Mr. Ed asks “Aren’t we better that this?”

By Jim Campbell

Calling yourself Mr. Ed is a clear insult to the talking horse.  Where have you been all you liberal hand wringing life?  Quite frankly I’m surprised you didn’t try to blame this on President George W. Bush.   This is not a black vs. white issue as both groups receive government assistance.  This is a moral bankruptcy issue of the liberal politicians.

You don’t see republicans trying to keep as many people poor and uneducated while pandering for their votes.  You know, give them foods stamps, public housing, welfare, and they will vote for democrats for life.

No Mr. Ed this isn’t even an Obama issue, though he completely exploits racism ans class warfare when he believes it’s to his advantage.  This situation is the result of failed liberal policies for decades that teach people to be dependent, rather than independent.

To your question Mr. Ed, “Aren’t we better than this?” we certainly are and that is why We the People will rise up and drive a stake through the heart of the progressive movement while kicking Barack Hussein Obama to the curb at the same time on November 6, 2012

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2 responses to “Mr. Ed asks “Aren’t we better that this?”

  1. It is ashame that democrats do this to any minority, or anyone for that matter. To think one sect of the public wants this much power over people is just sick. Yes the republicans are much better, they have morals, and beleifs and strive to better themselves and don’t use people to gain power or money. The democratic class is all about money and power.

  2. Kick Obama back to the curb? Hell No. I want him kick out of the U.S.A. What was wrong with our country for Over 100 years? Nothing. Why did people think that America was in so much trouble that we needed a change? OH,sure,we have always have had problems but Our government and our people have handled them with greatness and security. YES,we may have been going the wrong way with Bush or even Clinton,But Ithink our country could have taken at least another 100 years to go down so far as to change what Obama has down to us in less then 3 years.Why change what is good .The question to answer in your own mind is ” should we change and go back to where we made our last mistake which was in 2008,and take the right road forward”?Somtime we have to go backwards and start again,and thats what we will do in 2012.

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