The desperate sounds from a man who knows he is about to lose again

Mitt Romney: Newt Gingrich is a ‘failed leader,’ ‘disgrace’



Commentary by Jim Campbell

A failed leader? Hardly!

Isn’t the goal to defeat Obama?  Mitt Romney is showing the stress of taking his eye off the ball and focusing on Newt Gingrich.  This is not the strategy of a winner, it is the desperate ranting of a serial loser to be established below!

Was Newt Gingrich a failed leader? Hardly, he orchestrated with the help of Dick Armey, the Contract with America during the Clinton Administration resulting in a complete rout of the House of Representatives putting the Republicans in charge for the first time in four decades.

Mitt Romney campaigns at Allstar Building Materials in Ormond Beach, Fla., Jan. 22, 2012. | AP Photo

Mitt Romney makes a pointed critique of Newt Gingrich at Ormond Beach, Fla. |

The Gingrich Republicans were a heroic bunch. They did a great service in turning around our economy and our government after two years of the totally dimwitted tax-and-spend policies of Clintonomics. The Contract with America contained policy changes of great consequence. The Contract was ambitious. Was every thing accomplished?
Absolutely not.   Key elements resulted in turning America around until democrats once again took control with their failed programs contributing to our current economic situation.
Obama light from a different party!

Yes, the House voted overwhelmingly  to reprimand House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and order him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty, the first time in the House’s 208-year history it has disciplined a speaker for ethical wrongdoing.  What in fact were those wrong doings?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. — Mitt Romney landed here Sunday with a simple message: Newt Gingrich is a failure and a fraud. And a disgrace. And a hapless showman. ( Where is your evidence Mr. I wanted to be a politician for life but was defeated by Ted Kennedy in your failed attempt to win the MA Senate seat?)

Standing under a brilliant orange Florida sunset, Romney delivered his longest sustained critique of the South Carolina primary winner to date — ticking through a list as if he were reading off Gingrich’s Wikipedia page, and undercutting each item as he got to it.

“Speaker Gingrich has also been a leader,” the former Massachusetts governor said. “He was a leader for four years as speaker of the House. And at the end of four years, it was proven that he was a failed leader and he had to resign in disgrace. I don’t know whether you knew that, he actually resigned after four years, in disgrace. ( Strong language from a governor so weak he would not have been re-elected)

Romney continued: “He was investigated over an ethics panel and had to make a payment associated with that and then his fellow Republicans, 88 percent of his Republicans voted to reprimand Speaker Gingrich. He has not had a record of successful leadership.”

Then Romney got into Gingrich’s post-congressional career.

“Over the last 15 years since he left the House, he talks about great bold movements and ideas,” he told the crowd of several hundred people gathered at a building materials company here. “Well, what’s he been doing for 15 years?  (Harsh indeed Mr. Romney who just said in the debate in the You Tube above that working in the private sector was probably the best thing that ever happened to you.  You can’t have it both ways) He’s been working as a lobbyist, yeah, he’s been working as a lobbyist and selling influence around Washington.”

To cap the riff, Romney brought it back to Florida’s depressed housing market, and the role Freddie Mac, for which Gingrich worked, played in the real estate crash here. And he renewed his demand that Gingrich release records of the work he did for the housing lender.

“What was his work product there? What was he doing at Freddie Mac? Because Freddie Mac figures in very prominently in the fact that people in Florida have seen home values go down — it’s time to turn that around!”

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4 thoughts on “The desperate sounds from a man who knows he is about to lose again

  1. I have been watching this Republican cross-country race for many months now, not surprised by how the MSM crucified and destroyed Herman Cain, dispatched Sara Palin, blew away Texas’ Rick Perry and reveled in the fact that three years earlier, nobody vetted Barack Hussein Obama on his birthplace, his educational records, his “best man”, his former girlfriends and his association with Ayers, Alinksy, Dohrn and the Chicago murders of men who claimed cocaine/sex with Obama before his “ascent”. Now, with the history of Lewinsky/Clinton, John Edwards/Rielle Hunter, JFK/Marilyn and bimboes by the twosome…we crucify Newt. Selective destruction. Folks, we need an aggressive experienced guy to lead us. Look and find.

  2. If Mitt is an “outsider”, how does he intend to get anything done in DC. He doesn’t have a clue. Oh he was a one term governor and he knows how to invest (spend) other people’s money. Sounds more like what we already have. Newt as least knows how to play the game and get things done. Until all the career politicians are gone & the corruption is not hidden in bills, we need a person who can play their game and WIN. Washington now has most of America’s attention, those we send to Washington WILL work for the people & not pass legislation only to enrich themselves.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Col. West forum. XOXOXOX

  4. J.C., I read an article last night about Newt’s ethics violations. It was written by Carolyn Gargaro in February of 1999. “Newt Gingrich Cleared! Now How About a Refund?” There were many ethics charges filed, 84 I think, but all were dropped except for one. Newt was teaching a college course “Renewing American Civilization” and he was accused of using tax-deductible funds from non-profit organizations to teach an allegedly partisan college course. (Not exactly a tryst in the Oval Office and lying under oath about it, is it?)

    Anyway, the full article is interesting if you care to read it, and what Newt did is no way as bad as the left (and Romney) would lead us to believe.

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