By signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 Obama has fired the opening shot: He believes he is above the law and the Constitution is a worthless piece of Parchment.

By Jim Campbell

I never believed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, would be signed into law.  It was  signed by Obama on the 17th…  I do not believe that it will be used to detain people indefinitely without due process who loath this administration as I do. I believe it to be directed at actual suspected terrorists.  The legislation is certainly unconstitutional. 

Lindsey Graham speaks enthusiastically about the law of war.  What war?  Congress has not called our operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Libya wars, they have been deemed “man made overseas  contingency operations.”

I also do not believe the Military will follow any orders to round-up citizens because they were former military or Oath Keepers.  So where is the upside?  Who is the biggest threat to the United States of America and a domestic terrorist?  Barrack Hussein Obama.  Case closed. (O.K. we can throw in Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, and heading for the hills Barney)

It is clear that Lindsey Graham and John McCain proponents of this law  and Diane Feinstein, (D-CA) and Al Franken, (D-MN) are against it. McCain and Graham must be removed from office.

We have less than eleven months to live under this act of tyranny.  Keep your head down and your powder dry until January 20, 2013.  Then watch this constitutional violation, just one among many be scrapped.  Obama has reached the end of his rope.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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9 thoughts on “By signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 Obama has fired the opening shot: He believes he is above the law and the Constitution is a worthless piece of Parchment.

  1. I never would believed that we would get this close to comminism… and if they want to arrest anyone it would be Hillary for trying to destroy America..

  2. Sure will. Along with a team of lawyers and a team of green barets with appropriate removal equipment. I don’t believe anyone would dare step into implementing that provision of the unconstitutional law, neither do most of us. But we will watch, won’t we? McCain knows he is in trouble on this one. Did you see his screaming fit to bring the poor, the needy and hopeless to his side. Hypocrite.

  3. Visit you?….Heck…more than likely will be sharing a cell block with ya!

    That’s okay though, we won’t be in there long as I have some good friends who will bust us out!!

  4. While I agree Obama is the biggest threat to the US, but he also knows what he is up against and I have no doubt he would find a way to round up people that he deems a risk to him. This bill is terrible and all congressmen and senators that signed it going to lose their jobs. A huge push on to let people know who and where and to stop all new attempts to re-elect them.

    Veterans, Gun Owners, Patriots, Constitutionalists, Anti-Abortionists, Republicans, Conservatives. In other words, Anyone That doesn’t follow Socialist Orders. See you at Gitmo (if they can take me alive)!

  6. last i checked “I AM WHO SAVES”, YAHUSHA whom we call CHRIST JESUS and Christians believe will return someday; has NOT yet returned. He’s the only entity i would trust with such power. Even, the most moderate, even minded compassionate and constitutional loving human can be tempted to do wrong. Look at human history when masses of people who were otherwise conventional, level headed and hard working changed into monsters and committed atrocities against other humans. We need a constitutional amendment if Congress does not act quickly. Even Gingrich is saying he wants to get rid of the 9TH circuit court. We might want this to happen, but constitutionally , please. Of course if its Christians that ‘ disappear’ others will say its the rapture and our loved ones won’t be allowed to present a case in court that could get this awful unconstitutional law overturned. anyone who has ever suffered at the hands of a bully knows what could happen with a bully in charge and this law permits a bully to take over and decide whom is a ‘ terrorist.’ according to the bully its anyone that doesn’t agree with the bully. as i understand it, only 17 out of 435 in Congress voted no to this atrocity and where were the others that many of us thought were such defenders of our country and constitutional rights? What are they putting in the ‘ water’ in Washington, D.C.?

  7. Hey, Sharon, we do got the vote. And rounding up his enemies is kind of all-inclusive, since at least 55 % of the country are his enemy–some more so, some a bit less, but enemies non the less. And there are a whole lot of Anthony Warrens who haven’ spoken yet. Thank God for them all.

  8. And they wonder why we call these cons racists, because they are! Appearently a black man as president is worst than 9-11, not only is that racist, but it’s sick and wrong. Many Americans died at 9-11, the only thing people lost under Obama were jobs, not to mention their common sense, respect, and sanity!

    Because ultimately, the biggest threat to America is not terrorism, or radical Islam, or the Chinese, but rather economic catastrophe and a collapse of our monetary unit.

    The greatest threat to America–is CORPORATE AMERICA!

    But you keep letting the “%1″ Divert you. While they build an America, of, by and for them.

    hmm after how many months of the GOP campaigning about Big Government being the single biggest threat to the country?

    Oh yeah it was 15 mos of GOP propoganda…
    yes and?

    Oh notice also that unions as a threat WENT DOWN but BUSINESS as a threat WENT UP…

    but actually that’s all bull.. because the MOE on that is about 4%…ord-Level.aspx

    So the accurate numbers are that in Decmber 2008 are•Big Government 49%-57%
    •Business 27%-35%
    •Unions 7%-15%
    in Mar 2009• Govmt 51%-59%
    •Business 28%-35%
    •Unions 6%-14%

    IOW almost no change despite 18 mos of GOP propoganda. I’d be worried if I was the GOP because that means that the ideas that elected Obama haven’t changed..

    I have noticed of late more and more racist cynics raising their ugly heads within the Republican party. President Obama is not one of the smartest presidents we’ve ever had, but he has destroyed the belief these people held for many many years that the white race is somehow superior to all others and that America has always been a white nation.

    Further proof that those who hates Obama are nothing but dumbass racist fascist stooge pieces of crap, but that ain’t news.

    • Can’t agree amigo about racist cynics among the Republicans. Suggest you look closely at the sources of these bit of information. It’s disinformation put fourth by the left and nada mas. Thanks for your comments.

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