Obama Threatened With Arrest! Bush Blackmail Update!

It is now quite clear for anyone to see that many blogs have been established to threaten Obama with the loss of the presidency. The central theme,  he must prove his country of origin. Then  of  course  he must deal with the Clinton Cabal.   Bill and Hill know she was jobbed by the media and the power players who thrust him into power knowing that Obama would force his Marxist agenda on America.

The fool has been busy trying to please both sides of the NWO since the day he was elected. He will not be missed when he is chained to the center pole of his hut in Kenya where he belongs.

The picture that certainly tells a thousand words.

Be clear the same cabal that put the chosen one in place will pick who runs against Obama, with the out come to defeat him or keep him around for a second term.  I’m betting the NWO group says adios half black guy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Evelyn David de Rothschild/Queen of England faction put Obama into power while the Bush/Clinton Rockefeller faction was hoping to put Hillary in the driver’s seat. It was obvious from the beginning that Obama was blackmailed into taking Hillary on as Secretary of State.

Poppy Bush is a seasoned gangster who ‘cut his teeth’ importing cocaine for the CIA utilizing his Gulf of Mexico oil rig platforms. He then ‘made his bones’ as an accomplice in the assassination of JFK. He went on to murder JFK Junior after John John came into possession of a dossier of incriminating information implicating Bush and others in the murder of his father.

This is the skinny folks, there is a major split in the New World Order and Obama is right in the middle of it. The Bush/Clinton powerbase has been given the ‘bum’s rush’ by the Rothschild faction and they are not too happy about it.

While blackmail is almost always about the money,  that does not figure in this powerplay. It is most assuredly about putting Hillary on the ticket so that they can get rid of Obama at some point.  Anyway, I digress somewhat from the latest ploy that surfaced today.

Martha Trowbridge has been posting volumes of credible information in recent weeks claiming that  the real skeleton in Obama’s closet is the true identity of both his mother and his father. Martha is blogging that Stanely Ann Dunham is really Jo Ann Newman who had a love child with Malcolm X  that resulted in the birth of one Bari Shabazz, who is otherwise known as, Barack Hussein Obama!

In a recent post Trowbridge claimed that Stanely Ann Dunham/Jo Ann Newman is still alive, that she knows her whereabouts, and that she w considering revealing all.

Martha has now escalated the threat today and suggests the soon arrest of both Barack Obama and Eric Holder! This is turning into a real cliff hanger folks.  Prophet Linda Newkirk was given a vision at the time of Obama’s inauguration that involved an Obama assassination plot being carried out by both Bush’s and Bill Clinton. Linda also saw the collapse of the US economy occuring within the same time frame.

Hang onto your seats, only the lord knows if this could be days, weeks, or yet some months away, perhaps another year, there is no way of knowing. Linda’s prophecies are posted in chronological order at www.prophecies.org

Former Post………

Martha Trowbridge is now blogging that Stanely Ann Dunham AKA Jo Ann Newman is still alive. I believe she is probably telling us the truth about this, and I will tell you why.

Martha seems to be getting a lot of help with her research into the true identity of Stanely Ann Dunham. She has convinced a lot of people now that Stanley Ann Dunham is Jo Ann Newman. Many reputable alternative news websites are publishing her claims. The mountain of evidence Trowbridge has been compiling in recent weeks is impressive and it is factual. One must ask, just how did Martha come into such a treasure trove of startling information so quickly.  These revelations are profound, very damaging to Obama, and very dangerous to be blogging about. Who is feeding her the info, who is protecting her, and why?

Blackmail and extortion you say.  Yes indeed, yes indeed. Martha is revealing all of this info and wants people to pray for poor Barry so he can come clean before the American people,  here is a ‘fair use’ excerpt of her copyright info in the prayer request farce.

“America, please join us in prayer.

In heartfelt prayer for ”Barack Hussein Obama” to have the courage to step forth in sincerity, and acknowledge his deceit.

Imagine! A world leader standing up and stating “I was wrong. Don’t do what I did.”

13 thoughts on “Obama Threatened With Arrest! Bush Blackmail Update!

  1. I sent the following out tonight to as many as I could …..your absolutely right:
    the Clintons, Bush and now Obama have sold the American People down the river and for what? Greed-Power There corruption has to
    be met with Charges-Convictions-and-PrisonTime for all. What they have done is Financial Terrorism they are Traitors to US all.

