Gear galore left in Iraq as last troops pull out

Comment by Jim Campbell

With Iran making plans to block the Strait of Hormuz, will it come as a surprise to any of the frequent readers at We the People that we have once again broken our promise and lost another war? 

I’m not attempting to make lite of the situation with the cartoon below.  Just wondering had Obama been Commander-in-Chief during WWII if we would all be speaking fluent German right now?

May God continue to bless the wounded and fallen along with all of their loved ones.

Some readers are in favor of our leaving, I have never been among them. How soon will it be before Iran makes a run at the oil fields in  Ramallah oil fields in Southern Iraq. 

Perhaps the anti-war contingent would rather our equipment be used in our own country. Actually the probably don’t give it much though as they are too busy causing chaos at military funerals.

It’s not just the oil folks it’s about fighting the Jihad.  What part of worldwide domination of Western Civilization and blowing Israel and the United States off the map should we not believe?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

U.S. command says it’s not worth hauling back

If the U.S. military held a yard sale, the rummaging would look a lot like what has been going on in Iraq.

ON THEIR OWN: Iraqi army soldiers train with an M1 Abrams tank, purchased from the U.S., during an exercise in Baghdad.Troops are leaving a bounty of leftovers as they exit the country this month, abandoning dining-hall tables and chairs, tents, air conditioners and old vehicles.

Unlike a traditional American yard sale, the military bric-a-brac is free. The stuff likely would be dumped back home.

For an Iraqi force moving into once-bustling U.S. bases, the accouterments are just the thing to make the soldier’s life a little more comfortable as he takes on the full load of fighting insurgents against the government.

The State Department, which inherits the lead U.S. role in Iraq on Jan. 1, also is accepting hand-me-downs, such as armored vehicles and surveillance electronics to protect its turf.

“We’ve gone through a very extensive review process to determine what we need to take back to the United States, what gets reconditioned, what we can afford to transfer to the State Department, or to state and local governments back in the United States, or to the Iraqi government,” said ArmyMaj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq.

“It’s really the leftover things we’ve transferred to the Iraq government.”

The command estimates that it has bequeathed to the Iraqi government more than 4 million pieces of this and that, valued at $580 million. However, the military is saving more than $1 billion in shipping costs.

Here is some of what Iraq is getting when it assumes control of all U.S. bases:

• Containerized housing units, air conditioners and gym equipment.

• Generators, water and fuel tanks, cars and stoves.

• Tables, washers and dryers, portable chemical toilets; and large, portable concrete walls and barriers.

“They take a crane and move around on flatbeds as they need it,” Gen. Buchanan said. “It’s certainly not worth the cost to us to to get all these pieces of concrete anywhere back to the U.S.”

With the sprawling Camp Victory complex that surrounds the country’s international airport, the Iraqis also are receiving prison cells, including the ones that held Saddam Hussein.

Iraq also gets a waste-treatment facility near Tikrit that takes care of contaminated earth and fuel oil.

The U.S. military is keeping its frontline weapons systems. Tanks, armored fighting vehicles, spy and strike drones, jet fighters and artillery pieces are going to the United States or to U.S. bases in Europe or Afghanistan.

“Starting with the question of what we need: Obviously, if this is a current piece of military gear — something like vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces, weapons, etc. — that all goes back with our forces,” Gen. Buchanan said.

Iraq is buying some of these sophisticated weapons through the Foreign Military Sales program that arms other allies, such as Israel and Egypt.

Iraq is buying 140 of the front-line M1 Abrams tanks. It also is acquiring as many as three dozen F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighters.

The United States has given Iraq rifles, pistols and Humvee multipurpose vehicles.

Iraq did not get a “yes” for everything on its wish list. Because of federal transfer regulations, the U.S. military rejected requests for certain sophisticated surveillance electronics that operate out of aerostat balloons and scan large areas.

The State Department, whose diplomats will turn to private security officers for protection as they move around a dangerous landscape, is taking possession of 60 MRAP (mine-resistant ambush-protected) vehicles.

One of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’ first moves in 2007 was to prod the Army and Marine Corps to produce more MRAPs and get them to troops being attacked by improvised explosive devices.

