The pending recusal of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan on Obamacare

Jim Campbell

Dick Morris could not be more clear siting US law on why Supreme Court Justice must recuse herself when ObamaCare arguments are heard in the Supreme Court.

She was Obama’s legal strategist as solicitor general for defending his health care program! She must step aside!

Emails have revealed she has participated in the development for the defense of Obama Care.

To and insult to criminal activity, Kagan as solicitor general was responsible for preventing challenges to Obama’s citizenship status.  As they came before her she stamped them denied. 

The Untold Story: Elena Kagan has been running interference on Obama eligibility hearings


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4 thoughts on “The pending recusal of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan on Obamacare

  1. Elena Kagan under the law has to recuse herself. I am sure her colleagues realize that also and will tell her. At least I hope they will.

  2. Shirley, her colleagues know just as Obama and the entire country knows that she wrote the rebuttals for the HCB while she was still in Chicago.

    She needs to step down.

  3. What she should do and what she will do,we already know. What the question should be,is, WHATwill she do, and who will make her recuse herself? How much corruption can the American people take from this administration and even the SCOTUS, before all hell breaks loose. Push that angry dog in a corner and he [s going to come fighting,and biting. The time is shortning for this to happen.Honestly, I thing nothing short of a uprising from the people of America will stop all this BS .It is coming and very soon. At least, that’s the way I see it.

    • Guy…You have just asked the million dollar question. What’s it going to take, for us to say we have had enough. For starters, everyone change there withholding tax claim 20 dependents, we just all go on strike, remember no taxation without representation, who the fuck is representing us? Something is going to happen and its really going to hit the fan. I’ve had it as has anyone the a brain. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated, Jim

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