ineptocracy. November 2012 will tell us whether fragile freedom will fail in the United States as it has done down through history.

  5. An ineptocrat is a person in office but not necessarily in power who announces initiatives without an intention or plan to carry them out, promises support (particularly through the budget/treasury) whilst lacking the wherewithal or constancy to deliver and w2ho is sustained only by the relative incompetance and bankrupocy of the alternative- who is perforce another ineptocrat

  6. ineptocracy, Thugocracy, Democracy WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?
    Probably not much difference.. All three might be described as an organization of Ne’er do well incompetent criminals that redistribute the property of others for their own benefit. They might even be inintelligent professional criminals. The end result is still the same A few rule the many whether it be Socialism, Communism, Fascisn or some other form of Totalitarianism . They rule – the rest of us are slaves.
    In this Brave New One World Government these few have planned for us be careful of the language ie: The word “liberal: comes from the latin word “Liber” meaning more freedom for the individual. and the word “Conservative” means “one who wants to preserve the status Quo”
    Most of us certainly do not want to preserve the existing status quo.
    .Therefore, I for one, am a “Liberal, Middle of the Road Extremist” This may be explained by saying that on the extreme left reside all the totalitarian isms mentioned above. On the extreme right resides “No government” or possibly anarchy. So that leaves me in the middle as an extremist loudly advocating limited government that protects the rights we were born with.
    I am for “Hope and Change’ . I HOPE enough Americans become aware of and will appreciate the dangers that may lie ahead with this steady advance toward Socialism, Insolvency and Surrender, and “CHANGE” the course we are on toward freedom and individual responsibility.

    • Gene, excellent analysis. Your use of the terminology from the Latin is correct but the terms have changed over time. I would describe myself as a Jefferson liberal which today is a conservative. The extremes on either side lead to totalitarian forms of govt. Extremes on the right won’t necessarily lead to anarchy. The key point as I see it and left out is that the US is a Republic. If we run the tables take the presidency and the senate the hope and change will follow. The big if is IF we elect republicans that are today’s conservatives. Thanks for your comments. I’m J.C. and I run this site.

      • JC… You have some really intelligent folks writing on your site. Keep it coming. Referring to your comment on my above entry: ALL THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES EXCEPT ONE CALL THEMSELVES CONSERVATIVE. A real conservative is one who openly declares he supports the Constitution and honors his oath of office to.”..(conserve) protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic…” All of these guys except one speak of beating OBAMA and they fail to talk about making the government obey the law of the Constitution. Both parties have been slowly taking America over the Socialist precipice for many years – totally contrary to the explicit words in the Constitution. Sure, they are conservative, if they mean the definition in the dictionary of “…preserving the status quo” Look up the the word. The people writing on your site are not DICTIONARY CONSERVATIVES. THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL AMERICANS THAT WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO GETS ITS NOSE OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS AND ITS HANDS OUT OF THEIR POCKETS.
        Government- Get out of the way and let real Americans create jobs and save our rights, our freedom and our free enterprise system.
        Kindest Americanist regards, to all of you
        Gene Edward Garrison

  7. Lots of good points by the site master and bloggers.
    I think as a nation we need to beware of the move towards “one world government” – the end result would not be good.
    I think we need to move more in the direction of individual freedom and free markets.
    Government by definition equals control, and I think we need to have a more limited government at all levels with more “States Rights” versus the trend towards more “top down” Federal power.
    I think we need less reason for government and corporations to become bedfellows, i.e. less control of business by government, hence less need for corporate and union lobbyists.
    But most Americans who are productive, i.e. either current business owners or employees are too busy tending to their jobs to have the time to deeply explore these issues and so are not in a position to push for appropriate change, so the few elitists continue to push their agenda and more Americans suffer for it.
    While I hope for improvement soon, I have no doubt that things in America can get a lot worse first!

    • I agree with you up until the very end. I think you will be greatly surprised on how things end for Obama, thanks for finding the site and leaving your comments, I’m J.C. and I run the circus.

  8. So, what you gonna do about it America? Vote? Get involved?

  9. I am interested in your next moves…Forest Wilson

  10. How do we translate and communicate on a large scale to the beneficiaries of ineptocracy (a super-word!) the eventual outcome of crushing the thinkers, do-it-yourselfers, producers, and constition upholders in the U.S? While labels provide an initial point of identification, they easily become sound-bites, acronyms, and dogma that lose the ability to paint an accurate picture for all people. [Case in point: What does “Democrat/Republican,” “liberal/conservative” mean anymore?] Non-dogmatic logic in public diologue is in short supply, if not near extinction.


    • Oh my friends the labels mean a heck of a lot when we reach the terms progressive and conservatives. Progressives are all about bigger government and taxing to make that happen. Conservatives are about limited government, lowering taxes and creating private sector growth. They also are for a strict interpretation on the Constitution. Progressives/liberals/socialists view the Constitution as a living breathing document one for the most part they try to circumvent. Who wants to take away our rights under the Second Amendment to bare arms? Of Course the conservatives. Which group has proven time and again that they can gin up useless projects which ultimately fail? Well that would be your Progressives/liberals/socialists. Words have meaning Amigo, but actions speak louder than words. What has the Marxist administration of Barack Obama accomplished that has made America a better. By what conceivable measurement could you show that? His rudderless foreign policy? An economic policy that has all the numbers that should be decreasing increasing. Let’s not forget force. Obama care, only fools that no nothing about medicine would want a government run health care system. Listening…………….

  11. I’m not arguing the points made–at first blush they look logical and thoughtful. You know for YOU what these words/labels mean, but from another point of view, they DO NOT mean the same thing. This is why ranting & raving on radio is pointless. It mearly makes conservatism a loud, banging sound. Discussion about how to educate the masses about outcome is a much better dialogue. I see a forum such as this a place to gather the thinkers…bring together those who agree that government is on the loose, the constitution unmanned…figure out how to appeal to the ineptocrats’ voters’ (all voters) ballot-casting intelligence. A candidate alone cannot bring a whole country to some point of recognition. And a forum of us preaching to the chior is not reaching the liberal, rudderless public.

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