Poor Bari Shabazz, A Fugitive At Large. Of Course He’s Got To Hide Out As Barack Obama!

by Martha Trowbridge

Comment by Jim Campbell

Martha Trowbridge is an investigative journalist. Meeting her in cyberspace has been my pleasure and an honor. She has done an incredible amount of  research well sourced to put her allegations together.

Today she has written a block buster follow up to her break outresearch on this topic on November 2nd.

Run, Bâri′, run! You’ve got the law after you.

And while you’re at it, run for Illinois State Senator. Run for United States Senator.

Run for President, even!

The point is, young man: RUN!!

You know how racist the police are. Daddy Malcolm said so.

If you can stand it, here’s the scoop:

America, meet Bâri′ M. Shabazz, your inimitable President – the guy who’s expert at running:

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5 thoughts on “Poor Bari Shabazz, A Fugitive At Large. Of Course He’s Got To Hide Out As Barack Obama!

  1. I am not understanding this! Why is it only a small handful of people are privy or are able to access this kind of info that is critical and dire to our government and democratic processes? Are there so many anti-American rebels within our system that all this could have just slipped by and gone unnoticed by plan? Who is actually running this country? Is this just more propaganda to fuel the anti- Obama engine or is there actually some validity and truth with documentation to be had? This is just too scary to believe that the POTUS is some created figure conjured up to finalize the goal of corrupting and controlling our government. I do believe that Barack Obama is not who he says he is and much is hidden about him and his “pals”, but to report this kind of history as truth without it being heretofore known or made public by anyone in our government( or private sector) is chilling and phenomenal! How did this man known as Barack Obama get past ALL the scrutiny and investigative agencies responsible for authorizing a candidate as a valid presidential nominee? Why is this man still in office as commander in chief if any of this data can be verified? What the hell is going on?

    • You are absolutely correct Regina, those that believe that the current primary process will pick a winner don’t understand the NWO crowd. The President is and has been for a long long time at least since 1913 dancing to the whims of the puppet masters. The investigative reporter Martha and the attorney Puso, don’t make statements they can’t back up.. Thanks as usual for your comments. Jim

  2. Well…more pieces of the puzzle are coming together! A friend sent me a photo of Bari a while back…she was asking if I could see the scars on his head. The car accident in Hawaii could very likely be the reason for those!
    This definitely needs to be researched more. If charged in the car accident…wouldn’t a mug shot have been taken? This Bari has had more aliases…..Who is this man behind the mask? I hope we find out soon….

  3. I do not doubt the investigators documentation, but I do doubt there will be an avenue to make it appear as a valid and remarkable assertion with backup proof. There will have to be a crack in the wall somewhere to allow this kind of information to be accessed, evaluated or responded to in a definite manner. This is politics, not a country picnic and people have been destroyed and killed for submitting truth or even acknowledging it as such. This is a time for brave and resolute loyalty to this country, and it is going to take the staunchest and most fearless to push forward with the truth, and the real supporters of this nation to look with open eyes and an open mind to clear our country of all traitorous and dangerous factions within the seat of our government.

  4. Both of “Barack’s” parents are deceased, but if he is really Bari, then he has living siblings. A DNA test would prove that he is indeed the son of Malcolm X (or not). I would love to know the truth and I know many others would, too. I wish one of his Secret Service details would grab one of those “butts” he throws away and get it to a lab for testing. Compare the pictures of Obama, Obama, Sr. and Malcolm X. Amazing resemblance to MX! (Bari Malik Shabazz, O’s daughter Malia?) I really think there is something here that makes more sense than his being the son of O, Sr.

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