Sarah’s take on the current administration

Jim Campbell

Governor Sarah Palin tells it like it is, about Obama and his socialist minions to Sean Hannity.

She points out the clear hypocrisy of the administration their politically correct rhetoric  and how it doesn’t match their deeds.

The fools that are demonstrating, know not why. If they did they would be in front of the White House demanding change. For the most part these people are paid up to $100 per day, the represent spoiled children and aging hippies.  It’s conceivable that people with serious grievances are there but just don’t have a fix on where their concerns should be demonstrated.

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4 responses to “Sarah’s take on the current administration

  1. Useful idiots is the term Beck uses and in this case he could be right. Watching dozens of interviews with the young of OWS you can see they have no idea why they are there and are just being pushed in all directions. I don’t beleive they realize the huge problem this is creating for every state and for the entire country. Maybe they do – either way this is not how to affect change. Violence is not the answer and this OWS has been out of control for a while now.

  2. yep, all true. The latest word is that the so-called “fat cats” on Wall Street are not going to support Obama financially because of his stand with the OWS. So something good is coming out of it. It seems the OWS are parading pictures of the heads of the Wall Street CEOs on poles. Now how stupid is that! Money does talk and we do need banks and the stock market to make businesses go public. We need dissent too, but dissent either makes sense or it is destructive. We got destructive, don’t we? You and me, we just dissent Obama et al.

  3. I love Sarah Palin….wish she was in the race. She sees things clearly! The OWS is a distraction and was meant to be as such. Old Hippies, the druggies and other idiots….the mass of unclean, immoral and delusional.
    There are others there during the day who are leading these people like sheep. Then go get a hotel room for the night that costs $700.00 with all the perks! These folks are needing to figure out that it is the Government who got us into this mess….not Wall Street! They aren’t even the 99%! More like the 14%!
    Did you know…..

    51% of Americans Government employed~non-productive ( don’t produce anything!)
    14% of public on some form of Social Assistance
    that leaves 35% of the American public to carry the rest….
    Welcome to Liberal Reality. Remember the only job that is important is mine~everybody else is expendable! This was Obama’s and Reid’s statement made at the closing of a Sardine Plant in Maine. The jobs were dirty and didn’t matter. unfortunately those women working there were raising families on those unimportant jobs! The widows of fishermen started the sardine industry in America.This last Sardine Plant closing was Reid’s! Sent the jobs to Haiti which has no Health Standards for toxicity and the product is coming back into the USA!

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