Earth to the White House…How ignorant do you think we are?

Comments by Jim Campbell

This represents a clear intentional act that demonstrates that Obama and his handlers are in way over their heads.  He asks us to write him and tell him what $40.00 means to us when he has spent over $4 million on his recent vacation in Hawaii?   I wrote and told him I would use mine for a stake a clove of garlic and one silver bullet.

A message to me from the  White House:

Can there be any doubt that Obama is incapable of bringing more chaos to the world? Hello — (A message from a parallel universe:) We’ve been fighting for months to make sure taxes on the middle class don’t go up on January 1st. (Not quite, you are trying to destroy the middle class)

The administration needs an exorcism

This weekend, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate came together, compromised, and took a giant step to avoid just that. In fact, 89 senators approved an extension of the payroll tax cut. And 39 of them were Republicans, including GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. (He’s a RINO)

But now, a faction of Republicans in the House refuses to even vote on that compromise. And they’re on the brink of allowing taxes to go up on 160 million Americans. (That’s because Republicans understand economics and never studied at the knee of Karl Marx.

Nothing dude, inflation is right around the corner and your inability to cut spending is the primary the cause.

Here’s part of the problem: A lot of people in Washington don’t understand what these tax cuts mean. A typical family gets about $40 with each paycheck from this tax cut, and opponents look at that and argue it doesn’t have an impact.

Just today, one House Republican referred to this debate as “high-stakes poker.” He’s right about the high-stakes, but he’s dead wrong about the poker. This is not a game. ( With you fools driving the bus, $40.00 will not fill a tank of gas…Gas was $1.79/gallon the last time we had a real president that wasn’t an embarrassment to all Americans with a function brain.)

We know better — $40 has tangible benefits for millions of families. Can you help us prove that point?

Tell us what your family will give up if your taxes increase. We’ll highlight stories like yours publicly so that they’re part of the debate here in Washington.   (We are willing to never consider voting for a socialist, progressive or Marxist ever again. )

What’s missing here in Washington is your voice.  (No an administration that isn’t trying to bring down America.)

Too many just don’t understand the perspective of a working family. They need to hear what it’s like to be part of the middle class in this country. ( Why should they you don’t you have  put too many of them out of work fool.)

Thankfully, there’s still time to change the conversation. We have 11 days until taxes go up.  (That’s you goal quit the lying.)

Send us your stories and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll display what we received on With your help, we’ll put the middle class front and center.

Tell us what an extra $40 means to you and your family:

(With Obama and his Marxist Minions pretending they have an ounce of leadership, it won’t be long before $40.00 buys a postage stamp Thanks for the $4 million vacation again to Hawaii on the tax payers. Perhaps you should tell us what $40 bucks means to you?)


Barack Obama

President, United States of AmeriKa

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8 thoughts on “Earth to the White House…How ignorant do you think we are?

  1. $40.00 to me means that I can afford gas to go to the store and MAYBE get a jar of peanutbutter and a loaf of bread, so that I can eat lunch each work day, with the rest of that $40.00 making it possible for me to drive to work everyday during the week. Once in a while I would like to afford a $1.39 hot dog for lunch. I have no credit cards, no retirement other than social security, minimal savings, I drove the same car for 15 years, I buy clothing only when I need to and when I do, the clothing is durable to last for several years. Often I dream about what I could do with the lunch money just one of those people in Washington, D.C. spends each day. I live in the REAL world, not a Washington bubble where politicians are living off of ill gotten gains taken from their constitutients.

  2. Forty dollars buys about 10 loaves of quality bread. The forty dollars stays in your pocket and it will come out of your Social Security Insurance benefit down the line. This, for a change, sounds like a redistribution from the government. It is not. Social Security Insurance money does not belong to the government: they steal it every year. What do you think the government we have now will do if SSI runs short of money? Take it from the “general fund”. And how does the general fund get your money? I’ll bet you guessed it: by increasing taxes so you will think this government gives a damn about your SSI health. We are in a big mess here because of irresponsible government for way too long. Partly your fault, partly mine. We were asleep at the wheel and we can sure use forty dollars right now. Today if you are on SSI retirement you are paying about $3900 a year in health care insurance. What happens if SSI goes away? How much will you pay in health care insurance then? This mess just ain’t fun.

  3. J.C., it takes a lot of writing to explain what would happen if all of the money in this country were divided equally among all the adults in the country. Who would actually USE the capital, not spend it? Who would know how? Who would end up with it? Could you please take a stab?

    • First it won’t happen. Those that got it for the most part would blow it and create nothing. If we are talking about the redistribution of our wealth to the 3rd world which is Obama’s ultimate goal, there is no infrastructure in place to create jobs or wealth and the Money would end up in the hands of the dictators as it does here. Good questions Maggie.

  4. Ss was never meant to be a reitrement. It was meant to be a supplement. The so called tax cut implemented by G. Bush is just taking more money away from SS & medicare. That is where the FICA money goes. So if they raise it back 2%, where it was to begin with, is not a tax cut!

  5. No surprise the Obama thinks we are incapable of doing the math, or caring. $40 is alot to some it is that weeks groceries, other it is the heat bill, or electric bill. It is alot to all except Obama – no more taxes and no more stealing from hard working Americans.

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