Romney: The Castor-Oil Candidate Republicans are finding the prospect of nominating Mitt hard to swallow

The National Review Online

Victor Davis Hanson

Comment by Jim Campbell

Forget about the mud-slinging that will start to be slung at Mitt. He’s a Mormon, so what?  He got a DUI back when, who cares?  It’s his record of being all thins to all people telling them what the want to hear that makes his presidency not needed at this time in America’s History. We need a rock solid fiscal conservative will to slash and burn failed programs in Washington as well a one that will refuse to bend at all  on Taxes.  Romeny is not that man.

As the saying goes “A man for all seasons,” Mitt would be the man for all the wrong reasons.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Nominating Mitt Romney is sort of like taking Grandma’s castor oil. Republicans are dreading the thought of downing their unpleasant-tasting medicine but worry that sooner or later they will have to.

By any logical political calculus, the former Massachusetts governor is an ideal presidential candidate. Ramrod straight, fit, and well-educated, he knows all sorts of facts and figures and comes across like a cinematic chief executive.

At any other time, an informed technocrat like Romney would seem a dream candidate. Yet in the run-up to this election, Americans are completely turned off by Washington’s so-called experts, such as Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder — and, increasingly, Barack Obama himself.

As a former governor and presidential candidate, Romney has been fully vetted. In these racy times, Mormonism is viewed as more a guarantee of a candidate’s past probity than a political liability. So there is little chance that a blonde accuser will appear out of Romney’s past, or that in late October 2012 the New York Times will uncover a long-ago DUI charge.

The calculating Republican establishment believes Romney has enough crossover appeal to independents to beat a shaky Obama. It still has nightmares of tea-party senatorial candidates Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, whose 2010 primary victories led to inept campaigns and Republican losses in the general elections in Nevada and Delaware, respectively.

Although conservatives dub Romney a flip-flopper for changing positions on abortion, gun control, and health care, the base knew all about those old reversals in 2008, when it nonetheless praised Romney as the only conservative alternative to maverick moderate John McCain. Apparently the party has moved to the right since then. Tea partiers worry that, once in office, a moderate President Romney would prove a reach-out centrist — spending borrowed money like George W. Bush did on No Child Left Behind or the Medicare prescription-drug benefit, thereby ruining for good the now-suspect Republican brand of fiscal sobriety.

The result of those worries is that Romney has become the process-of-elimination candidate. The Hamlet-like governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, hemmed and hawed and bowed out, as most knew he would. The charismatic and controversial Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin decided they were making too much money to go through another nasty political race.

If finger-pointing magnate Donald Trump was going to bet a campaign on Obama’s reluctance to disclose official documents, he would have done better to demand the release of the president’s mysteriously secret college transcripts and medical records rather than his birth certificate. In the debates, the audiences liked what former Sen. Rick Santorum had to say, regretting only that it came out of the mouth of Rick Santorum.

Rep. Michele Bachmann once soared as the anti-Romney and then crashed when 90 percent of her statements seemed courageous and inspired — but 10 percent sounded kind of weird.

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8 thoughts on “Romney: The Castor-Oil Candidate Republicans are finding the prospect of nominating Mitt hard to swallow

  1. Mitt and Mr Frank should go into the Apocalypse Insurance for elderly bIZ.. And give AL Gor and Obama a run for there money .

  2. I do not trust Romney and that is the problem with all of Washington. We need someone with some spine and won’t back down. caving is what I feel Romney will do and that is why the left wants him. I think the American voter has been fooled and this won’t happen again. The candidate must be strong and love this country and the constitution and be willing to fight for it.

  3. Romney is a moderate at best. He has had many different beliefs and changed them for the group he is trying to get to vote for him. I think though at his core he is moderate and we need a conservative.

  4. and I can’t support Newt or Cain or Perry or any of the other MSM favorites for the same reasons! We have been headed down the wrong path for decades. Harold Rosenthal gave us all the clues to this game. If this were monopoly, America might still own Baltic Ave, the rest is owned by the usurers. and in the last few years we have been giving up our freedoms for security.. So I guess we deserve neither!

  5. I kind of like Boardwalk and Park Place and I have a hunch Newt might just land on them both the first time around the board. He says what he thinks and explains cogently why he thinks it, about where we should go from here. He articulates his ideas. We are free to accept or reject. I accept. We as a country deserve both freedom and security and this time we just might get it.

  6. I have to say that Romney does not impress me. When I see him debating, It seems as though I am lookin and listening to Al Gore. A man who will say anything that someone wants to hear to get a vote. Now ,I don’t get what his religion is or what his past is, I see him as another liar in chief. Don’t get me wrong . I just don’t think he is soild on what he thinks he can do to help America or what he knows he can do. Newt Gingrich, on the other hand ,to me,seem
    s to know exactly what is needed NOW,to get our country back in the groove on JOBs, Manufacturing,productivity,Security,patriotisam etc.He has more experience with with what is needed. He’s been there. Done it. Knows what has worked and what hasn’t worked for America. And if anyone thinks that his past would hurt him, they are wrong. People don’t give a dam about his past family life or his democratic views. People want action.
    action. He
    brings it on, and tells it like it is. He doesn’t have to think about what he is going to say oe do,because it has become a natural thing of quik response, because of his

  7. Maggie.. What makes you think we get to start a new game? Any way newt is a piece of globalist crap, and if he did land on Boardwalk, I’m sure he would turn them over to the NWO.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity, Robert. I’m afraid that any president of the United States will have to have a global perspective–but one that does not downgrade our country. Should we ignore Iran? Iraq? Israel? Canada? Which country under consideration would, if considered in the global sense, make a man “globalist crap”? Which country in the world is not important enough for a close look to see what effect it might have on us and the rest of the world? Newt is certainly not new world order. He is a patriot to the core.

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