Did Jimmy Carter just call Newt Gingrich a racist?

by Jim Campbell

Well now we have it, one of the dimmest bulbs in U.S. Presidential History has spoken.  Listening to this fool take one step forward then two steps back is a reminder why he was incapable of accomplishing anything with Israel.

Carter has zero claim to fame and was an abject failure as president.  He thanks God nightly that Obama has replaced him as the worst U.S. President in U.S. History.   See Jimmy Carter’s Legacy of Failure (Here).

He is an anti-Semite, he strengthened Israel’s enemies, a friend to dictators, the worst x-president, a serial violator of the Logan Act, a meddler and failure at everything he tried with the exception of destroying the U.S. economy.  What’s not to like?  See a tribute to Jimmy below.

How about a tie?

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9 responses to “Did Jimmy Carter just call Newt Gingrich a racist?

  1. Think this Ex-president peanut brain should go back to the Peanut gallery from whence he came from…..goes to show ya’ that Forrest Gump was smarter than Peanut little…..At least Forrest knew this….Stupid is as Stupid does!

  2. You’re all being much too kind to the old hypocritical reprobate. The old moron deserves a lot worse.

    • Well that’s because I felt calling the Peanut Farmer a stupid mother fucker would be in appropriate. :-) J.C.

      • We can thank Jimmy peanut for the housing boom and bust! HUD used to work under Nixon. Then Jimmy got in, fired the Jew running HUD that got everyone housing. Put a black affirmative action guy in who put blacks into housing they couldn’t possibly afford. ended up losing to foreclosure and got forced back into the rental ghetto’s. Those houses that were foreclosed were bought by good ole Democrats, for 10 to 15 cents on the dollar. They flipped them for full market value. Nancy piglosi and Billy “Beer” Carter were big players in that! Jimmy needed money and couldn’t do it as President, so you hire your drunk brother to do it for you!! Those blacks who had their houses foreclosed weren’t able to buy houses after that. They were trapped in rental ghetto’s. Then he has the audacity to call Newt a racist!! Proofs in the pudding man…proofs in the pudding!!!

    • P.S Re: Jimmy you forgot recalcitrant

  3. Jimmy Carter is an idiot. He just wants the weakest candidate Mitt Romney to win because he thinks Obama can beat Romney. To say Newt is a racist because he wants to teach the work ethnic is an absolutely stupid thing to say.

  4. What can you expect from someone who believes that inflation is a ‘good thing ” ?

    • It’s good for only one thing, paying off your house payments with money that has little value. Carter was the worst president in US history and contrary to his persona he was one mean son of a bitch.

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