Obama’s 2012 Theme Song: “I Fought The Law, And The Law Won”!

Comment by Jim Campbell
The healing will begin, not when Obama is thrown from office as he will be, but when he is sent with his Obstructor of Justice  Eric “the pot” Holder to  a maximum security federal prison.   Treason has a nice ring to it, death by hanging or gunfire. 
Think of the lives Obama has destroyed with his cunning plan to turn America into his vision of a Marxist Utopia where we all share misery to make up for the alleged misery we have caused the rest of the world.  Homes foreclosed upon, divorces, suicides. 
Folks this coming election time is make it or break it.  These evil people must be driven either to prison or out of the country.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

by Martha Trowbridge

Terrible Truth

If you’re an oldies buff, you likely know that catchy tune by Bobby Fuller Four, “I Fought The Law, And The Law Won”.

If not, not to worry. You’ll know it soon.

In 2012, this song will haunt “Obama.”

You laugh now but you won’t be laughing later~

And Eric Holder.

All across America, lo these past three years, voices have cried out in righteous protest to the vengeful attacks “Barack Obama”, Eric Holder, and others in the present administration have waged against The United States Constitution, America’s sacred traditions, and America itself.

Americans coast to coast have cried out in great anguish, as they’ve witnessed their willful destruction of our great country.

Destruction “Obama”, Holder, and their Gang Of Retaliators have gleefully waged, while lying straight-faced about what they are doing.

Thanks be to God, The Law is finally catching up with them.

I venture to predict, that rather than waging an election campaign in 2012, “Obama” will be waging war against the multiple corruption charges about to smack him upside of the head.

So will Holder.

America, please join me in thanksgiving to Almighty God that justice is soon to be served.

Tragically, “Obama” and Holder never quite “got it” that they have partaken in the best America has to offer anyone.

They’ve not for one moment appreciated  – or genuinely enjoyed – their good fortunes.

Have you ever heard them thank anyone who helped them along the way? Teachers, admissions committees, scholarship committees, employers, political mentors, political appointers – anyone?



They’ve been far too preoccupied by envy. Blinded by envy, you might say. Blinded to the fact that despite their vile denials, they are living proof that The American Experiment does work.

Deny it they must! Reality would quickly snuff out their burning envy.

And what would they do with their primitive pain? What could they do? Admit they’ve got a problem perceiving reality?

Envy is aptly named one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Like with all sins, there exists a range of intensity and frequency.

Pathological envy is envy so intense, so controlling, it compulsively seeks revenge. The kind of revenge that stops short at nothing less than whole scale destruction of persons envied.

“Obama”, Holder, and their Gang Of Retaliators have this fundamental character flaw in common: pathological envy.

Pathological envy of Americans oh so happy – and proud – to be Americans.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s 2012 Theme Song: “I Fought The Law, And The Law Won”!

  1. You are so right on with this! He doesn’t belong in prison – but under it! I’d call them trashy people but it would be seen as racist. I’d call’em white trash…same problem. Then there are those trailer-trash folks…but they look good compared to that bunch you mentioned above. Ignorant – you can fix! Stupid…well………….

  2. Stupid can be fixed also…..with a micro chip injection that personally let’s them have instant report to the God of their choice.

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