The article Newsweek gutted–more proof of FBI corruption


Comment by Jim Campbell

It looks as though  Anthony Martin has uncovered evidence following the release of the unedited copy of the original version of the article that Timothy McVeigh had worked in tandem with others blowing the “lone bomber” theory.  Witnesses at the time recall others leaving the building as well.

Jayna Davis has pointed out over the years, McVeigh was repeatedly seen with an Iraqi Muslim, Hussain Al-Hussaini, believed to be a then-agent of Saddam Hussein or some other anti-American Muslim force.

Iraqi Muslim, Hussain Al-Hussaini

What ever happened to John Doe #2? Was it the man above? Is there any reason to doubt why McVeigh chose to die early by lethal injection?  Was he involved with Islam?

In January 2001, McVeigh decided to drop all his appeals and expedite his own execution.  Judge Matsch set May 16 as the day he would receive a lethal injection.  However, just six days before the scheduled execution, the Justice Department revealed that it found over 4,000 pages of evidence that should have been turned over to McVeigh’s defense attorneys before trial, but wasn’t.  Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that McVeigh’s execution would be postponed for one month to allow the defense to inspect the newly released documents. Angered by what he saw as another example of the government’s unfairness, McVeigh at first decided to renew his appeals, but after his first appeal was rejected on June 7, McVeigh announced that he was ready to die.

Anthony’s article below.

Anthony Martin

Conservative Examiner

When citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh reported earlier this week that an article that appeared in Newsweek Magazine this week was supposed to contain explosive information damaging to the current Administration and that of Bill Clinton, he had a good idea of what was cut by editor Tina Brown due to his numerous contacts in the government.

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

Today, however, Vanderboegh has an unedited copy of the original version of the article, complete with credible evidence of corruption that exposes Eric Holder, Janet Reno, the FBI, and two Administrations as threats not only to the truth but to the very lives of American citizens.

The original article written by reporter R.M. Schneiderman and approved by his immediate editor John Solomon is extensive. An abbreviated step-by-step overview of that article is provided below.


1.  Schneiderman uncovered revelations concerning the Oklahoma City bombing that not only implicate Clinton Administration officials in mass murder but contain a direct link to the Obama Administration, the current FBI, and Attorney-General Eric Holder, who worked for Janet Reno at the Department of Justice during the 1990s. Two informants, John Matthews and Jesse Trentadue, provided the FBI and DOJ with information showing that Timothy McVeigh had worked in tandem with other persons, thereby blowing the theory of the ‘lone bomber.’

2.  Matthews, who was working with the government to infiltrate extremist groups, had provided information to the FBI indicating that one Tom Posey, who had been a suspect in another crime called the Brown’s Ferry Plot, had collaborated with Timothy McVeigh. It was Posey who was the first to talk about the use of weapons of mass destruction to blow up federal buildings–a prospect that prompted Matthews to go to the FBI. But there is evidence that Posey was cooperating with the FBI, providing them key information about various extremist groups in the U.S.

3.  Matthews had also encountered Timothy McVeigh in Texas, in the company of one Andreas Carl Strassmeier, another suspect in the planning of the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh and Strassmeier were both involved in the para-military movement and were participating in training exercises in Texas.

4.  Neither Posey nor Strassmeier were ever pursued by the FBI for their role in the bombing, leading Matthews to conclude that the entire case of the FBI against McVeigh as the ‘lone bomber’ was highly suspect.

5.  A racist, neo-Nazi group in Texas called the Texas Light Infantry is key to understanding the plot to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. It was within this very group that Matthews encountered McVeigh and Strassmeier. Yet the article in Newsweek fails to mention the militia group at all. Instead the article identifies the Texas Reserve Militia. This deft sleight of hand appears to be aimed at hiding the truth about the Texas Light Infantry, where McVeigh and Strassmeier laid out their plot.

6.  Another FBI informant by the name of Dave Rossi was key to the plot, yet that information was also cut out of the final copy of the article that appeared in Newsweek. Rossi knew Posey very well from numerous encounters at various and sundry meetings of extremist militia groups. Rossi was also a key operative in the FBI’s scandalous and murderous covert program called PATCON–‘Patriot Conspiracy’–which was involved in all of the major scandals going back decades, including the massacres at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

7.  Newsweek editor Tina Brown also cut out from the final article an entire section that the reporter had included on Utah Attorney Jesse Trentadue, whose brother was beaten to death in prison shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing. Trentadue believes that his brother was killed by the FBI in a case of mistaken identity. The official report claims that Trentadue hanged himself in the cell. But photos indicate that his throat had been cut. There were bruises all over his body. A federal judge later ruled the FBI had lied in court about the case and destroyed evidence. The Trentadue family was awarded 1.1 million dollars in damages for emotional distress.

Thus, the key facts in the original article written by R.M. Schneiderman for Newsweek/The Daily Beast/The Washington Post wound up in the waste basket of editor Tina Brown. Why? Informants say the FBI, the DOJ, and the Obama Administration pressured the organization to withhold the information.

And, with the ongoing scandal involving Project Gunwalker–Operation Fast and Furious–the Administration may be interesting in protecting key figures in high places, particularly given that many of those involved in Gunwalker were also part of the scandal surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing.
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4 thoughts on “The article Newsweek gutted–more proof of FBI corruption

  1. Last week, the Washington post pulled a story about a study done where federal employees are not happy. I tried to read it and one of the Gov newsletters had it linked and both were ‘ pulled.’ Few know that Social Security employees have ‘ taken to the streets’ to protest their take- over by Affiliated Computer Services and other problems that affect all the public. And the real statistics on various matters from climate to unemployment being ‘ done’ by ACS and ADP, etc. While those who took the civil service jobs to be a civil servant and uphold the Constitution are having their jobs’ in sourced’ by a few corrupt high level parties inside their own agencies while the taxpayer pays for health insurance that isn’t even providing the care in their contracts as another affiliated govt contractor ‘ black mails’ the insurance companies. What else is being ‘ censored’ by the main media, and especially an ICON of what used to be good journalism. Linda Joy Adams with files missing in 5 agencies under ACS control and monies last seen at the Federal Reserve and showing inside agency computers as ‘paid’ but not released by them. I need an audit for the money for my life sustaining medical care.

  2. No surprise I believe your story and I am sticking with you!!! :)

  3. I have just one question: How is it that you state taht it is the Obama Administration that is/was covering this case up???Obama was not in office at the time of the Oklahoma bombing!

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