America has become too occupied by the Occupy Movement’s Radicalism and not Islam’s Radical Threat

Lisa Richards

Comment by Jim Campbell

The Occupy Wall Street movement is represented by paid losers with tracks back to ACORN, who use capitalism to attempt to achieve their socialist goals and utopia.  They are clueless and represent no threat no danger.  They are to be laughed at.

That being said what else is the media for? Few with a room temperature I.Q. pay them any mind.  The media marches to Obama’s drum, he tells them Muslims are good and Islam isn’t to be associated with terror, they have their talking points and off they go.  Perhaps they need a taste of this cult of peace and tolerance to get the message.  Scratch that, few of them could see the connection.

The media has become so preoccupied with a leftist movement of radical anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalist, socialist demagogues akin to the loser section at Woodstock, that the threat of radical Islam is being completely ignored by Americans.

The Occupy Movement’s mix of clueless aspirants used by wealthy Hollywood and union elites, along with your average excrementing hippies whose lives revolve around protesting everything that subsidizes their protests, have done nothing but provide disruptive entertainment for Americans. Americans are occupied by a movement of useful idiots whose actions serve only to prove the left is immoral and incorrupt, and this entertainment poses a dire threat to the nation’s security: We Americans are not focusing on Islam.

The Occupy Movement has economic-inequality groupies convinced they must fight a war against wealth. This in turn has working Americans fighting against those fighting against wealth, despite the fact Utopian Marxists will always exist whether or not we live in a capitalist, socialist or feudal society. The truth is Americans need to stop providing the Occupy Movement its rock star status. Take the cameras off these stench-ridden brats who refuse to work for a living and put our eyes back on the real threat to America and the free world—Islam.

Yes, the Occupy Movement has turned dangerous: violence erupted in Oakland, California and the city is witnessing the destruction of local businesses by vandals. But, once given media glorification, doesn’t the left always use violence as their weapon? What would happen if the Occupy Movement was not given rock star status by the media?  If news cameras were not focused on anti-establishment thugs who consider everything that does not suit their way of thinking greedy, and media focus was placed were it is needed—Islam? The occupiers would not have the power to control city parks or become aggressive for attention. But news cameras are providing the Occupy Movement its power, and this attention and power is dangerous for America’s national security.

The media, as well as the American people focusing on the occupiers, simply enables the most treacherous movement—Islam.

Right now Palestinians are clamoring for statehood. If given this status, Israel’s land would be split apart and a large portion of Israel, including part of Jerusalem, would handed over to terror-funded people under UN protected status. Adding to that, Gaza’s Islamic Jihad, an organization supported by Iran, is preparing to attack Israel, and Hamas rival Fatah is joining Islamic Jihad. Then there is Iran, “the biggest threat to the United States in the Middle East, surpassing al-Qaida, which is down but not out,” and is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons.  As these ongoing threats to peace and freedom continue, Egypt is on the verge of becoming a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled nation and Turkey is considering the brutal Sharia Law as its rule. We Americans also face peril if we do not stop fixating on the Occupy Movement: we are not remembering what we said we would “Never Forget”—9/11. If America ignores Islam, as we did for too many years after the 1979 Hostage Crisis, the first World Trade Center bombing, Somalia, U.S. bombings of U.S. embassies, bases and warships, as well as recent failed attacks on U.S. soil, America will cope with another 9/11. If that happens, we will find ourselves once again asking that horrible question: “How did America miss the warning signs?”

Instead of concentrating on the Islamic threat, we are allowing ourselves to be occupied by a circus of nihilistic publicity whores who thrive on media attention while keeping our eyes off the warning signs.

Leftist activists have always thrived on media attention. Without media attention the Left would lose their movement. Islam on the other hand does not need cameras or media attention until Islamist terrorists strike and kill.  All the attention given to the Occupy Movement is giving Islam what it truly wants—privacy to plot and move in where it needs to place itself. That includes cites being occupied by leftist protestors who have no qualms about supporting and aiding terrorists—think the Gaza Flotilla and Code Pink’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Occupy Wall Street’s message is take down America’s free-market capitalist system (deemed as greed), despite the reality that capitalism and the free-market makes it possible for every American to attain whatever he or she so desires, including career protesting. The leftist movement always seeks to destroy all that is good, escape freedom, and move toward totalitarianism. There’s nothing new to that claim, it’s the leftist way of life. But fixating on this self-centered movement, versus one that seeks the annihilation of humanity, allows Islamic terrorism to gain momentum. And the media is providing an open door for this most dangerous totalitarian monster that has the power to ultimately destroy America and the West if it is ignored.

The more attention given to the occupiers, the more powerful the Occupy Movement becomes. In the meantime Islam is monetarily forgotten and that’s good for Islamic terrorists. The media doesn’t grasp nor care that its obsession with the Occupy Movement is enabling Islam and this fixation is a threat to America’s safety and existence.

But then again, the left would gladly hand Islam the keys to slip through America’s backdoor, and the Mainstream Media, which is leftist, refuses to point out this fact and say it’s time to turn off the cameras on the Occupy Movement and turn the attention back to America’s greatest threat—Islam. 

Americans are being entertained with an occupation that is hazardous to America’s safety. We cannot continue placing all of our attention on a self-centered anti-American movement that desires a leftist Utopia of Marxist Socialism. The left will always be leftist: it will always hate America, capitalism, and continue to seek the destruction of the state. And the left will continue using those ever-so hated capitalist provisions to further its political movement. Islam on the other hand does not care about the left’s ideology. Islam seeks one thing: the destruction of everything not Islamic for an Islamic world takeover, and that destruction includes the Occupy Movement, all of whom will be slaughtered along with everyone else if Islam gains the ability to conquer and destroy America and the West.

It’s time to take our focus off the Occupy Movement, stop giving those who hate everything that affords them their ability to protest, and start focusing on Islam’s movement against the world.

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2 thoughts on “America has become too occupied by the Occupy Movement’s Radicalism and not Islam’s Radical Threat

  1. All good and well , But the essences of the United States and the reason so many Muslims have come here has been shelter from Radical Islam , To a point that Radical Islam has sent the worst of there kind here and declared War on us to demonstrate there is no escape.
    Make no mistake that Radical Islam has no separation of Religion and Government
    our only defense is to be ever watch full that they never achieve positions in our government

  2. Right on, JC. exactly right on.

    And hey, Dann, I understand the above comment.

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