Chris Matthews completely turns on Obama

By Jim Campbell

This does not bode well for the Obots. When the twelve people who watch Chris Mathew’s show are told that he may not sill be having a love affair with Obama, word will spread.  Perhaps Mr. Matthews was tired following today’s cheer leading practice?

In what might be called a non interview, Chris Matthew becomes unhinged and does a one-eighty on the guy he has been sucking up to for the past three years.

The young woman reporter who got him to unload was confined to a hmmm, and a couple questions that he blew off.

Perhaps he might have let B.B. deliver the message?


Ode to Larry Sinclair?

Way to go Chris does that mean there is no more tingly feeling going up you leg or will the thrill be back when the effects of the crack pipe you have been smoking ware off?

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9 thoughts on “Chris Matthews completely turns on Obama

  1. A few years ago i would watch his show along with those of the more conservative bent. Then, he seemed to change and i watched another channel. more recently , there has been a change back to a more broad and factual covering of the campaigns and politics in general, To be informed, is to learn about all sides. Glad to have you back, Chris.You now give better balance to the news. Linda Joy Adams

  2. He’s lost that loving feeling? It almost makes me feel like crying….

    Well maybe there’s hope yet that some will quit drinking the Koolaid before the next election! Way to go Chris! Glad you kicked the koolaid habit!

  3. Sounds like the light in the Frdg. burned out
    One last time Chris “Radicals have NO end game”

  4. “It’s Over” Roy Orbison

  5. Well, duh, finally common sense!

  6. I’m just amazed. If Chris changes his mind about Obama, can the others be far behind? That’s probably too much to hope for.

  7. what really got me was his statement I cant believe the things that are going on in DC . hey chrisy we been telling you they have the worst thugs in Dc and are funning our government… I just hope they are not destroying the Whie House along with our government…

  8. It sounds like that obama and his thugs like to party more than they like to govern.. but then Obama never did know how to govern as he never had any kind of job that taught him how… I just hope in there partying they are destroying the white house that they are partying in… I have to believe that he is destroying everything and anything that gets in his way…I cant believe that the Demowits will put up with all the crap that obama is doing to our government.. I know it was amess when the Clintons left lets pray its in good shape when obama leave in 2012

  9. There is, AT LAST, active thinking the part of the “mainstream” media. Tears of joy, Redneck Woman, tears of joy.

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