Why Muslim women are loved in America

Comment by Jim Campbell

The brain washed members of the cult keep leaving messages that I don’t have a clue about the cult and all-pervasive malignant lifestyle called I Islam.  Does your impotent misogynist follower of a husband treat you like this?


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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3 thoughts on “Why Muslim women are loved in America

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  2. The American women have been fighting back to be independent for 235 years and it will be a cold day in h… if foreigners think that the American women are going to take off their pants at home or at the work place and let domestic or foreign men oppress, suppress, depress, behead, beat, or place suicide bombs on their bodies or wear wear clothing from their head to their toes – THEY WILL FIGHT TO THE END FOR THE RIGHT TO BUY – WEAR – AND SHOW OFF THEIR JUICY JEWELRY – DIOR PERFUME – JUICY COUTURE HAND BAGS – STEVE MADDEN SHOES – and MAC COSMETICS –

  3. Then my dear they better s t art doing it instead of slobbering all over Obama like they atill are… hes the one thats letting the muslims come into american as fast as they can and I dont see the Rebs. doing anyting to stop it.. they have wives and daughters to but they dont seem to care whats happening.. the owmen have to take a stand Now not later.. they are not thinking just what and will happen if they let Obama win again…

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