Barney Frank to retire from congress

Wall Street Journal

Comment by Jim Campbell

Washington will become a far better place the the most evil and criminal member of congress, Barney “There will be no housing bubble,” leave his seat after his current term.  With the redistricting put in place it was likely that a more conservative constituency would have shown him the door at the ballot box. The You Tube below put up by his competition is very well done and funny.

Go Mr. Frank and those like you and never darken the door step of the halls of congress again. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Video of Franks Retirement Rationale Here. In a nut shell, he couldn’t win in the district whose demographics have shifted to conservative voters.  This loser couldn’t handle losing.  He is unlikely to be misses.


Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, a key lawmaker on financial issues and a longtime liberal voice on Capitol Hill, said Monday that he will retire from Congress at the end of next year.

Mr. Frank, 71, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee was set to announce his retirement at a 1 p.m. press conference in Newton, Mass., his office said in a statement. It reverses a decision announced earlier in the year, when Mr. Frank said he would seek re-election for a 17th term in Congress.

Mr. Frank was a driving force behind last year’s Dodd-Frank financial overhaul that bears his name. He has spent much of this year defending the law against criticism from Republicans. He also worked closely with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the 2008 rescue of the financial industry.

Mr. Frank is a New Jersey native who worked in Massachusetts politics before being elected to Congress in 1980. He has been a hero to the left, a crotchety, no-nonsense type known for verbally sparring with opponents. He once told an angry woman at a public forum on President Barack Obama’s health-care law that he wouldn’t argue with her, that he “would rather argue with a dining-room table.”

The announcement came shortly after the Massachusetts Legislature approved new congressional district lines, whittling the state’s U.S. House members to nine from 10 because of slower population growth in the 2010 U.S. Census.

The redistricting significantly changed Mr. Frank’s reliably liberal district. He kept liberal Boston suburbs like Newton. But he gained more conservative suburbs west of the Boston and lost New Bedford, a working-class coastal city where Mr. Frank was known as a champion of the fishing industry.

The next in line to succeed Frank on the financial-services panel would be Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), a liberal lawmaker and ardent critic of the banking industry.

But Ms. Waters has faced allegations that she used her influence to help a bank with ties to her husband, a case that was under review by the House Ethics Committee until that committee’s probe was halted last year amid a partisan fight. After Ms. Waters, the second-most-senior Democrat is Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D., N.Y.).

Jaret Seiberg, a Washington-based policy analyst with Guggenheim Securities, said Mr. Frank’s decision could benefit banks and make a rollback of some of the Dodd-Frank law’s provisions more likely.

Mr. Frank “was probably the most articulate defender of the law in the House. His removal from the debate should make it incrementally more likely for regulatory relief legislation to advance,” Mr. Seiberg wrote in a note to clients.

However, he said it is “not a clear plus for banks,” because of Mr. Frank’s thorough understanding of the banking industry. “There are rarely unintended consequences to his actions,” he wrote. “We are not sure the same could be said for other Democrats who could chair the committee if Democrats retake the House.”

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5 thoughts on “Barney Frank to retire from congress

  1. What your witnessing is there heading for the Door ,time to lock down and take names.
    The Halo effect .
    This is the new scam of old organs and should be Called the ALGORRITHEM
    I will explain it in a very simple form as it was executed .
    If we look at a man of influence with a vision” Al Gore ” who knows a two other men of influence and enough ambition and money to play a very bad game for personal gain , but legal .
    Mr. Gor and friends each put 10 million into a company Facade (shell) lets call it “Green Ham&Eggs”
    and offer an IPO “place on the stock exchange ” with a 5.00 per share buy in ”
    The hook is the company claims to make power and solar cells from used Egg shell. New Cutting edge technologies.
    Then with the 30 million from the company start looking for people of science that are trying to find new avenues in research and are working on a shoestring .
    The three men offer to fund his personal research in return he looks into any remote plausibility that used Egg shells “even if its just the cartons for shipping” can contribute to the production .
    Now with a few scientist in tow its time to find a Lobbyist that know a politician that needs campaign funds .
    The Lobbyist looks in his Rollerdex and finds a Green politician that needs Green PR and cash .
    In return the Politician offers his recommendation to the department of NRG of a company he is aware of and they are looking for a grant” Just look at there background 30mill in the bank, scientist that support the operations , listed on the stock exchange nothing but + + + + + + win win win .
    The Company gets the grant ,say 200 mill and they post it to company’s stock .
    This is the “Halo” the Stock runs up and people buy in on the run. The company hires a hot dog CEO and offer him a no matter what bonass say 10 mill this is the carrot to the mule/fall guy .
    as soon as the stock hits a pre determined mark the three main players GUT the company and sell of all there stock netting a cool 50 mil each + all the profits from the mid Halo equipment sell offs categorically listed as up grades .
    The company wavers in place for a short time on blind faith and then goes bankrupt.
    The Real cutting edge equipment never hit the floor of this company , the company only acted as a drop shipper .
    Do you see the light yet?

  2. I have posted this also. This is wonderful, great and will make our Christmas a great bit Merrier.

  3. This is the best news of the day. Smiling alot over this.

  4. Thanks a lot, Massachusetts. Is this guy part of your gift to the country? Why in the world did you keep sending him back to congress? Thank God for redistricting!

  5. That picture of Barney and Barry would be a lot more accurate if Barney was wearing knee high rubber boots .

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