State also received armored Chevrolet Suburbans, as well as surveillance equipment to watch a compound perimeter or detect incoming rockets. U.S. diplomats will work chiefly from the embassy in Baghdad and two consulates.

The U.S. gives away items through the Foreign Excess Personal Property Program. It came up with a list of potential hand-me-downs and negotiated the transfer with the Iraqi government, which had a shopping list.

“All of that stuff went through a process to determine, did we really need it back in the United States?” Gen. Buchanan said.

The answer was “no” for 4 million items.

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10 thoughts on “Gear galore left in Iraq as last troops pull out

  1. I think they should have taken their gear and not left it to give technology of any kind to the jihadists.

  2. you can bet that Iran will probably use most of to make the Iraq obey them or shoot them… what comes first… we know that Iran will be there in fact I have read they are all ready in Iraq…

  3. It is ashame that President Obama couldn’t have been in Baghdad during that pathetic little ceremony at the airport. We could have left THEM…, HIM!

    An outdated, usless, decrepit, worthless and a waste of good oxygen under employed, poor golfing community organizer.

  4. I used to blog on Yahoo Buzz, and when anyone brought up the subject matter of Nuking them? I always argued.
    I’m going to get blasted for saying this. I think they were right.
    Wait until their religious holiday all marching around the rock at Mecca — and cluster bomb the site.

  5. Really we couldnt use any of that here in the US?? Am I the only one in the US that remembers that we have disasters here, katrina??? What those people would have given to have half of what we are leaving there as creature comforts. Dang some that are still in New Orleans are still needing help and living without A/C so I guess just leaving them in a country that can not take care of itself and will be over run by Iran as soon as a little time has passed, I think 30 days is too much time but it may take that long, so we are basically giving Iran the things we are leaving. Good One, Great One the bam bam, duh, I think its time for a long winters rest for him and the rest of the kool aid clan.

  6. We always “LOSE” during a pull-out. Billions of $ have gone through hands from the U.S. to whatever country we were in. I agree that the shipping would be terrible. I think that Iraq should re-compensate us with some of their oil. Why the hell not? You & I have paid the bill here along with over 4,000 lives and UNTOLD INJURIES….

    On a lighter note, I see on my Yahoo Home page that over 60% polled R now saying that Da Man be G-O-N-E! Good. Very Good.

    Have you read where the Voter Fraud was bad in Indiana and ppl are quiting/getting fired over it? I say that if this is true, then the entire election is a FRAUD. Now…if that’s true….WHAT TO DO? GET’er DONE! NOW!

  7. I ran the 400 bed 24th Evac Hospital in Long Binh, VietNam from 68-69, and when we left, everything stayed: respirators, oxygen, Stryker frames, all xray equipment, 400 modern hospital beds, 40 ultra modern ICU beds, microscopes, large “lab” fully equipped, about 300 airconditioners, 9 modern surgical tables, a thousand sophisticated surgical instruments, 15 new anesthesia machines, telemetry TVs and hookups, ultrasonic cleaners and heat sterilizers, a complete blood bank, etc. When I got home in June 69 to Monterey, CA, I found: No existing blood bank, no radiation therapy machines, no modern surgical tables, antique instruments and of course, the usual scorn from liberal “doctors” who had never served. Looks like history repeats itself, except that 45 years later, where my hospital was located, is a huge modern industrial park (no trace of 5 acres of buildings of the 24th) featuring: Fruit of the Loom, Reebok, Columbia Sportswear and a Nike plant, among others. Oh…and the people have forgiven us for the stupid war and treat visitors like friends.

    • Well Dr. John, remember, It’s not their money and at least you didn’t have to come home and have Obama as President. Thanks for stopping by with your comments they are quite valuable. J.C.

  8. Sure, leave the Abrams so Russia via Iran can get the advanced optics and targeting systems, but the real prize is the make-up of the, until now, secret of the armor and it’s make up! He’ll, after giving them one of our drones, why not? All of this stuff obamahas given away so far, we will be sure to face it some time in the future. I think the white house should be turned into a mosque dedicated to Obama and family!

  9. It’s not over yet, I’ll bet much of it will be going to Iran after we invade them. Since even Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans are falling for the media blitz to garner support for invading Iran just as we did for invading Iraq.

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