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    This was sent to 60 mins over there own sight tonight December 14th, 2011

    Please respond. Again tonight’s 60 mins about the Deregulation of Wall Street.
    Your programming failed to be thorough.
    When Clinton signed into law the “Commodity Futures Modernization Act in December of 2000″, the Collapse of the Tech Boom had just finished off the Tech Industry and everyone knew there had been fraud committed by almost all the Top Players on Wall Street. Goldman-Sachs to Charles Schwab, the top guys got out starting in March of 2000. Fact we watched this happen from the Headquarters of Merrill Lynch San Diego the day it started all the way to the bottom.
    And yet they promoted to there small and mid cap investors to buy Tech. IT is all documented. Eliot Spitzer even held the corruption. The gentleman on 60 mins tonight who was ask if Wall Street executives knew they were bringing a market to collapse OUT RIGHT LIED to the 60 min. interviewer. There is proof, by again the Wall Street guys at the Top sold off there stock long before the collapse in 2008, even in there own companies. Records show this. So there is this question WHY DO YOU GUYS KEEP PRODUCING incomplete documentaries, telling only 1/2 truths. If Gramm from Texas introduced this bill The Bush Family and their Criminal Cronies were 100% behind it. At this level NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. Besides during this time Greenspan was being wined and dined by Enron and the Jackson Hole Criminal Gang. Greenspan knew exactly what he was doing. Almost all Wall Street firms wager off of charts that show cycles of any industry and the Real Estate Industry when in a BOOM ALWAYS AND I MEAN ALWAYS starts to collapse during it’s 4th year..that would have been 2006 and that is exactly when it started to collapse into full fraud and criminal actions by the very Top Executives down to the Traders…wish you guys would get your stories factual..
    James P. Evanhoe

    Side Note: By this time December 2000 President Clinton had a consulting position with Goldman-Sachs

    IT IS MY OPINION unless we secure Chris Swecker former Assistant Director of the FBI as US PRESIDENT
    AND OR US ATTORNEY GENERAL the US will face another huge financial collapse brought on by Wall Street
    the BUSH FAMILY and their Cronies.

    tonight while Romney is taking cash from the same Criminals of Wall Street as he did in Boca Raton earlier this year.

  2. why would the Bushes want to destroy the USA? Is that why The older Bush was so nasty about Sarah Palin… I am so glad Sarah is not in this horrible mess that is going on now… she was the smart one…

  3. I feel like saying something different, the photo says to me -Hillary- I think I love you, but how can I tell my girlfriend!!! That’s my story and I am sticking to it :)


  5. Again I must reiterate, we have the best government the Rothschilds can buy. They (the Rothschilds) own both parties, get used to it. The best we can hope to do is keep the barbarians at the gate, pray, keep the faith, and hope that the stupid people wake up. I long for that day, but I ain’t holding my breath!

  6. I heard a while back that Obi’s mother’s SS# is still being used….Don’t have confirmation of that but it’s interesting since she supposedly died from ovarian cancer awhile back.

    I do hope that Martha Trowbridge has some very good protection. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Clinton’s or Obama has had someone snuffed.

    I agree with Swampdog….I won’t be holding my breath either!

  7. Redneck Woman,I read the same article. At first I dismissed it… until I ran across it the second time. Articles have been scrubbed. Do you remember the You Tube Video “Fear In Our Hearts”?
    It explained how he had worked “for the CIA” and was not from here.
    It is due to these groups that are interfering with OUR Country and the Country deciding for herself who we want in the WH.
    @ Swampdog,
    You know the biblical verse “What you hath feared shall come upon you.” (If I didn’t quote that word by word, you get the idea of what I am trying to say.
    This entire country is spiritually, mentally and emotionally sick of all that has happened — having people and organizations run our country with who will serve them best. It won’t surprise me at all if we have another Civil War.
    Being from the South, I think now it will be better understood “why” the South Rose Up against the Union.

  8. This adds to the excitment of November 2012. Hopefully both will out of work and no one will hire them.

  9. “It’s a very long story about the Bushes my friend.”
    You are so right! The facts are disturbing with roots growing from Nazi Germany.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. FOREVER!

  10. The Bush Sr. was in the Oil Business with Bin Laden.

  11. Watch out folks! This is like the german nobility producing the ‘ fake’ Anastasia in order to get hold of ‘ unknown’ financials at the time of the death of czar Nicholas II in 1933 in Haxtun, Colorado under his pseudo name of Delbert Eugene Hardy. I have commented before on this and I am an eye witness.

    There well be a Ms. Newman born in 1959 with a child by Malcom X but it is not Stanley Ann Pope Dunham who had our president in 8/1962 Ana whom i saw shortly after his birth in Topeka, Ks. This is one massive CIA cover-up as the truth may well be 007, Daniel Wayne Pope is still alive the maternal grandfather of our president and Stanley Ann’s father. Linda Joy Adams

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